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Tuesday, 17 April 2018 00:00

Say No to Bootleg Liquors

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Say No to Bootleg Liquors

At least 60 people should lose their souls due to ignorance of the dangers of drinking methanol. This case occurs in some areas. Without having to wait for victims of new casualties fall, without having to wait for the results of further research, you should immediately stop the production of the drink. The loss of life of so many people should make us realize that the circulation of drinks made haphazardly like this endangers many people. Legally, alcoholic drinks can be circulated on a limited basis. This is possible because of the guests of foreign countries who come to Indonesia. But the unofficial circulating is booze.

The question is, why is this fake mixed alcohol and liquor still easily obtained in the middle of society?  Still need to revise or reinforce the existing rules? Or maybe even prohibit its citizens from consuming alcoholic beverages, as some countries do. One of the mechanisms of suppressing illegal production is by monitoring the upstream sector. Not everyone can buy methanol which is the source of alcohol in the production of oplosan, in quantities that allow for production.

Also required is a strong commitment from the Government and law enforcement officers to supervise and control the circulation of alcohol, especially alcohol oplosan. Commitment to complete eradication has been affirmed by the Police of the Republic of Indonesia. Deputy Chief of Police of the Republic of Indonesia, Commissioner General Safrudin, said that before May, oplosan liquor should no longer exist. The hope is certainly not limited to a statement.

Strict action, continuous supervision of the government and the authorities becomes one of the keys to the success of suppressing alcoholic circulation of bootleg liquors. The legal process must also produce legal decisions that really make deterrent actors, especially the peraciknya. No less important is the Commitment of the whole community. Religious leaders, community leaders, educators, parents determine how we, especially young gerasi this to be a generation away from alcoholic beverages, far from alcohol oplosan. For whatever reason, in terms of any presence of liquor let alone alcohol will have more negative impact.

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