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Tuesday, 09 January 2018 12:30

Mosaic of Indonesia

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This is RRI World Service Voice of Indonesia with Mosaic of Indonesia. In today’s edition, we will present news about  Gunungkidul develops Geopark of Mt. Sewu,

Natural Resources Conservation Center of West Sumatera proposes Natural Preservation of Maninjau to become Research Center of The ministry of Environment and Forestry, and the news on planting thousands of Mangroves will save the South Ocean of Kulon Progo.


Listener, the regional government of Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta keeps developing  Geopark of Mt.Sewu to become tourism concept which gives effect on conservation, education and the increase of people’s welfare.  Regent of Gunungkidul, Badingah,  told to RRI in Yogyakarta on Monday that dozens of geo-heritages which are developed to become National Earth Park if  preserved will bring prosperity to society.The regent also said that the welfare which will be achieved, must get support for bureaucratic reform which continues to be improved, so that the development of Mt.Sewu tourism will give multiplier effect for people’s welfare. Furthermore, Badingah said that in early 2018, his office will more focus in development of Mt.Sewu tourism. With the concept of the development is still accordance with the plan of Middle Term of Development of Gunungkidul regency as tourism and cultural destination, so that the attendance of tourist will have a significant impact on people’s economic growth because tourism sector to be the mainstay sector. The concept will supported by human resources which run in the agriculture. He also said that  Geopark of Mt.Sewu which has been recognized by UNESCO as Global Geopark Network covering 3 regencies, namely Gunungkidul, Pacitan and Wonogiri. The sites at Mt.Sewu are not only  geological site, but also there is also non-geological site or geo-forest and cultural site or archeology. 





Natural Resources Conservation Center of West Sumatera proposes Natural Preservation of Maninjau to become Research Center of The ministry of Environment and Forestry. It is related to the finding of new species of Raflesia which was ever  found in another country before.


Head of I Area Section of Natural Resources Conservation  of West Sumatera, Khairi Ramadhan said on Monday that in Indonesia which hasraflesia flower, can inventory the flower at   Maninjau Natural Conservation which is latter become as laboratory for the next future.Maninjau Natural Conservation is prpoposed to become research place because type of   raflesia at the location is never found yet, either inIndonesia, Malaysia or Philippines.


Khairi Ramadhan added based on the information of raflesia expert from Bengkulu University, Agus Susatya, that the type is never found yet before, either in Indonesia, Malaysia or Philippinesbut the similar type was ever found in Malaysia namely Raflesia Tuan Mudae. but, after testing at the laboratory, the result is different with Raflesia Tuan Mudae, most likely Raflesia in Maninjau is the new type, and researchers still look for other references from Raflesia experts in Malaysia and Philippines.



Thousands of mangroves are planted at Wanatirta mangrove eco-tourism of Jangkaran village of Kulon Progo on Monday (8/1) as efforts to save South Ocean from abrasion. The plant is a program of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of PT Taman Wisata Candi (TWC) Borobudur Prambanan and Ratu Boko. The Executive Director of the company, Edi Setijono said in Yogyakarta on Monday that at the South Coast of Kulon Progo, abrasion becomes a serious problem, due to se water increasingly eroded the coast.  Mangrove area must be protected because it will be a buffer for ecosystems as well as tourist attractions when the International airport in Kulon Progo has been in operation. On the same occasion, the regent also said the attendance of the company is very important for  Kulon Progo, because the most western regency in the region of Yogyakartabecomes the only one regency which becomes suspension of Borobudur forYogyakartaFurthermore the regent said that Mangrove forest must be preserved well, because will be a starting point for tourists, who want to enjoy the tour in Kulon Progo.

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