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Terrorism and violence often occur anywhere, including in Indonesia in the reasons of poverty, social matter, ethnicity, and religion. Indonesia is now building a civilization through a religious side based on Islamic education to counter radicalism and violence. Referring to building a tolerant and moderate Islam that is counter-violent, the government of Indonesia is establishing the International Islamic University of Indonesia (UIII). The construction of the UIII was inaugurated through the launching of Presidential Regulation (Perpres) No. 57/2016 on Establishment of International Islamic University of Indonesia.

In laying the first stone of UIII Campus construction at RRI Cimanggis Complex, Depok, West Java on Tuesday, June 5, President Joko Widodo said that the UIII campus construction has a goal to really become the center of study and research of Islamic civilization, considering Indonesia is the world’s largest number of Muslims. This Islamic campus has been planned since 2 years ago with the construction cost reaching Rp 3.5 trillion and this construction is one of the government’s national strategic projects.

Meanwhile, Minister of Religious Affairs, Lukman Hakim Syaifuddin hopes that the establishment of the campus will reduce the intolerance that occurs everywhere, including amid Indonesian people. He said that students studying at this campus will explore Islamic values, ​​specifically by studying and developing Islamic studies. Through their study, he hopes that Islam can be better understood in accordance with the essence and substance that can improve humans’ civilization. He also hopes that the establishment of the International Islamic University of Indonesia can contribute positively to Indonesia in a bid to participate in monitoring the civilization of the world.

Professor of State Islamic University, Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, Asep Usman Ismail said that Indonesia is the productive object of spreading the seeds of radicalism exhaled from abroad. So, strengthening educational institutions to counter radicalism includes three points. They are in the family, school and community. He perceived that the educational institutions are not only formal education, but also non-formal one.

Indeed, with the ability of human common sense, we can distinguish the good and the true by relying on cultural values, ethics and custom that come from the family milieu. Then if someone undergoes a low education, he or she will have difficulty in understanding or interpreting a teaching. Therefore, the establishment of the International Islamic University of Indonesia by the government is aimed at creating moderate graduates who can think in the way of Islam and this should be appreciated. In addition, the government of Indonesia plans to send the priests and scholars of UIII graduates to Western countries to provide a moderate and tolerant Islam that refers to the universal Islam. The academics and priests graduated from UIII are expected to promote tolerant, friendly and moderate Islam to the international world. Thus, this will make Indonesia as a major center of Islamic civilization.



Mosaic of Archipelago for today, Thursday, June 07, 2018 presents first information: Regency Government of Kalten is on alert with Mt. Merapi on Lebaran Day; second one, Ngurah Rai Airport Prepares Lebaran Transportation Post 2018. Lastly, Mosaic of Archipelago will end with Gathering and Iftar with Regency Government of Belu and Moslems keep the tolerance. Regency Government of Klatenasked all staff to remain alert with the current condition of Mt. Merapi. If eruption during Idul Fitri continues, the local government is ready to rescue the residents who enter in disaster prone areas. This was stated by Regent of Klaten, Sri Mulyani after leading a gathering of standby disaster at the Police Headquarters of Klaten on Wednesday (6/6). She said that the gathering is intended to check the readiness of personnel and fleets in the evacuation process in case of eruption. She added that everything is ready if any time, there is an eruption because the government is always present amid the people in any condition. To support the smoothness and the surge of passengers, the management of I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport has establishedLebaran Transportation Post 2018. The post is for public area of domestic arrival from June 7 to 24, 2018. General Manager of PT. Angkasa Pura I of I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, Yanus Suprayogi told the reporters, Wednesday (6/6) that the post operates 24 hours and is divided into 3 shifts. He hopes that all personnel are ready to serve the increasing passengers who will enjoy Lebaran 2018. He added that he had released extra flight as many as 724, consisting of 8 airlines and there are 12 routes. 111 thousand seats have been prepared by airlines. Yanus also pointed out that the extra flight rises 96 percent compared to extra flights in 2017. In addition, he said that this year’s long vacation also brings about impact on increasing domestic tourist visits to Bali.

We end Mosaic of Archipelago with Gathering and Iftar with Regency Government of Belu and Moslems keep the tolerance.

Deputy Regent of Belu, JT. Ose Luan when Gathering and Iftar with Moslems of Balu Regency on Wednesday (6/6) expressed the feeling of pride to be Indonesian. He said that the diversity of tribes, races, religions, and classes, with the tolerant life of the community has actually shown a nation's wealth. People can live together with mutual respect. This is a very valuable beauty. So, it is worth being maintained.

Meanwhile, Head of Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI) of Belu Regency, Kaliman Lamarobak thanked for the government of Belu Regency who has given space to the Muslims in iftar in a bid to strengthen the bonds. He said that harmony occurs if all parties mutually respect, understand and always get together. The iftar was attended by leaders of the Regional Leadership Communication Forum and whole Muslim community and the Catholic Pesparani choir group, located at the Bete Lalenok Atambua Women's Building.



Published in Feature


Here are the Headlines of several national newspapers published today, June 7 2018.

We begin with Kompas entitled, "National Economy is Prone to Fluctuation."

The domestic economy, at least in the short and mid-term, will still be prone to external fluctuation. This was the consequence of the national economy structure which still depends on foreign funding. Therefore, encouraging export-oriented industry becomes an effective solution. Kompas held a panel discussion on economy in Jakarta, Wednesday (6/6) themed "Anticipating and Facing Turbulent Economy". The discussion was moderated by University of Indonesia lecturer, Faisal Basri.

The guests attending the discussion were Bank Indonesia Senior Deputy Governor Mirza Adityaswara, Indonesian F&B Producers Association (Gapmmi) Chairman Adhi S. Lukman, PT Kalbe Farma President Director Vidjongtius, Indonesian Hotel & Restaurant Association (PHRI) Chairman Hariyadi B Sukamdani, as well as Citi Indonesia Economist Helmi Arman. Based on Bank Indonesia's data, Indonesian foreign debt in the end of January 2018 was $357.5 billion dollars or grew 10.3 percent in a year. This debt consisted of the government and bank central' debt amounting to $183.4 billion dollars as well as private debt $174.2 billion dollars. Around 40 percent of government debt papers (SBN) are owned by foreign investors.

Moving on to Media Indonesia entitled, "Humiliate Corruptor."

The action of Purbalingga Regent M. Tasdi, who showed metal hand sign right after named as suspect by Corruption Eradication Commission KPK in a bribery case, was odd and worrying. That was the conclusion from many people. Regent M. Tasdi himself is suspected to receive Rp 100 million from tender winner of the 2nd Stage Purbalingga Islamic Center project amounting to Rp 22 billion.

Indonesia Corruption Watch - ICW Deputy Coordinator, Agus Sunaryanto said that regent M. Tasdi's action was unusual. According to him, the corruption case suspect showed no shame. Instead, corruptor suspects must be ashamed in public. With similar opinion, Padang Andalas University's Legal and Constitution Study Center Director, Feri Amsari said that some corruptors have been resistant and lacking of shame. Therefore, criminal sentences must be exacerbated and social-political sanction must be given. Feri also agreed that corruption suspect must be handcuffed.

We end the Headline with Republika entitled, "Beware of Kertasari Toll Road and Kalikuto Bridge".

Minister of Public Works and People Housing, Basuki Hadimuljono after the Ketupat Operation 2018 briefing at Monas, Jakarta, Wednesday (6/6) said that there are two spots prone to congestion along the toll road in Java during this year's homecoming flow. Therefore, the people are asked to pay more attention to the two spots in order to avoid long traffic congestion. Minister Basuki also explained, the first spot is at the Kertasari toll gate, Tegal Regency, Central Java. The gate, according to Minister Basuki, will move the congestion from East Brebes Exit which is still free of charge until Eid Holiday. However, if previously people paid in the East Brebes Exit, they will pay the toll in Kertasari, so that congestion can be prevented. The second spot is Kalikuto Bridge in Kendal. He added that the bridge is still under construction. However, he hoped it can be finished and used on the D-2 of Eid Holiday. This toll road will be opened on June 8, 6 am local time. All that, according to Minister Basuki, had been agreed.



Diplomatic Corner, a segment presents information about Indonesian diplomatic activities both at home and abroad.

First information is from Geneva. Before the delegation of the International Labor Conference (ILC) that took place in Geneva, Swiss, Indonesia Minister of Manpower, Hanif Dhakiri affirmed his commitment to create decent work for women on Monday (4/6). Indonesia conveyed various efforts that have been implemented at the national level in encouraging the participation rate of the female labor force and the provision of facilities for female workers.

Minister Hanif Dhakiri as representative of government delegate, workers and employers from 187 member countries of the International Labor Organization (ILO) expressed his views on a number of proposed ILO initiatives to promote gender equality in the workplace. Indonesia requested that the ILO develops a review of the women's working hour policies that are balanced and in line with the needs of workers and employers. Meanwhile, Permanent Representative of Indonesia to the UN, WTO, and other International Organizations in Geneva, Ambassador Hasan Kleib explained that the ILC discussion in 2018 is focused on the theme "The Women at Work initiative: the push for equality".

Next information is from Moscow. Tour bus of hop on hop off which goes around the downtown of Moscow, Russia with pictorial decoration ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ parked in Red Square, next to the Kremlin Palace, Moscow. The bus stopped to pick up and drop off local and foreign tourists. The bus pictorial Borobudur Temple with Wonderful Indonesia and Asian Games 2018 Jakarta-Palembang logo travels the Russian capital main streets from June 1 to June 20, 2018. The logo attracts the attention of the people around Red Square. The design of the picture contrasted with St. Basil’s Cathedral, one of the most famous icons in not only Russia, but also the world. Another tour bus with picture ‘Balinese tourist attraction’ goes around major and different routes around Moscow city.

The existence of both buses ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ is part of the promotion of Indonesian tourism in Russia, conducted Ministry of Tourism. Besides, Wonderful Indonesia will greet the Moscow citizens and Russian capital guests through a digital billboard at two strategic places in Moscow, namely Novy Arbat and Yerevan Plaza from June 15 to July 16, 2018. Meanwhile, based on information from the Indonesia Ministry of Tourism, the promotional advertisement ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ will also be done at St. Petersburg, one of the main tourist cities and the second largest city in Russia. 17 big buses with pictures of Indonesian tourist sites will be operational from June 18 to September 9, 2018, 4 others will start operating on June 18 to August 19, 2018, and 4 units of mini buses will be operational on June 18 to July 15, 2018. The buses will pass by the main and busiest streets of St. Petersburg. Indonesia Ambassador to Russia Federation and Republic of Belarus, M. Wahid Supriyadi said that the promotion of Indonesian culture and tourism in Russia is being intensively conducted.

We end Diplomatic Corner with information from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Senior Athletic Team Indonesia achieved medals in Sri Lanka. They succeeded in achieving the medals at the "Masters Athletics Sri Lanka" championship that took place at Sugatadasa Stadium on June 2-3, 2018. Marie Rorek, 86 years old won four gold medals in 100-meter run, javelin throw, discus throw and shot put. Ockben Saor Sinaga, 45 years old also succeeded in grabbing a gold medal in 100-meter run and second winner of long jump. Monna Sigar, 50 years old was runner-up in 100-mter run. With this result, Indonesia is entitled to compete again at the "Word Master Athletics" world championship in Malagga Spain in September 2018. “Masters Athletics Sri Lanka" is an annual championship event of athletics senior category with age above 45 years.