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asean-indiaPresident Joko Widodo believed, ASEAN-India can be a center of economic growth in the Indian Ocean region, which will support the creation of prosperity and stability in the circle of Indo- Pacific. The President's confidence is due to many potentials that ASEAN and India have. One of them is the productive age population of about 1.5 billion people from almost two billion people. It was announced by President Joko Widodo in the Plenary Session of the ASEAN-India Warning High Level held on Thursday, January 25, in New Delhi, India.

Moreover, the optimism of world economic growth also has an important role. It is expected to rise to 3.7 percent by 2018 from 3.6 percent in 2017. Deputy for Protocol, Press and Media Secretariat President Bey Machmudin reported that President Joko Widodo also appreciated the ASEAN-India cooperation that has boosted the economic growth of each country.

The ASEAN economy is predicted to grow 5 percent, while the Indian economy is expected to grow 7 percent by 2018. However, there are still some unstable global conditions that ASEAN and India must face. Therefore, the President Joko Widodo invited ASEAN along with India to continue the Comprehensive Regional Economic Partnership negotiations that will represent almost half the world's population.



Meeting Vietnam PM, President Joko Widodo Wants to Speed ​​Up ZEE SettlementJoko Widodo encouraged the strengthening of cooperation between Indonesia and Vietnam

President Joko Widodo encouraged the strengthening of cooperation between Indonesia and Vietnam on a number of issues. During a bilateral meeting with Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc, on the sidelines of the ASEAN-India Summit in New Delhi, India, Friday, January 26, President Joko Widodo raised the discussion on two main points that need to be taken into consideration by both countries.

First, the President reiterated the importance of accelerating the settlement of negotiations on exclusive economic zone boundaries. Exclusive economic zones can also be accompanied by cooperation in the field of widespread terrorism and maritime handling. In this case the President welcomed the achievement of a preliminary agreement on the boundaries of the exclusive economic zone last November. The second focus the President attempted to address was the policy in the automotive sector enacted Vietnam.

The policy sets standards and agreements tans of imported vehicles to the country. Therefore, President Joko Widodo asked the Vietnamese Prime Minister to give Indonesia a chance to learn more about the policy. The president also encouraged six agreements in education, law, and gas utilization in the border region the continental shelf, the rural development, the strengthening of maritime security cooperation, and the coal supply signed last year, continue to be implemented.


Indonesia Participated in the 38th FITUR, Madrid.

In order to promote Indonesian Tourism to the international market, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism participated in the 38th International Tourism exhibition, FITUR, in Madrid on 17-21 January. The exhibition that was opened by King of Spain Felipe VI (six) was attended by 165 countries, the tourism Minister of the member countries of the World Tourism Organization, and the world's top tourism officials. During the exhibition, the stand of the Indonesian pavilion was visited by approximately 5,000 visitors, business travel entrepreneurs, print and electronic mass media, as well as visitors who are interested to come to Indonesia for travel and business trips. For Indonesia, the Feature is a very appropriate momentum to attract Spanish tourists. The event also directly brought together Indonesian sellers with potential buyers from Spain.



Indonesia Indonesia has the largest coconut plantation in the world, with a total area of 3.86 million hectares (ha) or 31.2 percent of the total world’s area of about 12 million hectares. Approximately 98% of coconut plantations in Indonesia is community plantation, and the rest are state plantations and private plantations.

Spreading of coconut plantation is almost evenly distributed throughout Indonesia, with the highest share in Sumatra reaching 34.5 percent. Especially in the area of West Sumatra, coconut plantation area continues to be expanded as part of efforts to preserve the typical commodities of the area

Coconut is the most widely used by the community. Coconuts are used in various foods or the water can be consumed directly. Once picked, coconut fiber is disposed. Coconut fibers need to be disposed to get the coconut meat as the main part of fruit that the market is interested in. The risk of disposing coconut fibers can occur at any time. Not to mention, how to peel it manually that is less efficient in the middle of industry that requires large-scale coconut production, because it takes a long time

Regarding to this, a student of State Polytechnic Payakumbuh, West Sumatra, Ruri Jalil Jabar and his friends innovate to make a peeler of coconut fiber withl roller cylinder model. This tool can help to improve performance and reduce the risk experienced by coconut fiber peeler.

Not only made roller silinder, but Ruri and his friend previously also looking for the most effficient technique to peel coconut fiber automatically by a machine. Finally, they succeded to make coconut fiber peeler that works using motor rotation forwarded to speed reductor. The roller then separates coconut meat from its fiber perfectly. According to Ruri, the peeler still need to be enhanced in order to be used by small industries.

Ruri sair that pleny innovations made by Polytechnics students could be benefial for people. According to him, the most important thing that polytechnics students must be sensitive toward any problems occured in society thus they can give technical solution to solve the problem.

By this innovation, Ruri and his team hoped that they not only gave solution, but also to make achievement as the first champion of designing agriculture machine and tool at the 9th Agriculutural Technic Week in Aceh.


Mosaic of Indonesia

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 12 January


In today’s edition, we will present news about Bengkulu plants one million red rubber trees. The government builds 74 basins in Rote. And the last info with news on Chinese tourists to Bali increases 51.52 percent.



The provincial government of Bengkulu through Environment and Forestry Office planted 1 million red rubber trees or "Ficus elastica" to commemorate the International Day of Forests 2018. Head of Environment and Forestry Office, Agus Priambudi  said in Bengkulu on Wednesday that 150 thousand trees have been planted and he targets 1 million trees to be realized in this year. When launching cultivation of 1 million trees at Simpang Kandis village of Bengkulu city, Agus said that the cultivation cooperates with members of Green Indonesia.


Agus explained that the red rubber trees, besides being effective to absorb carbon, and to produce oxygen, also has various kinds of benefits. He affirmed that the cultivation aims to preserve environment in order to get positive impact in various sectors, including tourism. He views that beautiful, clean and healthy environment will support the government’s program to implement tourism visit year in Bengkulu in 2020.  Agus gave advice in order regional development does not sacrifice protected areas but to harmonize economic development and people’s environment. Meanwhile, chairman of the Green Indonesia, Suharman said that the rubber trees will be planted at the coastal, river streaming areas and public’s space.


The central government builds 74 basins in Rote regency, East Nusa Tenggara province –NTT to increase agricultural productivity in the regency. Regent of Rote, Ndao Leonard Haning said in Kupang on Thursday that one of basins namely Saina has been visited by President Joko Widodo. Leonard explained that result of basin which is built, is that there are a lot of new fields which have rice. According to Leonard, President Joko Widodo felt satisfied with the basin development program so that the President wished more basins to be built in NTT.  



During 11 months, from January until November 2017, tourists from China who traveled to Bali reached 1.37 million people. The number increased 51 percent compared the same period last year, that was recorded around 900 thousand people. Head of Statistic Agency of Bali, Adi Nugroho said in Denpasar on Thursday that most of Chinese tourists came to Bali through Ngurah Rai Bali airport by plane which directly flew from their country.  Only  164 people were through seaport by cruise ship.


Adi Nugroho added that the visit increase has been caused by many factors over the last few years. One of them is improved cooperation between the government of China and Indonesia, especially Bali. Besides, it is due to innovation which is held by domestic airlines, namely Garuda Indonesia by focusing on two-way flight line of China-Denpasar, Bali.



Today in History

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January 11

1962, Mt.Huascarán in Peru slide.

Mt.Huascaran or Nevado is included of West Andes is the highest mountain in Peru and the fourth in South America. The height reachs 6,768 meter. On January 1962 million tons of snow, stone, mud and debris were slide from Mt.Huascaran. At least 2,000 persons died after the slide happened which immersed all villages on the mountain and some settlements in the Northwest of Peru. Ranrahirca village was totally destroyed. Only around 50 of 500 occupants were safe.  8 cities were collapsed due to the landslide.  


1992, President of Algeria, Chadli Bendjedid resigned.

Chadli Bendjedid from National Liberation Front, has been elected as president of Algeria since 1979. But in the time of his rule, economic situation of Algeria was continuously worsen. The situation made Algeria’s people were not satisfied on Bendjedid’s leadershipIn 1988, after happened various demonstrations aginst his rule, Bendjedid held reformation among other by giving liberation the establisment of the new parties. In 1989, party of Islamic Savior Front established and within short time succeeded to have a lot of members and also gained majority vote in general election 1991. But, military pushed Bendjedid to resign on January 11, 1992.


1995 Indosiar, an Indonesian private television began on air.

Indosiar is one of national private television in Indonesia. The station operates in West Jakarta. Indosiar began its broadcasting in form of trial brodcasting in November 1994. On the trial, Indosiar only performed list of its transmitter’s station. Indosiar was officially on air on January 11, 1995. In its broadcasting, Indosiar stressed on culture.




Diplomatic Corner

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This is RRI World Service-Voice of Indonesia with Diplomatic Corner, a program which presents information about activities and progress of Indonesian diplomacy in the international world.



Hands over Angklung to de Arte Tigre Museum by Indonesian Embassy Buenos Aires



The Indonesian embassy in Buenos Aires last Thursday (4/1) handed over one set of angklung bamboo traditional musical instrument to Director and Manager of de Arte Tigre Museum in Buenos Aires province, to introduce Indonesian culture to Argentinean people. Director of Artistic, Maria José Herrera, said when meeting with the embassy’s official, that the museum has never knowm about the musical instrument, so with the assistance, the museum will introduce angklung to the community and children when visiting the museum. De Arte Tigre Museum  is one of the biggest contemporary art and culture museums in Argentina. The Museum which has been established since 1912 is visited by  more than 1500 people/week, especially in Summer season, a lot of students and young people visit the museum. With the existing of angklung, the Indonesian embassy in Buenos Aires hopes more young people in Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires who are interested in knowing about Indonesia.  Representative of the embassy said that music and culture is a bridge which is hoped to get closer the people of the two countries.




Consulate General gives training of leadership to student of Davao Indonesian School.


Indonesian Consulate General in Davao City gave basic training on leadership to students of Davao Indonesian school at Isla Reta, Davao City on Saturday (6/1). Consulate General, Berlian Napitupulu said at Davao City, that the leadership is the ability to influence, to motivate and to direct other people to reach a common goal. Therefore, a leader must able to guide, direct and order other people or group to reach a common goal. Berlian also said that 5 skills which a good leader must have are personal skill, communication skill, thinking skill, delegation skill, and decision making skill.


Berlian Napitupulu further said although there are people say that leaders are born, he believes that leaders arecreated. In history and reality, more peoplefrom common people have become leaders. According to Berlian, leaders are common people who can change the surroundings.


After giving a presentation on leadership, the Consulate General directly led the training in game participated in by all students. The game is aimed to teach directly how to be a good leader who can communicate with the team, disciplinehow to delegate job to the team and how to finish tasks and common goals within a very limited time.


 Indonesia-Samoa tighten cooperation of tourism.


Indonesian ambassador to New Zealand, Samoa and Tonga, Tantowi Yahya and Head of Tourism College of Bandung, Dr. Anang Sutono, CHE agreed to cooperate by giving development of human resources and increasing capacity for Samoa and Kingdom of Tonga’s people in tourism sector. The assistance is part of people to people diplomacy and Pacific Engagement.

Ambassador Tantowi  Yahya explained that the agreement is joint efforts in tightening relation of  Indonesia with the two countries in South Pacific, Samoa and Tonga Kingdom. The cooperation was written in Letter of Intent which was signed by ambassador Tantowi Yahya and Head of Tourism College, Dr. Anang Sutono, CHE in Wellington on December 27 2017.

Tantowi Yahya also said that the college will provide education and training scholarship in tourism sector to student, employee/government’s official and businessman from the two countries. The scholarship program delivered in English language can be given for various levels of formal education from DiplomaIII, Diploma IV, Graduate to Post Graduate levels. Besides that, the Bandung Tourism College also provides short course assistance.

Samoa and Tonga kingdom are two islands countries in the South Pacific which have big potential in tourism especially marine tourism. The two governments have vision and interests to develop tourism as industry to support the state’s income.



Mosaic of Indonesia

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RRI World Service -Voice of Indonesia with Mosaic of Indonesia. In today’s edition, we will present news about President Joko Widodo inaugurates Raknamo dam in East Nusa Tenggara and regent of Banyuwangi invites Nahdlatul Ulama to work together to develop region, and the news on regional government of Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta tries to develop coffee’s village at Madigondo this year.


President Joko Widodo called on governor, regents and majors of East Nusa Tenggara province, to protect all state’s assets such as Raknamo dam. The President made the call when inaugurating Raknamo dam at Raknamo village, Amabi Oefeto sub-district, Kupang regency, on Tuesday (9/1). He said, the dam which costs 760 billion rupiahs, must be used well. As reported by RRI the President said Raknamo dam can be used for irrigation, water suplly, and 0,22 MegaWatt sources of energy. According to the plan should be built in 5 years, from 2014 until 2019. The construction however went faster. The construction of the dam was finished in 3 years. President Joko Widodo appreciated therefore the hard work of the Ministry of Public Work and People’s Housing. The President also said that besides Raknamo dam, starting 2018 5 other dams namely Napun Gete and Lambo dam on Flores island, Manikin, Kolhua, and Temef dam on Timor island are now being under construction.


Regent of Banyuwangi, Abdullah Azwar Anas, invited the biggest Indonesian Islamic organization Nahdlatul Ulama to cooperate in developing the region. It was stated by Azwar Anas in plenary meeting of Branch leaders of Nahdlatul Ulama of Banyuwangi in Banyuwangi, East java on Tuesday (9/1). According to Anas, the synergy between Nahdlatul Ulama and the government must be held entirely until sub-district level, by collaboarting in leading businesses which have developed in every sub-district. For example, Nahdlatul Ulama of Songgon sub-district could cooperate with catfish breeders, and Nahdlatul Ulama of Singojuruh could collaborate with farmers of organic rice. Furthermore, the regent also invited Nahdlatul Ulama to use programs of the existing economic empowerment in Banyuwangi regional government, such as soft skills program or entrepreneurship with 400 training packages.

As quoted by Antara news agency, the regent hopes the leaders of Nahdlatul Ulama can use empowerment program for the interest of the society’s welfare. Meanwhile, Chairman of Branch Manager of Nahdhatul Ulama of Banyuwangi, KH. Masykur Ali, welcomes the good invitation. According to KH. Masykur Ali, economic empowerment sector has raised the attention of Nahdlatul Ulama. The synergy would hopefully bring positive impact to increase the welfare of the banyuwangi inhabitants.

We come to the end Mosaic of Indonesia. The regional government of Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta tries to develop coffee’s village at Madigondo, Sidoharjo and Keceme, Gerbosari village, Samigaluh sub-district. As quoted by Antara, Head of Plantation Sector of Agriculture and Food Office of Kulon Progo, Widi Astuti, said in Yogyakarta, on Tuesday (9/1) that the coffee village at Samigaluh will be designed as agro-tourism based on the plantation. Widi Astuti explained tourists can enjoy coffee plantation scenery, the process of coffee production and the coffee-serving. Widi Astuti hopes it would support the people’s economy and improve people’s welfare. To support the program, Agriculture and Food Office of Kulon Progo has distributed coffee processors to Madigondo and Keceme people.



Mosaic of Indonesia

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This is RRI World Service Voice of Indonesia with Mosaic of Indonesia. In today’s edition, we will present news about  Gunungkidul develops Geopark of Mt. Sewu,

Natural Resources Conservation Center of West Sumatera proposes Natural Preservation of Maninjau to become Research Center of The ministry of Environment and Forestry, and the news on planting thousands of Mangroves will save the South Ocean of Kulon Progo.


Listener, the regional government of Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta keeps developing  Geopark of Mt.Sewu to become tourism concept which gives effect on conservation, education and the increase of people’s welfare.  Regent of Gunungkidul, Badingah,  told to RRI in Yogyakarta on Monday that dozens of geo-heritages which are developed to become National Earth Park if  preserved will bring prosperity to society.The regent also said that the welfare which will be achieved, must get support for bureaucratic reform which continues to be improved, so that the development of Mt.Sewu tourism will give multiplier effect for people’s welfare. Furthermore, Badingah said that in early 2018, his office will more focus in development of Mt.Sewu tourism. With the concept of the development is still accordance with the plan of Middle Term of Development of Gunungkidul regency as tourism and cultural destination, so that the attendance of tourist will have a significant impact on people’s economic growth because tourism sector to be the mainstay sector. The concept will supported by human resources which run in the agriculture. He also said that  Geopark of Mt.Sewu which has been recognized by UNESCO as Global Geopark Network covering 3 regencies, namely Gunungkidul, Pacitan and Wonogiri. The sites at Mt.Sewu are not only  geological site, but also there is also non-geological site or geo-forest and cultural site or archeology. 





Natural Resources Conservation Center of West Sumatera proposes Natural Preservation of Maninjau to become Research Center of The ministry of Environment and Forestry. It is related to the finding of new species of Raflesia which was ever  found in another country before.


Head of I Area Section of Natural Resources Conservation  of West Sumatera, Khairi Ramadhan said on Monday that in Indonesia which hasraflesia flower, can inventory the flower at   Maninjau Natural Conservation which is latter become as laboratory for the next future.Maninjau Natural Conservation is prpoposed to become research place because type of   raflesia at the location is never found yet, either inIndonesia, Malaysia or Philippines.


Khairi Ramadhan added based on the information of raflesia expert from Bengkulu University, Agus Susatya, that the type is never found yet before, either in Indonesia, Malaysia or Philippinesbut the similar type was ever found in Malaysia namely Raflesia Tuan Mudae. but, after testing at the laboratory, the result is different with Raflesia Tuan Mudae, most likely Raflesia in Maninjau is the new type, and researchers still look for other references from Raflesia experts in Malaysia and Philippines.



Thousands of mangroves are planted at Wanatirta mangrove eco-tourism of Jangkaran village of Kulon Progo on Monday (8/1) as efforts to save South Ocean from abrasion. The plant is a program of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of PT Taman Wisata Candi (TWC) Borobudur Prambanan and Ratu Boko. The Executive Director of the company, Edi Setijono said in Yogyakarta on Monday that at the South Coast of Kulon Progo, abrasion becomes a serious problem, due to se water increasingly eroded the coast.  Mangrove area must be protected because it will be a buffer for ecosystems as well as tourist attractions when the International airport in Kulon Progo has been in operation. On the same occasion, the regent also said the attendance of the company is very important for  Kulon Progo, because the most western regency in the region of Yogyakartabecomes the only one regency which becomes suspension of Borobudur forYogyakartaFurthermore the regent said that Mangrove forest must be preserved well, because will be a starting point for tourists, who want to enjoy the tour in Kulon Progo.


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Indonesia recently ranked fourth in the Halal Travel Indicator, a ranking system that lists the world's top 10 countries considered to have a well-developed halal travel ecosystem. A part of the Global Islamic Economy Indicator -GIEI, the ranking assesses a country’s ecosystem, including supply and demand drivers relative to its size, governance, awareness and social considerations. The Halal Travel Indicator was first launched in 2014 as part of the 2014 State of the Global Islamic Economy Report initiated by Thomson Reuters in collaboration with Dinar-Standard, a growth strategy research and advisory system. This is the first time Indonesia was included in the top 10. The top three countries in the recently released Halal Travel Indicator were Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and Turkey. Indonesia has set a target to attract at least 3.8 and 5 million Muslim visitors in 2018 and 2019, respectively. To reach the target, Indonesian Tourism Ministry is expected to allocate a larger budget toward halal tourism to be invested in sales missions and trade shows. (JP)


Today in History

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RRI World Service VOI with Today in History

9 January 

1960 – President of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser opens construction on the Aswan Dam  on the east bank of the Nile.


The Aswan Dam, or more specifically since the 1960s, the Aswan High Dam, is an embankment dam built across the Nile in AswanEgypt, between 1960 and 1970. The construction of the High Dam became a key objective of the government following the Egyptian Revolution of 1952; with its ability to control flooding better, provide increased water storage for irrigation and generate hydroelectricity the dam was seen as pivotal to Egypt's planned industrialization.

2005 – The Sudan People's Liberation Movement and the Government of Sudan sign the Comprehensive Peace Agreement to end the Second Sudanese Civil War.

The Second Sudanese Civil War was a conflict from 1983 to 2005 between the central Sudanese government and the Sudan People's Liberation Army. It was largely a continuation of the First Sudanese Civil War of 1955 to 1972. Although it originated in southern Sudan, the civil war spread to the Nuba mountains and Blue Nile. It lasted for 22 years and is one of the longest civil wars on record. The war resulted in the independence of South Sudan six years after the war ended.

Roughly two million people died as a result of war, famine and disease caused by the conflict. Four million people in southern Sudan were displaced at least once (and normally repeatedly) during the war. The civilian death toll is one of the highest of any war since World War II and was marked by a large number of human rights violations. These include slavery and mass killings.


2005 – Mahmoud Abbas wins the election to succeed Yasser Arafat as President of the Palestinian National Authority, replacing interim president Rawhi Fattouh.

  Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen , is the President of the State of Palestine and Palestinian National Authority. He has been the Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) since 11 November 2004.  He is a member of the Fatah party. Abbas was elected on 9 January 2005 to serve as President of the Palestinian National Authority until 15 January 2009, but extended his term until the next election in 2010, citing the PLO constitution, and on December 16, 2009 was voted into office indefinitely by the PLO Central Council. As a result, Fatah's main rival, Hamas, initially announced that it would not recognize the extension or view Abbas as the rightful president. Yet, Abbas is internationally recognized and Hamas and Fatah conducted numerous negotiations in the following years, leading to an agreement in April 2014 over a Unity Government, which lasted until October 2016, and therefore to the recognition of his office by Hamas. Abbas was also chosen as the President of the State of Palestine by the Palestine Liberation Organization's Central Council on 23 November 2008, a position he had held unofficially since 8 May 2005.



Mosaic of Indonesia

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Mosaic Indonesia 5 January 


RRI World Service Voice of Indonesia with Mosaic of Indonesia. We will present news about in 2018, visit of foreign tourist to Bali is targeted to reach 7 million people. Prevention of forest and land fire will be earlier towards Asian Games, ended with the news on Riau is pushed to become new display of Indonesian economy in ASEAN. 

The government is optimistic that tourism sector of Bali grows in 2018. It is not without reason, amid eruption of Mount Agung at the end of 2017, visit of tourist especially foreign tourist still shows positive trend. Head of Tourism Office of Bali province, Anak Agung Gede Yuniartha Putra to the journalists in Badung on Thursday recognized that total of foreign tourist’s visit during 2017 was suitable with expectation. His office targets the arrival of tourist 2017 was at the number of 5.5 million people. Yuniartha Putra believed that condition of Bali tour is still growing amid uncertainty situation of Mount Agung. The hope is based on some indicators; one of them is the plan of the arrival of 19,000 delegations of IMF-World Bank Annual Meeting in October 2018. To realize the target, the Ministry of Tourism will promote Bali in a big scale. Even, the Ministry allocates budget worth Rp100 million, especially for recovery of tourism sector of Bali.


Prevention of land and forest fire will be early in facing Asian Games 2018 so that there is no smog like in 2015. Acting Head of Disaster management Agency of South Sumatera,  Iriansyah in Palembang on Wednesday said that so far, the prevention of land forest fire has begun to be implemented in April. But, especially to face International Sport Party 2018, the implementation will be earlier or starting in January. Iriansyah also said that the prevention is important to the maximum because the next sport great event should not be colored with smog. It is because thousands of state guests will be in South Sumatera to participate and to witness the next international sport party. Because of that, the earlier prevention is important since the success of the next sport party cannot be separated with clean air condition without smoke.


We end Mosaic of Indonesia for today with the news on Riau province is pushed to become new display of economy in  ASEAN territory by using strategic location in line with the concept of trade of the ASEAN Economic Community. Moreover, ASEAN countries are potential to become center of world trade. The encouragement was stated by Head of   Board of Trustees of the Regional Governing Body of Association of Young Indonesian Entrepreneurs of Riau province, Ahmi Septari in Pekanbaru on Thursday (4/1/2018). Ahmi Septari said that the province is an appropriate region located surrounding ASEAN countries, so that the concept of regional economic development has been worth being developed, in order Indonesia exists and is directly involved in international trade. He also said in the concept of national economic development, so the airport has been developed and other supporting infrastructure also must be built by the government,   so that Indonesian society and government will benefit. Because, it will absorb a large enough labor to push investment and certainly has effect in developing national economy, so that ASEAN Economic Community is able to become gate for Indonesia before entering to global economy.