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Diplomatic Corner

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To preserve Indonesia's national dance culture as part of the nation's wealth and to introduce Indonesian culture to the Germans, the Indonesian Consulate General in Frankfurt has opened another Traditional Dance Course for kids and adults in 2018. Since 2016, the Consulate General in Frankfurt has opened Indonesian traditional dance classes followed by German and Indonesian citizens, both adults and kids. The dances taught are like Pendet, Yapong , and Ngarojeng, and Merak dances. In early 2018, the Consulate General in Frankfurt started a West Sumatra dance course, planned to be held for 10 sessions. The courses are conducted every Saturday, and divided into 2 classes, namely kids's class and adults' class, The Indonesian Ambassador in Colombo, I Gusti Ngurah Ardiyasa along with several staff of the Embassy organized Indonesian cultural and tourism promotion activities at Wycherley International School, Colombo, Sri Lanka. The event was opened by a Senior Dance Instructor, Indranie Nallaiah, and attended by Wycherlle Principal, Kingsley Jayasinghe. As reported by the Indonesian Embassy in Colombo, at the event, Ambassador I Gusti Ngurah Ardiyasa told the students about the history of Indonesia-Sri Lankan diplomatic relations, its geography, and culture. In addition, the Indonesian Ambassador expressed his appreciation to Wycherley International School for its active participation in the visit of Indonesia’s KRI Bima Suci Open Ship some time ago at the port of Colombo.The students were attracted by geographical facts, and ethnic, linguistic, cultural and religious diversity of Indonesia. They are also very interested in knowing more about the diversity of tourist destinations in Indonesia.

The Mayor of Surabaya in East Java, Tri Rismaharini will be the speaker at the 9th World Urban Forum held in Kota Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 7 to 13 February. The World Urban Forum is a worldwide non-legislative forum which has been organized annually by the United Nations Habitat since 2002. The focus of the forum is on sustainable development and resettlement. Head of Surabaya City Government Foreign Cooperation Sub-Division, Yanuar Hermawan said that the visit of Surabaya Mayor is on behalf of the National Secretariat of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, Surabaya is a representative of Indonesia.He explained that Surabaya is one of the cities that has an important role in the formulation of the new urban agenda script, since it has hosted the Preparatory Committee Meeting of the third Habitat Conference which discussed the zero draft of the new urban agenda document. In addition, the model of urban development undertaken by Surabaya and the development innovation being applied, as well as its role in the formulation of a new urban agenda has been recognized worldwide. Yanuar ensured, the World Urban Forum dialogue will explore the experiences of several countries and regions about the innovation that has been done since 2015 to achieve sustainable development goals and new urban agenda. As a world-level forum, this conference is attended by 193 member states of the United Nations, presenting experts from various fields, including national and regional governments, research and education institutions, UN agencies and other international institutions.



Today in History

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We start from an event on February 8, 1904 about Port Arthur Sea battle.

Port Arthur Sea battle was opening battle between Russia and Japan. The battle was begun with sudden attack at night by the Japanese destroyer squadron on the Russian fleet which was docked in Port Arthur, Manchuria, and continued by great battle in the morning. The battle ended without result and small battle surrounding Port Arthur continued until May 1904. In the war, the Japanese mobilized 15 warships and explorers and escort ships. 90 people were killed. While, Russia deployed 12 warships and explorers. The number of casualties reached 150 people and seven ships were damaged.


The next event is that in 1971, the first electronic stock exchange, NASDAQ was opened in the United States.


NASDAQ or National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations was a stock exchange operated by the National Association of Securities DealersWhen it started trading on February 8, 1971, NASDAQ was the world's first electronic stock exchangeSince 1999, Nasdac was the largest stock exchange in the United States of America. More than half of the companies that traded in the US were recorded here. NASDAQ consisted of NASDAQ National Market and NASDAQ Small Cap Market. Its main exchanges were located in the United States, with branches in Canada and Japan. NASDAQ also had associations with stock exchanges in Hong Kong and Europe. On July 17, 1995, NASDAQ closed at a level above a thousand points for the first time. The peak occurred on March 10, 2000 on which the index reached 5,048. 62 points. On September 11, 2001, the result of the NASDAQ terrorist attack was closed from 11 to 14 September 2001.



And the last event is that in 2005, it was the announcement of the Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire.

Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon at the Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh on February 8, 2005 announced a ceasefire to end four years of violence in the Middle East. Abbas said that the ceasefire, which began soon, would lead to a "new era of peace and hope". Meanwhile, Sharon vowed to stop military action against Palestinian targets after militants stopped violence. US Secretary of State, Condolezza Rice said that this was the best chance for peace over years. But Sharon and Abbas did not sign a formal ceasefire agreement. Their talks were extensive, including agreements on the release of Palestinian prisoners and the handover of five West Bank cities to Palestinian control. The meeting at the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh was a high-level discussion between the two sides since the Palestinian intifada began more than four years earlier.


Book and Film Review

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In today’s edition, we will review an Indonesian film entitled “Dilan 1990”, directed by Fajar Bustomi. Indonesia had entered millennial and digital era. The people of Indonesia can find everything easily they need. They just need fast internet connection. In addition, entertainment can be found on internet, such as film. Film is almost overwhelmed with the technology development. However, in the end, the filmmakers can adapt with such condition. Through the advanced technology, “Dilan 1990” film gained its popularity, beginning from its novel that had been loved by many readers, until its newly-launched film. 

Director of Dilan 1990, Fajar Bustomi began his career as director in 2013 through a movie entitled “Slank Ga ada Matinya”. Afterwards, Fajar’s career in Indonesian film industry developed as he released various love drama films. Formulating a story into touching visualization is Fajar’s expertise. That expertise gave Fajar an opportunity to direct a touching drama film in 2017 entitled “Surat Kecil Untuk TUHAN”. 

“Dilan 1990” is about Dilan and Milea whose story was based on real life. This’s why, the story in “Dilan 1990” feels quite natural and not overdramatic. The teenager issues in 1990 made “Dilan 1990” quite popular. In making the film, Fajar Bustomi cooperated with Pidi Baiq, an author, in adapting the novel into film without discarding core elements of the novel version. In screenwriting, Pidi Baiq was assisted by Titien Wattimena. While the producer of “Dilan 1990” was Ody Mulya Hidayat. 

“Dilan 1990” is a love story of two teenagers named Dilan and Milea. The story began from their unusual introduction at a high school in Bandung. They met in 1990 when Milea had just moved from Jakarta to Bandung. The unique introduction made Milea know Dilan further. Dilan is a smart, kind, and romantic boy. He has his own way to approach Milea. Dilan sounds quite awkward, but it made Milea more curious about him. However, their sweet moment must end due to Beni, Milea’s boyfriend who lives in Jakarta. Also, Dilan was apparently involved in brawls and motor gang. Nevertheless, Dilan can make Milea believe that they will be together. But, can Dilan and Milea really be together? 


In a press conference held by Falcon Pictures and Max Pictures production houses some time ago in Jakarta, Fajar -the director expressed why they chose Iqbal Ramadhan, former personnel of Coboy Junior boyband, to play Dilan in his film.

“…In casting for Dilan, we spend one year, because his character is different; he is smart. After we discussed with the author, the best choice was Iqbal, because Dilan is purely Indonesian. Also, both Iqbal and Dilan are smart, still in high school, and born in Bandung.” Fajar said. 

Casting characters of based-on reality novel is not easy. To strengthen the plot and chemistry, Fajar had his own casting and chose those who were appropriate to the sketches in the novel.

“…In casting Vanessa, Pidi Baiq had told me that Milea and Vanessa are quite similar. Pidi saw Milea in Vanessa.  Wati also said that everyone here has similarities with the sketches in the novel.” Fajar added. 

“Dilan 1990” film is adapted from a novel that made Pidi Baiq famous. Fajar Bustomi also did not deny that he had a strong connection to the novel, until he finally directed the film.


“…There is something unique between Dilan novel and me. In 2014, I was called by a big production house for a contract to direct 4 films. I asked to direct Dilan first, because its novel had just been released and I felt a connection, but the production house said someone had taken it. Then, I was offered to direct Dilan by Mr. Alfon. How I imagined Dilan now and then is different. I was also introduced with the author. So, I got to know Dilan more deeply. I was going to cast a Caucasian, but I find that Dilan is not a usual teen novel, but about how parents educate their children.” Fajar expressed. 

This film is expected to give many life lessons for teenagers, because the meaning of life can be found easier through experience. This also makes audiences crowded every cinema in Indonesia to watch Dilan. It is safe to say that the film was innovation for Indonesian teenagers. As the novel has sequels, “Dilan 1990” will present further story of Dilan and Milea.


That was Book and Film for today. 





Mosaic of Indonesia

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This is RRI World Service -Voice of Indonesia with Mosaic of Indonesia. In today’s edition, we will present you three items of information. The first one is that 15 Javanese lorises are ready to be released at forest in Ciamis. Unsyiah students create electric car for competition in Singapore. We end Mosaic of Indonesia on regional office of Law and Human Rights’ ministry of North Sulawesi deported 15 Filipinos.

Javanese lorises are ready to be released at Mt. Sawal, Ciamis regency, West Java province after rehabilitation process since they were confiscated from animal trade syndicate. Manager Animal Care International Animal Rescue of Indonesia, Prameswari Wendi during the process of habituation of 15 lemurs at the Mt. Sawal Wildlife Reserve in Ciamis, West Java on Tuesday said that all animals underwent long rehabilitation process. The process began from quarantine, medical examination, behavioral observation, feed enrichment until they are declared healthy to be released. Prameswari also explained that the habituation was the last step for the lemurs before being released at the forest as habitat of protected primate animals. The slow lorises that consist of five males and 10 females were secured by the police in Tasikmalaya and Bandung, West Java in 2016.

Director of IAR Program of Indonesia, Karmele L Sanchez added that even after being released, the staff will monitor the animals’ activities by using special tool to observe every development, beginning from behavior, exploring area, sociability and survival from predators. After six-month release, they are monitored. The monitoring process will be helped by radio transmitter. They are equipped with collar radio which will emit signal to receiver radio.

The conservation program of the lorises at Mt. Sawal is cooperation between Central Conservation of Natural Resources, West Java and IAR Indonesia. The program is an effort to support the ongoing ecological processes within the region, as well as to safeguard and increase the population of primates as endemic species that continue to decrease in number.

The next information is that Unsyiah student creates electric car for competition in Singapore.

Technical Faculty of Syiah University in Kuala Banda Aceh will send one unit of urban energy-efficient electric car to International Shell Eco Marathon which will be held in Singapore in March 2018.  The urban energy-efficient electric car which is named “Malem Diwa R.2.0” was created by a group of students majoring in mechanical engineering and electronics. Chairman of the Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering Department, Muhammad Tajudin told the press on Tuesday (6/2/18) that the electric car can run with the distance around 90 kilometers per Kwh, with a blend of power connectivity and highly efficient design. He explained that Usyiah students participated in national competition on energy-efficient electric car in 2015 and won third place.  At that time, energy-efficient electric car was able to take the distance 175 kilometers per Kwh. Since 2014, the students have produced solar electric car but it was not for competition. Then in 2015, the car was maintained and competed in the National competition and won third place.  

We end Mosaic of Indonesia on regional office of Law and Human Rights’ Ministry of North Sulawesi deported 15 Filipinos.

Head of Immigration Division of Regional Office of Law and Human Rights Ministry of North Sulawesi, Dody Karnida explained as quoted by Radio Republik Indonesia on Tuesday (6/2) that for the first step, 4 Filipinos were deported on Thursday, February 1 through Sukarno-Hatta airport to Manila. Meanwhile, 11 Filipinos are scheduled on February 14. Dody added that the deportation has been through procedure, beginning from notification to representatives of the Philippines and to be continued by verification which recognizes their citizenship. Then, they are given travel documents which are completed with ID cards. Dody Karnida made sure that they are in good condition.




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Here is the Headlines of several national newspapers published today, February 8 2018.


We begin with Kompas entitled, “Moment to Revitalize Puncak”


After three days, the search of landslide victims in Riung Gunung, Puncak, Bogor, West Java was stopped on Wednesday (7/2) evening. There was not clear evidence on more victims still being under the landslide. However, the emergency period still continues until the next 10 days until February 18. Public Works and Public Housing Ministry is expected to immediately finish the road normalization after landslide. During this period, four-wheeled vehicles cannot pass through the Jakarta-Cianjur main road. Bogor Regency Disaster Mitigation Agency BPBD’s Emergency and Logistic Division Head, Sumardi at the slide location said that 60 personnel of BPBD will still be posted at Riung Gunung.


Moving on to Republika with “Alms of State Civil Apparatus Not Compulsory” 

The government is forming presidential regulation on alms collection amounting to 2.5 percent of Muslim State Civil Apparatus’s monthly payment. Indonesian Religious Affairs Minister, Lukman Hakim Saifuddin said, the alms collection is not compulsory. That was said by the Minister in a press statement at the Religious Affairs Office in Jakarta, on Wednesday (7/2). He reasons that the Muslim State Civil Servants who object the alms collection can file request to their ministry or institution. The mechanism of request must be written.


We end today’s Headline with Media Indonesia, “Puncak Revitalization Must Not Be Just a Plan”.


The seriousness of the central government in revitalizing Puncak area, Cisarua, Bogor Regency, is crucially needed after the landslide in the area. The plan affirmed by Public Works and Public Housing Minister Basuki Hadimuljono on Tuesday (6/2) is expected to be realized soon, and not ended as a plan only. Bogor Agricultural Institute’s spatial planning and environmental researcher, Ernan Rustiadi did not believe that the regency’s government had political willingness to revitalize Puncak. Because, for the regency government, Puncak area is merely for tourism, and is focused on its economic function, not their protection functions. Meanwhile, House of Representative’s Commission IV member, Firman Soebagyo in Jakarta, Wednesday (7/2) expects the central government to take over the Puncak revitalization, and to create special body for the revitalization. Firman said, in short term, House’s Commission IV plans to have a meeting with the government on the revitalization.





Indonesia is the fourth largest coffee producer in the world after Brazil, Vietnam and Columbia. Through business forum of “Promoting Indonesia – Vietnam Cooperation in Coffee", the Indonesian embassy in Hanoi along with Vietnam Coffee – Cacao Association (VICOFA) on February 6, Indonesian coffee started its market in Vietnam’s potential market.  Indonesian Ambassador to Vietnam, Ibnu Hadi said that the forum is aimed to promote the opportunity and to cooperate in reaching the target of bilateral trade worth $10 billion dollars in 2020. In 2017, Indonesian and Vietnam’s total trade increased 16.36 percent to become $6.50 million dollars from $5.58 million dollars. The forum was attended by ambassadors from neighbor countries, coffee industry players/ Indonesian entrepreneurs and Vietnamese companies. The invitees appreciated positively the Indonesian coffee and the forum was filled with coffee cupping Specialty Coffee. The forum ended with business matching between Indonesian and Vietnamese entrepreneurs.


Russia and Indonesia immediately agree to buy Sukhoi jets.

Russia and Indonesia will immediately approve the technical details of the Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jet delivery contract. The Sukhoi delivery is a form of military’s cooperation between Russia and Indonesia. This was stated by Vice Director of Russian Federal Service for Technical and military’s cooperation, Mikhail Petukhov, as reported by Russian News Agency website which was quoted by Republika on Tuesday (6/2). According to Petukhov, the experts of the both sides will immediately prove technical aspect which is separated. Before being reported, Indonesia planned to buy 10 multi-function Sukhoi jets of Su-35 to replace Tiger F-5 made in the United States of America, which has operated since 1980. Then, hi-tech Rusia Rostec Company reported that Indonesia has received a commercial offering for 11 fighter jets of Su-35. Sukhoi Su-35 is multi-war fighter, heavyweight, and has high cruising range. 


Indonesia’s nurse in Kuwait achieves the best award.

An Indonesian Diaspora who works as nurse of Health’s Ministry in Kuwait received an award as the best Staff Nurse 2017 at Farwaniya hospital. He is Suparman, a nurse who succeeded to give good image of Indonesian nurse in Kuwait, especially Farwaniya region. The nurse is known as a person who is friendly, religious and responsible for his job which is assigned on him at medical room. The awarding event was attended by Governor of Farwaniya province, Sheikh Faisal Al-Hamud Al-Malik Al-Sabah. The Indonesian nurse has shown his ability to compete with his co-nurses from many countries. Last month, Ali Pulungan also received an award as the best nurse staff and Agung Setiadi was as the third best nurse staff.






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Welcome back in Book and Film Review, presenting you a brief review of Indonesian books and films. In today’s edition, we will review a book entitled “(im) Perfect Serenade” written by Irene Dyah. Since 2014, Irene had written more than 10 books. Although her books are mostly about love drama, Irene always put important messages for the readers. In her masterpiece entitled “Around the World With love”, Irene collected several love stories written by her and some other Indonesian authors. 

“Ya it’s the newest batch of around the world with love series so in the fourth batch we have four books all written by different authors”. Irene said. 

Irene wrote another love story in “(im) Perfect Serenade”. The book was about a smart woman named Serenade and her husband – Bansar. In an interview with Voice of Indonesia, Irene shared further detail about the book. 

“The main character her name is Seranade she is working in Verona as secretary of Juliet. Her job is to answer letters or emails from all around the world. So the girls mainly or anyone can do curhat in email or letter to Juliet like asking Juliet advise or telling their story and the secretary of Juliet will answer it that’s why the story happen in Verona. In her job Seren meet a lot of love story happy and not happy, she found that many people is looking for a perfect couple, a perfect love story, a perfect ending which is for her actually that never exist” Irene added. 

The 242-page book contains deep meaning in its simple conflict. Irene explained that the plot apparently was not that simple, if the reader tried to read deeper. 

“If we talking about a novel or love story film usually the story is about two person and they start like and love each other and then as the ending they are married and finish. Actually the married also the other start of another love story it’s also not easy. It has more challenge so I always want to write a story after married which is for me I understand it is more up and down here compare to the love story before married because we need to keep the sparks in our married for years with the same person. With us 24 hours 7 days a week so it’s not easy”. She said. 

Everyone has their own stories. Love can blind all who experience it, but love will also unite all people across boundaries in the world. Alright listener, that was our brief review of a book entitled “(im) Perfect Serenade” written by Irene Dyah. 


Waste Mushroom Compost

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Welcome to the regular program -Miscellany over RRI World Service -Voice of Indonesia in Jakarta. In today’s edition, we’ll invite you to know about ‘Waste Mushroom Compost’. Jamur Merang or Straw Mushroom is one of the food mushroom species which is widely grown in East Asia and Southeast Asia with tropical or sub-tropical climate. The mushroom has a delicious taste, so it is used for various dishes, especially in Indonesia, such as Pepes Jamur or mushroom steamed with banana leaves, soup and Capcay. Mushroom has quite high protein; in 100 grams of fresh mushroom, it contains about 3.2 grams of protein. It will increase to 16 grams in dried mushroom. In addition, the mushroom also has 51 mg of calcium, 223 mg phosphorus, and 105 calories, with low fat content of 0.9 grams. One of the media to grow the mushroom is the straw of rice remaining of the harvest. Agricultural land in Pantura, Indramayu regency, West Java is suitable to develop various types of lowland vegetables. In addition to fertile soil, the organic fertilizer is also abundant since the region can produce its own fertilizer. In the hands of the local farmers, waste mushroom is used as organic fertilizer for plants. Straw waste mushroom is processed into mushroom compost. The mushroom compost is made from agricultural materials, such as hay, straw, and poultry litter. After the mushroom is harvested, the mushroom compost is steam-treated prior to removal to eliminate any pest, pathogens and weed seeds resulting in a fertilizer product. The mushroom compost has high water and nutrient holding capacity. As a fertilizer and soil addition for farming, the mushroom compost supports plant growth in a variety of plant applications. The price of the mushroom compost is quite affordable for farmers, and it is certainly environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is very helpful to local farmers to meet the need for fertilizer. By using mushroom compost, the farmers' harvests become more qualified with satisfactory quantity. That was the regular program -Miscellany for today with the topic Waste Mushroom Compost.


Welcome back to our weekly segment of News From Across the Country. The segment presents interesting information from various regions in a week. 

The first story comes from Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta Governor, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X on Wednesday inaugurated the road connecting Gunung Kidul with Sleman regency. The connecting road includes Sembada Handayani bridge with 90 meters long and 9 meters wide, 1-kilometer road from Sleman in Lemah Abang Village to Prambanan, and 3-km road in Gunung Kidul precisely in Gembyong Village.  Governor Sultan said that the Provincial Government of Yogyakarta plans to continue the construction of connecting roads from Prambanan to Gading.  Gunung Kidul Regent, Badingah said that the increasing tourists’ arrival can improve the economy of local people of Gunung Kidul. However, so far, the tourism visit is constrained by narrow road and frequent traffic jams over the weekend. Meanwhile, Sleman Regent, Sri Purnomo claimed that the construction of the bridge and roads can increase tourist visit to the tourism objects in Gunung Kidul such as Tebing Breksi or Breksi Cliff, Ijo Temple, and Lava Bantal.



Next story comes from Trenggalek.


Creative promotions will attract the attention of many people. This activity is conducted by the regional Government of Trenggalek to introduce the process of easier and faster business licensing. The government built the gallery of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on the ground floor of Trenggalek One Stop Service Investment Office. The gallery is a strategic effort to introduce the faster license process to the people. This was said by the Head Office of One Stop Service Investment of Trenggalek regency, Mulya Handaka recently. Various SMEs products are exhibited in the gallery starting from the typical food of Trenggalek to various processed and packed foods in interesting packages.



The last story comes from Batang, Central Java.


The Government of Batang Regency, Central Java grants a 9.5 hectares of land to Diponegoro University (Undip) Semarang for the establishment of agricultural and livestock faculty. Batang Regent, Wihaji in Batang on Wednesday said that the regional government has held a meeting with Diponegoro University -Undip as a form of initial communication before granting the 9.5 hectares of land in Tumbrep Village, Bandar Sub-district.  Wihaji said, based on the law, the grant process must get approval from the Regional House of Representatives (DPRD). Meanwhile, Chairman of the Batang Regional Legislative Council, Imam Teguh Raharjo promised that the DPRD will prioritize the grant for the development of the faculty’s education process.



Welcome back in Book & Film Review, where we will review Indonesian books and films. In today’s Book & Film Review, we will discuss an Indonesian film entitled “Marlina Pembunuh Empat Babak” or in English “Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts” directed by Mouly Surya. Nursita Mouly Surya is an Indonesian director and screenwriter. Mouly Surya had achieved many awards in Indonesian film industry. On December 12 2008, Mouly received three Indonesian Film Festival awards for film, director, and screenwriter categories. Those were the first and best awards for Mouly Surya. Mouly Surya never stops to create the best for Indonesian moviegoers. In 2017, Mouly directed a film about murder that highlights the lives of people in Sumba. The film written by Garin Nugroho was very interesting. Despite of its simple conflict, the plot was amazing. This film began with a woman who worked hard for the funeral of her late husband. It is because for the people of Sumba, a man must be buried according to their customs.

It begins when Garin gave me and Caca the synopsis. The premises were similar. Mouly said. 

The body of the husband was preserved in the living room, waiting to be buried. Until finally, a group of robbers led by Markus (Egy Fadly), a big an rude man, knocked her doors and threatened to rob her in half an hour. The robbery happened. To defend herself, Marlina took a very risky move which was poisoning the robbers. Besides that, Marlina also seduced Markus. During the foreplay, Marlina beheaded Markus and brought his head to the police office. However her trip to the police office was quite long, because the distance between one home to another can be around 10 to 20 meters. Therefore, during her trip, Marlina walked into a metaphorical experience, where she found herself anew with new power. 

The long trip of Marlina to the police office was the main plot in this movie. Every point of view of this movie is very intriguing. The plot possible had attracted the international movie freaks. This was proven when “Marlina Pembunuh dalam Empat Babak” successfully screened in international movie festivals. 

It’s been played in Cannes, Toronto, Melbourne, and Busan.” Mouly added. 

We can say that this is the first Indonesian movie to give positive impression on murder for defense. Mouly was quite brave to present justice for woman like Marlina who only want to give proper funeral for her husband. “Marlina Pembunuh Empat Babak” was a very touching film. Mouly also harmonized the angle that showed the beautiful nature of Sumba. Therefore, the movie can enjoy the story and the scenery. It was worthy of global appreciation. Well, that was a brief review on a movie entitled “Marlina Pembunuh Empat Babak” or “Marlina Murderer in Four Acts” directed by Mouly Surya.