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Friday, 20 April 2018 08:13

Two Koreas - US High Level Meeting

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Two Koreas - US High Level Meeting


The North and South Korean people are currently waiting for the outcome of their leaders’ meeting with President of the United States, Donald Trump to discuss the future of relations between the two countries on the Korean peninsula. After being separated for 65 years due to the civil war (1950-1953), it is likely that the people of both Koreas are longing for peace. President Donald Trump himself hopes that a high-level meeting between leaders of both Koreas and the United States will result in an agreement. He expressed his hope in Washington on Wednesday (April 18) after listening to his CIA Director, Mike Pompeo's report. Pompeo had specifically visited Pyongyang for 3 days until April 2nd, and met North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.


Since few months ago, the idea of reconciliation process between South Korea and North Korea has seemed to face a dead lock. At that time, North Korea still conducted nuclear weapons test. It even launched ballistic missiles which were propagandized to be able to reach the American continent. Responding to Pyongyang's action, Donald Trump then threatened to attack North Korea. The psy-war between Washington and Pyongyang has finally subsided after signs of dialogue between North and South Korea emerged. The softening of North Korea's stance is marked by the acceptance of K-pop artist delegations visiting and performing in Pyongyang and getting the North Korean Leader's attention. Ahead of this summit, Kim Jong-un has met Chinese President, Xi Jinping during a state visit in Beijing, China.

Like the people of both Koreas, the international world also hopes that the summit of both Korean leaders with the United States can take place, and result in an agreement that will improve relations. For the people of both Koreas, the summit is certainly welcomed with great optimism. This will be the first to take place after the Korean peninsula was divided into North Korea and South Korea due to civil war. Whether the optimism and hope can be realized is still waiting for the results of the Korea-United States Summit. That hope is also very dependent on the attitude of North Korean leader, Kim Jon-un in particular in facing the demands of denuclearization. Besides, it also cannot be separated from how China as a major supporter of North Korea and the United States as supporter of South Korea have to address and view the future of the two countries on the Korean Peninsula, that were originally one.

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