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Monday, 01 July 2019 08:07

President Jokowi Raises the Issue of Empowering Women in the presence of G20 Leaders

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President Joko Widodo at G 20 Summit President Joko Widodo at G 20 Summit kemenlu

President Joko Widodo raised the issue regarding access to education and women's empowerment while speaking at the Third Session of the Osaka G20 Summit with the theme Addressing Inequalities & Realizing an Inclusive and Sustainable World, Saturday, June 29, 2019.

"We all understand that access to education and empowerment of women are important elements to achieve the target of Sustainable Development Goals. And that requires all of us to work together, "said the President in front of the leaders of the G20 member countries.

Regarding education, the President stressed the need to adjust the current education system, which according to him still follows the old education pattern. In fact, in the digital era like now, President Jokowi is aware of changes related to mental patterns and patterns of children's interaction in the 21st century.

"Our children are now living in the era of YouTube Video, which has an average length of only 12 minutes, in the era of Instagram Video or Twitter Video which averages 6 minutes in length or even as short as 1 minute. In the past, children got along with for example riding a bicycle together, now our children get along with busy playing video games "Massive Multi-Player Online Games" such as Fortnite and Minecraft, "said the President.

Then related to women's participation, President Jokowi said that the role of women in the economy, politics and community life is still far from the potential that exists. Even though according to the President, in an era of various trends triggered by digitalization and globalization, women can be superior to men.

"Women are more diligent, more diligent, more detailed, more patient, and more team-work than us. Because e-Commerce and technology require such characters, so increasing women's participation in business, economy and politics will automatically increase economic growth and national competitiveness in the digital era, "said the President.

Therefore, President Jokowi said, in the future his government will focus on the development of human resources. Indonesia, according to the President, has 68.6 percent or around 181.3 million people in productive age.

"In order for the productive age population to become a demographic bonus, qualified and competitive human resources are needed," said the President.

Besides that at the regional level, the President also said that ASEAN leaders had just adopted the "ASEAN Outlook on Indo-Pacific" which contains the attitudes, perspectives and readiness of ASEAN to cooperate with any party, which is ASEAN's contribution to efforts to maintain stability and peace and creating inclusive and sustainable development.

"Cooperation is clearly needed, first to solve the problem of funding sources not only from the government, but from the private sector, through financial innovations such as blended finance. Second, cooperation in certification of expertise or competency standards. "The more certification can be accepted regionally, the more internationally the greater the benefits of vocational training and practical skills for our workers," said President Jokowi ending his remarks. (Source: Presidential Secretariat)

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