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January 8


1912 African National Congress was established.

The African National Congress -ANC is the Republic of South Africa's governing social democratic political party. It has been the ruling party of post-apartheid South Africa on the national level, beginning with the election of Nelson Mandela in the 1994 election, the first after the end of apartheid. Today, the ANC remains the dominant political party in South Africa, winning every election since 1994. The party was established on January 8, 1912 in Bloemfontein to protect the rights of black skin. One of the founders is Albert Lutuli. Until 1923, the party names South African Native National Congress. The Congress is one of parties which has controlled since 1994. The support on the party was reduced in the 1999 general election, but they gained support again in the 2004 general election.


1926  Abdul-Aziz bin Saud became King Hijaz and changed the name of the region to be Saudi Arabia.


Abdul Aziz As-Saud is the first king of Saudi Arabia. He is also well-known with some names, such as Ibnu Saud. He came from royal family of Saudi Arabia which reigned part of Arabian Peninsula. In 1901, when he was 22 years old, Ibnu Saud replaced his father as the Head of Saud dynasty with the title ‘Sultan Nejd’. Then, he began a campaign to seize land from Rashidi dynasty which is now Saudi Arabia.  In 1902, he and his troops together with his family and siblings succeeded to seize   Riyadh. In 1912, Ibnu Saud succeeded to control Nejd with the help of Wahabi troops led by Syaikh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab with the help of Britain. In 1922, Saud dynasty succeeded to defeat Rashidi dynasty and ended the reign of Rashidi dynasty on Arabian land. On  January 8,  1926, Abdul-Aziz bin Saud became king Hijaz and merged name of Hijaz and Nejd to be Saudi Arabia.


 2003  Accident of Turkish Airlines Flight 634 occurred.


Turkish Airlines Flight 634 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight from Turkish Airlines' hub at Istanbul Atatürk Airport to Diyarbakır Airport insoutheastern Turkey. On 8 January 2003, the aircraft operating the flight, a British Aerospace Avro RJ100, struck the ground on final approach approximately 900 meters or 3,000 feet short of the runway threshold during extreme weather conditions. In the following collision with a slope, a post-crash fire broke out, killing 75 of the 80 occupants, including both pilots.


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