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Friday, 27 April 2018 08:17

Waiting for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

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Waiting for Peace on the Korean Peninsula google map

The neighboring conditions between North and South Korea are particularly vulnerable. Since the signing of a ceasefire agreement by the United States, China and North Korea in 1953, the Korean War has not really ended. The South Korean side has not been part of the deal yet. The relationship between the two Koreas did not improve even after  the end of the cold war between the Western and the Eastern Blocs. War seemed to be looming back at any time. This will certainly affect many people and  the damage and number of victims will  not small.

Peaceful efforts have also continued to be fostered by both North Korea and South Korea and other supporting countries. But generally they met a dead end because of each side’s reluctance to budge. However, optimism must be kept alive, that Peace will sooner or later be realized there.

Great hopes are pinned at North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un's meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-In today, Friday 27 April. This is the first step towards  the Summit of the United States, South Korea and North Korea which is planned to be held a month later. Hopefully this meeting is no longer just a marker of a peaceful effort as in the past. Rather as the beginning of an actual peace agreement.

The positive signs have been shown by  both North  and South Koreas. Among others can be seen from the attitude of North Korea which has  confirmed to   freez  its nuclear program. On the other hand, South Korea has also stopped broadcasting propaganda at the border. Two things appreciated by many parties.

Indeed, there are also countries that question the seriousness of North Korea. Given the proposed denuclearization of the Korean peninsula subtly means that the  United States forces must also leave the area.

Regardless of the growing views, both sides must really listen to the voice of the people who generally want peace. In fact, not a few who even want the unification of the two countries.

Meanwhile, the international community expects the immediate realization of peace. It should be remembered that the parties to the Korean peninsula conflict possess weapons of mass destruction. If each one does not hold back, the war will erupt and the victim is not just the Korean Peninsula.

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