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Another prestigious international sports event was just held in Indonesia. After hosting the 2022 Mandalika MotoGP in Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) on March 18-20 2022, this year the prestigious F1 Powerboat (F1H2O) World Championship 2023 race was held at Lake Toba, North Sumatra on February 24-26 2023.

The 2023 F1 Powerboat World Championship is the leading international series of single-seat racing boats held by the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM). F1H2O is attended by 10 teams with 20 drivers. In one championship, there are eight racing series with the first series in 2023 held in Lake Toba, Indonesia. After Indonesia, the next series will be held in China.

The F1 Powerboat World Championship 2023, which was attended by President Joko Widodo and several high-ranking officials of the country, is not only a prestigious racing event, but also Indonesia's effort to restore economic and tourism conditions after being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The public enthusiasm to watch the F1 Powerboat race was enormous. They did various ways to be able to watch the racers in action. One proof of the community's enthusiasm was that all accommodations in Balige City were fully occupied, from hotels to homestays, even people's homes.

The increasing flow of domestic tourists visiting the tourism area of Lake Toba to witness the F1 Powerboat helped revive the local economy. Not only hotels and inns, but also restaurants got a positive impact from the F1 Powerboat. The increase was very high during the three-day F1 Powerboat event. Based on data obtained by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the economic impact of the F1 Powerboat is estimated to reach Rp300 billion with a target of visiting tourists of up to 25,000 people.

Indonesia should be proud to have successfully held the World Powerboat Championship on Lake Toba. This cannot be separated from the role of the government, especially the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI), Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and of course, the local community and tourists who have participated in the success of this prestigious event.

Rise up Indonesia's economy and tourism!



A devastating earthquake shook Turkiye and Syria in early February, followed by international relief that shows Turkiye is an important nation. Many countries such as the US, Japan, Pakistan, China, and Indonesia lent their hands for Turkiye.

Even Russia and Ukraine, two warring countries, still gave their support. Turkiye is an influential NATO member country, which supports Ukraine. But at the same time, Turkiye also opens communication with Moscow.

Ankara's autonomous policy kept causing political friction. NATO, for example, did mind when Turkiye ordered some Russian weapons. However, thanks to good relations with the two conflicting nations, Turkiye can play an important role in realizing a "wheat deal" in 2022. This agreement allowed Ukrainian export through the Black Sea, which was blocked by Russia.

The earthquake relief operation came not only from friends of Turkiye. Despite disputes over maritime territory and Cyprus, the President of Greece still sent their thoughts and prayers via Twitter and The Greek Prime Minister phoned the Turkish President. And yes, Greece sent their aid to Turkiye.

Truly, the so-called "Earthquake Diplomacy'', during the 1999 earthquake in Turkiye that killed 17 thousand, relieved the tension between Athena and Ankara. At that time, Greece sent their rescue team and dogs, as well as two firefighting aircrafts.

Turkiye in return sent support when Athena was hit by a quake.

At the other time, it was proven that post-disaster joint relief operations can bring positive impact for international relations. A Turkish consultant at Atlantic Council predicted that bilateral relations between Turkiye and friends of Ankara will improve.



Israel launched another attack on the Nablus area in the West Bank, Palestine last Wednesday (22/2). The Israeli army attack killed more than ten Palestinians,including a teenager and a 72-year-old man. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the attack also injured more than 100 Palestinians.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) entered the old city of Nablus in the morning, sparking clashes with Palestinian armed groups. According to the IDF, it stepped up operations after its troops came under fire from Palestinian armed groups. Then, theIDF fired missiles at the wanted militia's hideout, causing part of the building to collapse. Several sources on the Palestinian side said two Islamic Jihad commanders were killed in the attack. Hamas, a Palestinian militia group that has occasionally joined forces with the Islamic Jihad group, has threatened reprisals from the Gaza Strip, the territory it controls.

Abu Ubaida, a Spokesperson for the Hamas armed forces, confirmed on the Telegram application that his party's patience was running out to retaliate against the Israeli side.

The deadly attack, which Israel claims is a "counterterrorism" operation, immediately received a strong response from both Palestine and the international community.

Top Palestinian official,Hussein Al Sheikh denounced the attack as a "massacre" and called for international protection for the Palestinian people. Palestine has also asked the UN Security Council to hold an emergency session on the Israeli forces' operations in Nablus. Palestinian Foreign Minister,Riyad Malki has also asked the Arab League Council to convene at the permanent representative level to discuss the incident in Nablus. A request for a meeting was also submitted to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to condemn Israel's actions.

Meanwhile, U.S.State DepartmentSpokesperson,Ned Price expressed Washington's concern over the incident.

The European Union's Head of Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, said that the European Union is very worried about the increasing violence in the West Bank. He called on all parties to work to restore peace and avoid further loss of life.

France also made strong comments. It condemns acts of violence committed against civilians and reaffirms Israel's obligation to respect international humanitarian law by using force proportionately.

In addition, United Nations Secretary,General Antonio Guterres said the situation in the Palestinian territories had been very precarious for many years.He perceived thattensions have escalated because the peace process has stalled.

Both parties should have continued the peace process while respecting and appreciating the achievements so far, including what has been agreed upon in the points of the historic agreement, which was signed at the White House, in the United States of AmericaonSeptember 13, 1993.



Without mastering new skills, the workforce in Indonesia will surely be left behind. New job opportunities will be taken up by workers from other countries or replaced by machines and robots. President Joko Widodo reminded this while giving directions online at the launch of Presidential Regulation Number 68 of 2022, concerning Revitalization of Vocational Education and Training, in Jakarta on Tuesday (21/2).

President Joko Widodo also reminded that Indonesia's human resources must maximize the opportunities that arise amid the presence of a demographic bonus. Indonesia is predicted to experience the peak of the demographic bonus in 2030. At that time, the number of productive ages will be greater, reaching 64 percent of the total population projected to reach 297 million. The Head of State emphasized that the demographic bonus must be utilized to make Indonesia a developed country.


Since 2019, Joko Widodo's government has focused on improving human resources. One of them is through vocational education and training, which is certainly oriented towards competent vocational human resources, to meet market needs and be able to do entrepreneurship. This mandate is set forth in Presidential Regulation Number 68 of 2022 concerning Revitalization of Vocational Education and Training.

Based on this regulation, education and training are held in educational institutions, such as vocational schools, polytechnics, vocational education colleges, course and training institutes, and vocational training centers. Revitalization of Vocational Education and Vocational Training is carried out through comprehensive, sustainable, integrated and coordinated improvement efforts.

The regulations have been launched, the next step is to implement concrete actions. The success of vocational education and training must not only be achieved by the central government. Regional Governments, Education and Training Institutions also have a big task to create superior Indonesian human resources. Do not miss the world of business and industry which also has a big role.

No less important is of course preparing the curriculum, teaching staff and trainers who are one step ahead, have an orientation to answer the required human resource qualifications. Vocational education and training graduates must be able to meet national, regional and international competency standards, so they are ready to compete.

With the involvement of all parties, the goal of revitalizing vocational education and training to accelerate the preparation of superior human resources towards the golden Indonesia of 2045 will be realized.



The beginning of International Mother Language Day was when the Bangladesh diaspora, Rafiqul Islam wrote a letter to the UN Secretary General to save the world's languages from extinction. Then at the UN session on November 17, 1999 at the UNESCO General Conference session, it was declared that February 21 was designated as International Mother Language Day. The date was chosen because at that time, there was a murder incident in fighting for the Bangli language in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1952.

Regarding mother language or the first language used by speakers in communicating, there are currently many setbacks. The United Nations has indicated that several languages are in the brink of extinction. In 2023 with the theme Multilingual Education - a Necessity to Change Education, it is hoped that Mother Language lessons can exist and be accepted by users or native speakers of Mother Language. With this theme, it is hoped that every country will innovate so that the extinction of mother tongues can be slowed down.

In a special interview with Voice of Indonesia, Head of the National Agency for Language Development and Cultivation at the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology, Prof. Endang Aminudin Aziz said that what is meant by multilingual education is the role of other languages so that students can better understand their mother language. This means that the use of a second language in explaining mother tongue is a necessity in the learning process in class, especially among the current generation Z and Alpha. In addition, he also does not deny that the existence of technology has also caused the decline in the use of the mother tongue in everyday life.

Prof. Endang Aminudin Azin further stated that according to the latest data he had in 2020, speakers of the mother languages or regional languages in Indonesia only reached 76 percent and 73 of the 76 percent are out of home. And of that 76 percent, 61 percent are speakers of generation Z and Alpha or generations born between 1996 and 2010 on which this generation is very dependent on technological sophistication. One of the efforts made by the National Agency for Language Development and Cultivation to handle the decline in native language speakers is to mobilize all the Task Implementation Unit offices in 30 provinces to carry out multi-platform innovations in teaching local languages in each province.

The existence of this language agency is very large in the implementation of Indonesian language learning as a national identity as well as regional languages in supporting the existence of daily speakers. As a form of introducing and maintaining the Indonesian language as a national identity, currently there are centers for learning Indonesian with Indonesian language for foreign speakers - BIPA in 53 countries. In the continuity of Indonesian as the national language, the presence of mother language plays a major role in enriching Indonesian variety and vocabulary. Thus, it's not surprising that at this time, Indonesia at UNESCO is fighting for Indonesian language to be part of the 6 other languages spoken at the official UNESCO meeting in Paris. If accepted, it will possibly become the official language at the United Nations assembly in New York. Moreover, with a population of more than 250 million people and it can be spoken regionally in ASEAN member countries, it is the key to the presence of Indonesian language in the international world.



A new web page launched by Indonesian Immigration Directorate-General, can make it easier for foreigners in China to extend their visa in Indonesia.TheImmigration Attache at the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing on Friday (3/2) said that thevisa extension can be done on the website.

Through the Foreigners Traffic Module (Molina), the visa extension can be done online so that applicants don’t need to visit immigration office in Indonesia. Before the service, the Visa on Arrival (VOA) or e-VOA holder must extend the visa at immigration office. Indonesia still implements visa on arrival to the Chinese citizens and from other countries, both offline and online (e-VOA).

The VOA expires in 30 days and can be extended once for 30 days. The new Molina website is connected with an electronic payment service that applies globally. This year, Indonesia aims for 253 thousand tourist visits from China. Since January 8, 2023, the Chinese government have allowed their people to go abroad for various purposes, such as tourism.

Indonesia is in the list of exemplary countries for group tourist sources from China that begins on Monday (6/2) according to the agenda set by the Chinese Cultural and Tourism Ministry.



It's been almost a year since Russia started invading Ukraine on February 24 2022. However, until now there has been no sign thatbothsides will end the war soon. It seems that the Russo-Ukrainian war will last a long time in line with the threats of former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev regarding nuclear war, and the decisions of the United States and Germany to send dozens of battle tanks to Ukraine. The U.S.will send 31 M1 Abrams battle tanks to Ukraine, while Germany will allow the delivery of 14 Leopard 2 A6 tanks. Overall, France, Britain, the U.S., Poland, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden will send hundreds of tanks and heavy armoured vehicles to fortify Ukraine as it enters a new phase of the war and attempts to break through Russian lines.

Of course, this sparks Russian anger. Recently,Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that Moscow's defeat in Ukraine could trigger a nuclear war. Medvedev, who serves as Deputy Chair of the Russian Security Council, emphasized that nuclear powers have never lost in major conflicts. He also said military alliances and other Western defense leaders should weigh the risks of their policies. He emphasized that the defeat of nuclear countries in a conventional war could trigger a nuclear war. The Kremlin was quick to back up Medvedev's statement, saying it fully complied with Moscow principles.

Medveded's statement immediately received criticism from the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg.According to Stoltenberg, Russia's nuclear rhetoric is completely irresponsible and dangerous. He saidthatRussia should know that a nuclear war can never be won and therefore, should not happen. Stoltenberg also emphasized that NATO will continue to monitor what Russia is doing, and react if necessary.

The Russo-Ukrainian war, which also dragged the involvement of NATO members, has claimed thousands of lives, lost countless property, and has had an impact on the global economy. Coupled with the pandemic that has hit the world, making an already bad situation will of course be even worse.


Sun Tzu, a Chinese military general who lived in the period 544 to 496 BC, known through his book The Art of War, once said, "there is no example of a country benefiting from a prolonged war." This remark is very relevant to what is currently happening.  Both Russia and Ukraine and their supporters should realize that a war, let alone a prolonged one, will only harm all parties. Not only those who are fighting, it doesn't matter who wins, but also other countries around the world will feel the effects.



Indonesian President Joko Widodo officially announced Indonesia’s 2023 ASEAN Chairmanship kick-off. The announcement was made directly by President Joko Widodo before residents at the Hotel Indonesia roundabout, Central Jakarta, Sunday (29/1). The event was also attended by Acting Governor of Jakarta, Heru Budi Hartono, Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Erick Thohir, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi.

Previously, Indonesia received the ASEAN chairmanship relay from Cambodia at the Closing Ceremony of the 40th and 41st Summits in Phnom Penh, Sunday (13 November 2022). Symbolically, President Joko Widodo received the hammer from Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen as Indonesia has become the Chair of ASEAN.

It is a true challenge for Indonesia to run the ASEAN Chair amid the current difficult global situations, such as the economic crisis, energy crisis, food crisis, and many others. The worsening risks of this crisis are triggered by the impact of prolonged health and economic problems due to the global pandemic, the war in Europe and its sanctions which have an impact on the global economy.

Carrying the theme "ASEAN Matters: Epicentrum of Growth", Indonesia seeks to strengthen ASEAN's position as a stable and peaceful region. With three priority issues in the economic sector, namely recovery and rebuilding, digital economy and sustainability, Indonesia is confident that it can succeed in carrying out its duties at the 2023 ASEAN Chair.

Indonesia is determined to direct ASEAN cooperation in 2023 to continue and strengthen ASEAN's relevance in responding to regional and global challenges, as well as strengthening ASEAN's position as the center of regional economic growth, for the prosperity of the ASEAN people. Of course, this determination and belief cannot be easily achieved without the cooperation and support of all ASEAN member countries.

Hopefully Indonesia can do its duties properly and Indonesia's chairmanship in ASEAN 2023 can strengthen ASEAN's position as a region that is conducive, stable and peaceful.



The Election Organizer Honorary Council (DKPP) along with 12 election activists, including Migrant Care, the Indonesian Women's Coalition and the Association for Elections and Democracy (Perludem) on Monday (30/1), declared Towards Ethical and Integrity Elections for the Implementation of the 2024 Simultaneous General Elections and Regional Head Elections.

Member of Election Organizer Honorary Council, J.Kristiadi explained, the contents of the declaration emphasized that elections are a manifestation of people's sovereignty, which are carried out by upholding ethics, integrity and competence in managing the nation's noble values. Therefore, the 2024 Simultaneous General Election and Regional Head Elections are expected to be proof of the maturity of the Indonesian people in practicing democratic life with dignity and justice.

On the same day, the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) visited the Central Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), in Jakarta. The visit by five Election Supervisory Board leaders is to invite the ulema council to be involved in making the 2024 Election and Regional Head Elections run peacefully, coolly, conducively, with integrity, honesty, fairness and dignity.

In the meeting, the ulama counciI also stated that it agreed to participate in the declaration of a peaceful interfaith election that rejects the politicization of identity, the politicization of ethnicity; religion; race; and intergroup, and counteracting hoaxes (fake news).

The Coordinator of the Prevention, Community Participation and Public Relations Division of Election Supervisory Board, Lolly Suhenty, expressed the need for the supervisory board and ulama counciI to take strategic steps together. According to Suhenty, one of the focuses of Election Supervisory Board this year is strengthening the citizen forum.

Previously, the General Elections Commission (KPU) in the regions had also declared a peaceful 2024 general election. From this, it can be seen that the election organizers have a strong desire to make the 2024 elections to take place safely and peacefully. They invite non-governmental organizations to support this effort.

Indeed, the success of the elections is not only the task of its organizers. Safe and peaceful elections are a shared responsibility, the responsibility of all Indonesian people, because the future of this nation is also determined by the success of the 2024 elections.



Every year, 25 January is celebrated as National Nutrition Day in Indonesia. The purpose of commemorating National Nutrition Day is to increase public awareness of the importance of fulfilling balanced nutrition for Indonesian people. This commemoration also has the goal of creating sustainable food production for the community, from children to pregnant women. National Nutrition Day focuses on three main burdens, namely stunting, malnutrition and excess nutrition. This year's theme is Animal Protein to Prevent Stunting.

Suppressing stunting or impaired growth and development of children due to chronic malnutrition and recurrent infections, which are characterized by below standard length or height, has become one of the focuses of President Joko Widodo's administration. Quoting the website,, the President asked regional heads to reduce the stunting rate in their respective regions. This is important, considering that Indonesia will experience a peak in the demographic bonus in 2030-2035. Demographic bonus is a situation where there is an increase in the population of a country at productive age, which ranges from 16 to 65 years. This increase was followed by a decrease in birth and death rates. Therefore, the development of human resources must continue to be optimized. The President targets the prevalence of stunting to be reduced to below 14 percent by 2024.

Reducing the stunting prevalence rate is indeed one of the Indonesian Government's National Medium-Term Development Plans 2019-2024. But to make it happen, of course, the involvement of all Indonesian people is needed.

Every family must be very concerned about the growth of their children. Fulfilment of nutrition can be met from what is consumed. Malnutrition that occurs since the baby is in the womb and in the early days after the baby is born has a major effect on growth. Therefore, preparing expectant mothers to be adequately nourished during pregnancy is very important. One of them is the understanding of the importance of animal protein.

Data from the Ministry of Agriculture indeed shows that consumption of animal protein in Indonesia is still low compared to other countries. If parents, especially mothers, understand the importance of animal protein, and apply it in their daily diet from 100 days before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after the delivery, they will certainly be able to prevent stunting in their children. If every mother and mother-to-be realizes the importance of animal protein, the target of reducing the prevalence of stunting below 14 percent by 2024 will certainly be achieved.

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