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Friday, 28 June 2019 08:22

Let's Indonesian People United

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President Joko Widodo on the speech after the verdict of Constitutional Court President Joko Widodo on the speech after the verdict of Constitutional Court kemensetkab

A few moments after the Constitutional Court delivered a verdict which rejected the lawsuit of the 2019 Presidential and Vice President Results of the Dispute, both the Candidate Pair Number 01 Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Kiai Ma'ruf Amin and the Candidate Pair Number 02 Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Uno delivered a press statement in a separate place.

Serial Number Pair 01 Joko Widodo and Kiai Ma'ruf Amin delivered a statement at Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport, Jakarta, Thursday (6/27) night, moments before Joko Widodo as the 2014-2019 Republic of Indonesia President flew to Japan following the Summit (Summit) ) Group 20 (G-20), in Osaka, Japan.

In his statement Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said that the Constitutional Court's decision was a final verdict. "We should respect and implement together," he said.

He thanked the KPU (General Election Commission), to the Bawaslu (General Election Supervisory Board) and to the DKPP (Honorary Board of Election Organizers) who through their respective roles have successfully ensured the implementation of honest and fair elections.

Not to forget, Jokowi expressed his gratitude to the Constitutional Court for its decision regarding the dispute over the 2019 Presidential Election which had decided on the presidential dispute in a fair and transparent manner.

He invited the people of Indonesia to reunite together to build Indonesia, together to advance Indonesia, our beloved homeland. "There are no more 01 and 02 that have Indonesian unity," said Jokowi.

According to Jokowi, we must respect each other, even though our political choices are different but we must respect each other, even though our political choices are different at the presidential election but we must, but we must convey the elected president-vice president is the president of all nations, for all Indonesian people .

On that occasion, Joko Widodo praised Prabowo and Sandiaga Uno, who according to him had the attitude of statesmen in facing the results of the Constitutional Court's decision to reject the claim of team 02. Jokowi stated that he had a common vision with Prabowo and Sandi.

"I believe in the greatness and statesmanship of my good friends, Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Uno," Jokowi said.


Meanwhile Prabowo called on all his supporters to remain strong, calm, and full of noble ideals, and to continue to maintain a framework of peace, non-violence, and loyalty to the 1945 Constitution.

“We must always think of greater interests, (which is) the integrity of the nation and state,” he noted.

In his speech Prabowo also expressed respect for the decision of the MK, although later he said he would consult with his legal team to discuss other possible legal steps regarding the election results.

The Prabowo-Sandi pair had filed a petition to the MK on May 23, 2019, on the recent presidential election result after the General Elections Commission (KPU) announced the final result of vote counting on May 21, 2019.

Group of Volunteers Jokowi-Amin, in a release after the verdict, last night, invite all indonesian to unite. The task of the group is finished. However, the next noble task has been waiting , namely eliminating friction, thinking, prejudice and other negative things that exist in the community as an impact of the 2019 Presidential Election. This the time to all elements of society to reunite, inviting cooperation again for Indonesia that we love. As Jokowi-Ma'ruf Amin Volunteer, We must take the initiative, be the front guard, to realize reconciliation at the grassroots, and restore Indonesia's strong and stronger unity and unity.


The final tally declared by the KPU at around 1:28 a.m. local time on May 21 indicated the Jokowi-Amin pair had secured 85 million votes, or 55.5 percent of the national vote, than the contenders Prabowo-Sandi's 68 million votes, or 44.5 percent.

The Jokowi-Amin pair had declared victory following the KPU's announcement of the final tally, while the Prabowo-Sandi pair rejected the KPU's official tabulation result and challenged it by filing an official lawsuit to the MK. (various) 


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