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January 6


1919 Theodore Roosevelt died.

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United States.   Presidential position was obtained when Roosevelt replacing president William McKinley which was killed. He has begun active in politics since 1880s by obtaining some political posts in New York. In 1898, as assistant secretary of the US navy, he provoked war against Spain. When war began, Roosevelt formed “Rough Riders” which has big role in US victory at Cuba’s war.

1970 PAN AM, the first commercial  airline services route was to go around the earth.  


Pan America Airways which was established on March 14, 1927, became the first commercial airline which flew around the earth.  In the world war II, the company has network in the United States, Europe and Asia. Entering World War II, Pan America Airways planes were used by military. In 1947, the airline operated again with a world-wide service by using Lockheed Constellations with the name Clipper America. The flight route was included San Francisco by stopping at Honolulu, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Delhi, Istanbul, Frankfurt, London, and New York. On January 6, 1970, the flight was really realized with the initial route New York return to New York with Boeing 707.  

1980  Indira Gandhi was re-elected as Prime Minister.


On January 6, 1980, Indira Gandhi won majority votes and became Prime Minister of India again. But on October 31, 1984 due to her repressive policy on Sikh group, Indira was shot by her guard who is Sikh blooded. Indira was chosen to be Prime Minister in 1966 replacing Lal Bahadur Shastri. In 1971, Indira won in national general election and became prime minister again. But,  in 1975, she was sentenced for committing fraud in  1971 general election. Indira rejected the sentence and proclaimed that she was not guilty.  Then, she imposed a state of emergency in India. During the period, Indira held control in various life aspects in India and imprisoned many opponents. In1977, Indira held general election to stop critic that she has  treaded democracy inIndia. However, at the time, Indira Gandhi lost and was knocked out of the seat of the Prime Minister.




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