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Here are the Headlines of several national newspapers published today, February 13.


We begin with Kompas which wrote, "Beware of Identity Politics".


The Simultaneous Regional Election 2018 has entered the stage of electoral number. Although the campaign will begin on February 15, the political tension has already increased in several regions. Primordial sentiments, including ethnicity, religion, or region, occur in various regions to attack other candidates. The candidates who did not pass the qualification also brought political dynamics in several areas. Currently, the Election Supervisory Agency -Bawaslu also has received report on religiously offensive banners on Governor and Deputy Governor Election in West Kalimantan. In the social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, there are posts on election, by using primordial or religious sentiments. The primordial issues that drive people's votes, according to professor of Syarif Hidayatullah Islamic State University Jakarta, Azyumardi Azra, is not healthy for national integrity. The issue will cause discrimination towards fellow citizens and this is contradicting to the spirit of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.


Media Indonesia wrote, "Interfaith Tolerance Non-Negotiable".


The people of Indonesia have lived together for years in various faiths. The constitution even guarantees freedom of faith. Therefore, President Joko Widodo emphasized that there is no place for people who are unable to grasp tolerance. That was stated responding to the recent attacks against religious figures. President added, the attack must not happen in this country, but it all happens due to information openness. Previously, several religious sentiment-based attacks occurred in the country.


We end today's Headlines with Republika, "Beware of Systematic Scenario".


Presidential Special Envoy for Interfaith and Civilization Dialog and Cooperation, Din Syamsuddin condemned the attacks against several religious figures and church in Sleman, Yogyakarta province. Din Syamsuddin asked the people to be aware of instability-inducing systematic efforts. Therefore, he encouraged the security apparatus to seriously investigate and reveal who are and what behind the incident is. If not solved, the attacks are potentially causing reactions that end with chaos. Meanwhile, Minister of Religious Affairs, Lukman Hakim Syaifuddin asked law enforcers to be more serious in investigating the motive of the attacks.


Welcome back to the regular Music Corner, a musical segment which introduces you to Indonesian music either traditional or modern one. We’ll present some dangdut songs to you featuring Weni and Lesti. The dangdut contemporary song was composed by Adibal Syahrul and tells about someone who loves his/her beloved person and believes the person to become a special gift from GOD almighty in his/her life. It was the single of Weny’s victory in a Dangdut Academy 2 contest and the first single of Weni since she began to enter the dangdut music industry in Indonesia. The singer with an original name Weni Wahyuni is actually has an outstanding singing talent. Since her childhood, Weni like to sing and following various singing competitions in her region in West Kalimantan. With the strong desire to increase her potential, Weni tried her luck to follow a dangdut singin contest held by an Indonesian private TV station. Her talent in singing dangdut then brought Weni has successfully won the competition of Dangdut Academy 2. After releasing her first single, Weni then released the second single entitled Lelah Mencintaimu in december 2017. The song was composed by Hendry Saky, and tells about falsity in love. The music of the song has a medium tempo. Interestingly, WENI added rap genre in the middle of the song, to make it more enjoyable, unique and interesting. Listener, now let us listen to Lesti, another young dangdut singer who also came up and began her singing career since her childhood in Cianjur, West Java.


We start from an event on February 8, 1904 about Port Arthur Sea battle.

Port Arthur Sea battle was opening battle between Russia and Japan. The battle was begun with sudden attack at night by the Japanese destroyer squadron on the Russian fleet which was docked in Port Arthur, Manchuria, and continued by great battle in the morning. The battle ended without result and small battle surrounding Port Arthur continued until May 1904. In the war, the Japanese mobilized 15 warships and explorers and escort ships. 90 people were killed. While, Russia deployed 12 warships and explorers. The number of casualties reached 150 people and seven ships were damaged.


The next event is that in 1971, the first electronic stock exchange, NASDAQ was opened in the United States.


NASDAQ or National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations was a stock exchange operated by the National Association of Securities DealersWhen it started trading on February 8, 1971, NASDAQ was the world's first electronic stock exchangeSince 1999, Nasdac was the largest stock exchange in the United States of America. More than half of the companies that traded in the US were recorded here. NASDAQ consisted of NASDAQ National Market and NASDAQ Small Cap Market. Its main exchanges were located in the United States, with branches in Canada and Japan. NASDAQ also had associations with stock exchanges in Hong Kong and Europe. On July 17, 1995, NASDAQ closed at a level above a thousand points for the first time. The peak occurred on March 10, 2000 on which the index reached 5,048. 62 points. On September 11, 2001, the result of the NASDAQ terrorist attack was closed from 11 to 14 September 2001.



And the last event is that in 2005, it was the announcement of the Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire.

Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon at the Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh on February 8, 2005 announced a ceasefire to end four years of violence in the Middle East. Abbas said that the ceasefire, which began soon, would lead to a "new era of peace and hope". Meanwhile, Sharon vowed to stop military action against Palestinian targets after militants stopped violence. US Secretary of State, Condolezza Rice said that this was the best chance for peace over years. But Sharon and Abbas did not sign a formal ceasefire agreement. Their talks were extensive, including agreements on the release of Palestinian prisoners and the handover of five West Bank cities to Palestinian control. The meeting at the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh was a high-level discussion between the two sides since the Palestinian intifada began more than four years earlier.


In today’s edition, we will review an Indonesian film entitled “Dilan 1990”, directed by Fajar Bustomi. Indonesia had entered millennial and digital era. The people of Indonesia can find everything easily they need. They just need fast internet connection. In addition, entertainment can be found on internet, such as film. Film is almost overwhelmed with the technology development. However, in the end, the filmmakers can adapt with such condition. Through the advanced technology, “Dilan 1990” film gained its popularity, beginning from its novel that had been loved by many readers, until its newly-launched film. 

Director of Dilan 1990, Fajar Bustomi began his career as director in 2013 through a movie entitled “Slank Ga ada Matinya”. Afterwards, Fajar’s career in Indonesian film industry developed as he released various love drama films. Formulating a story into touching visualization is Fajar’s expertise. That expertise gave Fajar an opportunity to direct a touching drama film in 2017 entitled “Surat Kecil Untuk TUHAN”. 

“Dilan 1990” is about Dilan and Milea whose story was based on real life. This’s why, the story in “Dilan 1990” feels quite natural and not overdramatic. The teenager issues in 1990 made “Dilan 1990” quite popular. In making the film, Fajar Bustomi cooperated with Pidi Baiq, an author, in adapting the novel into film without discarding core elements of the novel version. In screenwriting, Pidi Baiq was assisted by Titien Wattimena. While the producer of “Dilan 1990” was Ody Mulya Hidayat. 

“Dilan 1990” is a love story of two teenagers named Dilan and Milea. The story began from their unusual introduction at a high school in Bandung. They met in 1990 when Milea had just moved from Jakarta to Bandung. The unique introduction made Milea know Dilan further. Dilan is a smart, kind, and romantic boy. He has his own way to approach Milea. Dilan sounds quite awkward, but it made Milea more curious about him. However, their sweet moment must end due to Beni, Milea’s boyfriend who lives in Jakarta. Also, Dilan was apparently involved in brawls and motor gang. Nevertheless, Dilan can make Milea believe that they will be together. But, can Dilan and Milea really be together? 


In a press conference held by Falcon Pictures and Max Pictures production houses some time ago in Jakarta, Fajar -the director expressed why they chose Iqbal Ramadhan, former personnel of Coboy Junior boyband, to play Dilan in his film.

“…In casting for Dilan, we spend one year, because his character is different; he is smart. After we discussed with the author, the best choice was Iqbal, because Dilan is purely Indonesian. Also, both Iqbal and Dilan are smart, still in high school, and born in Bandung.” Fajar said. 

Casting characters of based-on reality novel is not easy. To strengthen the plot and chemistry, Fajar had his own casting and chose those who were appropriate to the sketches in the novel.

“…In casting Vanessa, Pidi Baiq had told me that Milea and Vanessa are quite similar. Pidi saw Milea in Vanessa.  Wati also said that everyone here has similarities with the sketches in the novel.” Fajar added. 

“Dilan 1990” film is adapted from a novel that made Pidi Baiq famous. Fajar Bustomi also did not deny that he had a strong connection to the novel, until he finally directed the film.


“…There is something unique between Dilan novel and me. In 2014, I was called by a big production house for a contract to direct 4 films. I asked to direct Dilan first, because its novel had just been released and I felt a connection, but the production house said someone had taken it. Then, I was offered to direct Dilan by Mr. Alfon. How I imagined Dilan now and then is different. I was also introduced with the author. So, I got to know Dilan more deeply. I was going to cast a Caucasian, but I find that Dilan is not a usual teen novel, but about how parents educate their children.” Fajar expressed. 

This film is expected to give many life lessons for teenagers, because the meaning of life can be found easier through experience. This also makes audiences crowded every cinema in Indonesia to watch Dilan. It is safe to say that the film was innovation for Indonesian teenagers. As the novel has sequels, “Dilan 1990” will present further story of Dilan and Milea.


That was Book and Film for today.