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Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese (left) smiles as Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi signs a visitors book prior to their meeting in Canberra, Australia on Wednesday (20/3/2024). (Photo: AFP/David Gray)


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in Canberra, Australia on Wednesday (20/3). The meeting with Albanese was part of Wang Yi's working visit to Australia.


South Korea's President Yoon Suk-Yeol delivers remarks during the 3rd Summit for Democracy in Seoul, South Korea on March 18, 2024. (Photo: AFP/Kim Min-Hee)


South Korea would host the 3rd Summit for Democracy on March 18-20, 2024 under the theme "Democracy for Future Generations".


Members of the US Air Force 26th Expeditionary Rescue Squadron aboard an HC-130J aircraft get ready at an airbase in Jordan, before flying toward the Gaza Strip on a mission to airdrop humanitarian aid supplied by Jordan on Thursday (14/3/2024). (Photo: AFP/Dylan Collins)


Israel continues to launch deadly military attacks on the Gaza Strip and has shown no signs of ending, amid condemnation from the international community. Even during the month of Ramadan, when the Palestinian Muslim population is fasting, Israel has no intention of reducing, let alone stopping, the intensity of its attacks. Israel's war has killed more than 31,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children and left more than 73,000 people injured amid mass destruction and shortages of basic necessities.


Ramadan and Nyepi

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Pecalang, Balinese traditional security officers shake hands with a Muslim after doing the first Tarawih worship in Ramadhan 1445 Hijri, coincides with Nyepi Day of Saka New Year 1946 at Asasuttaqwa Grand Mosque in Badung, Bali on Monday (11/3/2024). (Photo: Antara/Nyoman Hendra Wibowo)


March in Indonesia this year is very interesting, since the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims begins, along with the Saka New Year and celebration of Nyepi, or Day of Silence, for Balinese Hindus.


An UNRWA headquarters in Gaza City, Palestine. (Photo: AFP)


After more than a month of halting their funding, Sweden and Canada agreed to resume their support for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).


A man stands next to an AI (artificial intelligence) signage at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the telecom industry's biggest annual gathering, in Barcelona on Tuesday (27/2/2024). (Photo: AFP/Pau Barrena)


Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi proposed that there will be an international body that regulates artificial intelligence (AI) under the United Nations (UN). In a press conference on "China's Diplomacy and Foreign Relations Policy" in Beijing on Thursday (7/3/2024), he said that China prioritizes three things regarding the development of AI: firstly ensuring AI benefits the general welfare of humanity, secondly, ensuring safe use so that AI is always under human control, and thirdly, ensuring the establishment of an international governance body for AI under the UN framework that allows all countries to participate in and benefit equally from AI development.


Indonesian president, Joko Widodo (second left) chats with Indonesian Minister of State Secretary, Pratikno (left) at Halim Perdanakusuma Air Base in Jakarta on Monday (4/3/2024), when departed for Australia to attend the ASEAN-Australia Summit. (Photo: Antara/Muhammad Adimaja)


This year, relations between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Australia enter its 50th year. Both sides commemorate it by holding the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit in Melbourne, Australia on March 4-6 2024. Indonesian President Joko Widodo and a limited delegation on Monday (4/3) left for Melbourne to attend the Summit.


Indonesians take part in a rally in front of the Embassy of Egypt in Jakarta on Monday (4/3/2024), to protest against the closure of the Rafah crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip. (Photo: AFP/Bay Ismoyo)


Some mediators from the US, Qatar, and Hamas gathered in Cairo, Egypt on Sunday (3/3) to continue the talk of a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Those mediators gave a new push for the ceasefire in Gaza, but there were still disagreements. Meanwhile, the battle is still raging in the hunger-stricken Palestine.


Ukrainian servicemen ride an armored personnel carrier on the road past houses destroyed by shelling, in Donetsk region, Ukraine on Thursday (29/2/2024). (Photo: AFP/Anatolii Stepanov)


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) stated that they would not send their troops to Ukraine. The statement was issued after a conference of European leaders in France last Monday (26/2/2024). Even so, French President, Emmanuel Macron still said that sending troops to Ukraine could not be ruled out to achieve NATO's goals. According to him, Russia cannot and must not win the war.


NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance had no plans to send combat troops to Ukraine. Meanwhile, the White House on Tuesday (27/2/2024) also stated that the United States would not send troops to fight in Ukraine.


German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz on Tuesday (27/2/2024) rejected the idea of sending troops to Ukraine. He emphasized that what had been agreed from the start among NATO members also applies to the future, namely there will be no troops sent by European countries or NATO to Ukraine.


Scholz also emphasized that soldiers based in NATO countries are also not allowed to actively participate in the fighting between Ukraine and Russia. This is to prevent an escalation of war involving NATO.


Swedish Prime Minister, Ulf Kristersson, whose country is about to join NATO, also said he had no current plans to send ground troops to Ukraine.


Poland, Britain and Spain have also publicly rejected the idea of bringing troops from NATO member countries into direct conflict against Russia.


Responding to President Emmanuel Macron's statement, the Russian government on Tuesday (27/2/2024) stated that conflict with NATO was inevitable if Western countries, members of the defence pact, sent troops to Ukraine. Russian government spokesman, Dmitry Peskov reminded at a press conference in Moscow that NATO member countries must be able to assess the consequences that may arise if they take this decision. They must realize that it is not at all in the interests of each country.


On one hand, Peskov said a number of Western countries are quite aware of the potential consequences and threats that may arise if sending troops to Ukraine is carried out.


On the other hand, NATO's Collective Defence Principle Article 5 states, if one member of the alliance is attacked in Europe or North America, it is considered an attack against all members. Thereby, they may take actions deemed necessary to assist the allies.


It has been two years since the Russia-Ukraine conflict, but there is no sign of it ending soon. It cannot be denied that since the Russian-Ukrainian conflict broke out, NATO has provided support for Ukraine, including sending weapons. But sending NATO troops to Ukraine to help deal with Russia will only make matters worse. The best way is to stop the war so that the people of both countries can return to a normal and peaceful life.


A beach in Bali. (Photo: Provided)


The United Nations - UN General Assembly on Monday (26/02/2024) adopted a resolution to declare 2027 the International Sustainable and Resilient Tourism Year. As reported by Antara news agency, the resolution invites the World Tourism Organization - UNWTO to facilitate the organization and implementation of the international year in collaboration with governments, relevant organizations in the UN system, international and regional organizations, as well as other relevant stakeholders.


Sustainable tourism is not something new. Previously, UNWTO had declared 2017 as the International Year for Sustainable Tourism Development. Campaigns about sustainable tourism have also been echoed frequently.


As a country rich in tourist attractions, Indonesia through its Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is committed to developing sustainable tourism. On various occasions, the Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, conveyed Indonesia's sustainable tourism program.


Sustainable tourism is the development of tourism concepts that could have a long-term impact. The development is both in environmental, social, cultural, and economic aspects, for the present and future of all local communities and visiting tourists.


Many tourist destinations in Indonesia already carry the concept of sustainable tourism. The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy develops sustainable tourism by referring to four focus pillars. These are sustainable management, long-term sustainable economic, cultural sustainability which must always be developed and maintained, and sustainable environmental aspects.


Indonesia has also succeeded in developing tourist villages that implement sustainable tourism. National parks can be developed based on sustainable tourism, such as Baluran National Park in East Java, Ujung Kulon National Park in West Java, and others in various regions. Indonesia also has natural beauty, culture, arts, and traditions which can be a tourist attraction.


The hope is that Indonesia will be successful with its sustainable tourism program, not only to pursue the target of 2027 as the "Year of Sustainable Tourism", but for the sustainability of Indonesian tourism in general. This can be achieved with the involvement of all parties. The government, with its regulations and major blueprints, can make it easier to develop sustainable tourism. Tourism business players can continue to develop their programs to increase the selling value of Indonesian tourism. Locals, particularly in tourist destinations, can also be involved in tourism development. Therefore, sustainable tourism will ultimately bring sustainability to the economy and prosperity to the Indonesian people.

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