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Wednesday, 03 January 2018 00:00

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Mosaic Indonesia 

January 3rd, we will present various news about the decrease of tourists’ visit in Galunggung, while in Sleman regency, a number of tourist exceeded the target of the year 2017. This will be ended with a news on the group of Farmers and Fishermen of Merauke supports large-scale organic farming in Merauke.

The number of tourists visiting the Galunggung tourism site in Tasikmalaya, West java has decreased in 2017 compared to 2016. A lot of natural disasters in Tasikmalaya regency are one of the causes of declining tourist visits. Coordinator of Tourism Object and Attraction of Mt. Galunggung, Usep, to RRI said on Monday, that in 2016 the tourist visits especially on Christmas and New Year’s holidays reached a total of 4,000 visits. In this year only 2,500 tourists visited the site. To attract more tourists, the management has made various innovations. One of them is a new section, namely "Dek Selfi". Usep also said that the deck above the altitude can be used by tourists for selfie with Mt.Galunggung as a background. He hopes, in this year Galunggung tourism object will attract tourists again to come to Tasikmalaya.

Different from Galunggung tourism object, in the long New Year holiday season, Sleman regency was the favorite destination. Various tourism objects of the regency in the slope of Mt. Merapi in Special Region of Yogyakarta was crowded by tourists. Head of Tourism Office of Sleman, Sudarningsih said on Monday that at the end of 2017, a total of 224,897 tourists flocked to favorite destination such as Kaliurang and Tebing Breksi. More than 7 million domestic and foreign tourists visited Sleman regency until December 31st. The number exceeded the target of early 2017 which was only 6 millions of visitiors.

A group of Farmers and Fishermen of Merauke is ready to support the government of Merauke regency to develop organic agriculture in big scale. Head of the group, Slamet Purwadi, revealed in Merauke, on Tuesday that the development of organic agriculture is the right solution to reduce the use of chemical agricultural fertilizer products. In addition, they use the potency of organic fertilizer in Merauke Regency. According to Slamet Purwadi, the development must be discussed at the government and farmer levels, so that the organic agricultural program is not only a slogan, but it can also be realized for the interests of farmers.


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