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A series of recent terrorist attacks in several cities in Indonesia highlight the discourse of reviving the Joint Special Operations Command of Indonesian Armed Forces –TNI (Koopssusgab). The goal is to help police counter terrorist attacks.

Koopssusgab was actually inaugurated on June 9, 2015, when the Chief of Staff Office of the President, Moeldoko was the then Commander of the TNI. The command comprises of a special force of troops consisting of three TNI dimensions, namely the Sat-81 Gultor Army Special Forces Command, the Naval Detachment of the Navy, and the Satbravo 90 Air Forces Typical Forces Corps. The main concept is to form troops that can be deployed immediately when there is a hazardous situation concerning terrorism. The tasks of the Koopssusgab handled at that time were limited to extraordinary operations. However, some time later, the Operation Command was frozen.

This year, terrorists launch their acts and kill many lives, including police personnel. Various parties have started proposing re-involvement of Koopssusgab fight against terrorism across Indonesia. However, this discourse raises controversy. On one hand, there are those who support the plan as long as the rules are strict, On the other hand, some do not agree and ask the government to complete the first process of revision of the law against terrorism.

Meanwhile, Chief of Staff Office of President, Moeldoko told reporters on Wednesday (16/5) that President Joko Widodo has approved the reactivation of Koopsusgab belonging to the TNI. The revision of Law No. 15/2003 on Eradication of Criminal Acts of Terrorism has not been legalized by Parliament today. In fact, law enforcers need a certain legal umbrella to take preventive action.

Whatever the decision will be, the involvement of all security forces to fight against terrorism must have a strong legal basis and respect for human rights. Military assistance is required only if the situation is not able to be addressed by the police. In addition, it should be clearly determined when the Joint Special Operations Command –Koopssusgab starts and ends. The Indonesian experience shows that prolonged repressive measures are ineffective, and may pose new problems later on. The government should also be able to convince the general public that the Joint Special Operations Command -Koopssusgab of the TNI along with the police will ensure the security of the citizens, lest the people even feel that there is a new terror.


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Welcome to “Indonesian Wonder”!

During Ramadhan, every region has a typical meal that becomes the leading menu for breaking the fast. In Medan, North Sumatra, precisely in ​​Mandailing region, rattan shoot or Pakat is a favorite menu for breaking the fast. Pakat is often served as fresh vegetables or menu complement. Pakat is a rattan shoot that has a very soft texture, so that it is easy to consume.

The taste of Pakat is somewhat bitter like other fresh vegetables in general.How to make Pakat into side dishes is quite easy. The rattan shoot is cut for one meter then roasted for half an hour by using charcoal or coconut shell stove. When it is cooked and remove the white sap, peel the outer layer then take part of the rattan fill. Cut the filling of rattan shoots for 10 centimeter. It can be consumed directly with soy sauce as fresh vegetables. Pakat can also be cooked vegetable curry with salai fish. In addition to the typical taste, the price is also quite cheap. With ten thousand rupiah, you can bring home five sticks of Pakat that have been roasted and peeled.

Pakat peddlers usually sell roasted-Pakat and provide anyang, made of coconut milk and fried coconut flesh. Order for Pakat during the holy month of Ramadan tends to increase rapidly. In addition to the Mandailing tribe, Pakat also favored by people in North Sumatra, including those the Javanese and Minang people who live in the region. They believe that Pakat can increase appetite. That's why pakat is usually consumed as menu of breaking the fast or before meal.

The bitter taste of Pakat makes other foods feel much better. Pakat is beneficial to maintain health. Pakat also believed to treat diabetes, malaria and high blood pressure. In ​​South Tapanuli, Pakat not only used as a breaking menu, but also traditional food during special ceremonies for the people of South Tapanuli and Mandailing Natal.

Are you Interested to taste pakat? You can taste it when you visit North Sumatra during Ramadan. It's easy to find Pakat on the outskirts of the city and restaurants in Medan. For example in Jalan Karya Medan, Jalan Suka Ramai, Aksara intersection, Jalan Denai, and in several other locations.








RRI World Service -Voice of Indonesia with Diplomatic Corner

The first information is from Tanzania.

Indonesian Ambassador to Tanzania, Ratlan Pardede said that Tanzania offers investment to Indonesian companies in textile, fertilizer, infrastructure and hotel sector. Ambassador Ratlan Pardede stated in press release received in Jakarta on Friday (18/5)that Indonesia has strong desire to increase economic relations with Tanzania, especially with Simiyu province, such as in the sector of cotton, infrastructure, fertilizer, hotel and agriculture. Governor of Simiyu, Anthony Mtaka conveyed the positive response to Ambassador Ratlan. The Governor said that Simiyu is ready to encourage the existence of the investors and companies from Indonesia. The government of Simiyu is ready to provide fee land for the factory’s development. In his work visit in Simiyu, Ambassador Ratlan Pardede also had an opportunity to conduct field visit to Alliance Ginnery, the biggest cotton processing factory, and small and medium enterprises of footwear producer and chalk in Simiyu.


The second information is from Cairo, Egypt.

Indonesian government continues to explore weapon trade to Egypt and Jordan, because Indonesia has a number of State-owned enterprises which produce weapons such as PT. Pindad, PT. Dahana, and PT.

Dirgantara Indonesia. Defense attaché of the Indonesian embassy of Cairo, Egypt, Col. Kemas Muhammad Ikhwan Madani said to RRI in Cairo on Sunday (20/5) that his office has explored the weapon selling to the government of Egypt. Over the last two years, a number of representatives of PT. Pindad, PT. Dahana, and PT. DI have conducted a meeting with the government of Egypt. One of the markets which is quite big in Egypt, according to Kemas, is bullet. Even, Egyptian military have asked to be sent example of bullets of Indonesian product. The constrain is that there is no plane which wants to carry the bullet example of various kinds of the weapon. As a consequence, this cannot be realized to Egyptian military. In addition, the Indonesian government also explored cooperation with the government of Jordan to mutually produce tactical and light weapons. Thus, Memorandum of Understanding –MoU has been signed by PT. Pindad and PT. King Abdullah Design and Development Biro recently and this was witnessed by Indonesian Defense Minister, Ryamizard Ryacudu.


We end Diplomatic Corner with the information from Moscow, Russia.

ASEAN member countries and Russia agreed to strengthen cooperation to eradicate terrorism. Director of External Cooperation of ASEAN, Foreign Affairs Ministry, Benny YP Siahaan when representing the Indonesian government on the 15th ASEAN-Russia Senior Officials' Meeting said in Moscow, Russia on Friday (18/5) that eradicating terrorism cannot be alone, it needs to increase cooperation and to apply comprehensive strategy. In the meeting, ASEAN member countries and Russia conveyed condolences to Indonesia on terrorism acts which occurred in several cities in Indonesia recently. The terrorism acts became a sign that terrorism threat in the region is still real, serious and its prevention needs intensive cooperation among the countries, including ASEAN-Russian cooperation. Indonesia does appreciate Russian commitment in the cooperation to eradicate terrorism and other transnational crimes through various cooperation mechanisms of ASEAN.



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RRI World Service, Voice of Indonesia, with Miscellany. This edition will be on National Awakening Day 2018.


May 20th in Indonesia is celebrated as National Awakening Day which is the date of the founding of Budi Utomo movement in Yogyakarta in 1908. The commemoration of National Awakening Day was first held on May 20, 1948 in Yogyakarta and in other areas.

Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemenkominfo) RI The ministry of held a series of activities on the National Awakening Day 2018 at Jalan Sudirman, Yogyakarta on Sunday, May 13, 2018themed Human Resource Development Strengthening National Awakening Foundation in the Digital Age. Expert Staff to Minister of Communication and Media Communication Minister Gun Gun Siswadi said that through this activity, his office wants to increase human resources capacity especially for the young generation. This activity also aims to raise awareness of the younger generation as the largest digital user in Indonesia to rise and utilize the technology as well as possible.Gun Siswadi added the inability to take advantage of technological progress is certainly a disadvantage. On the occasion, several activities were organized from the Human Resource Development Campaign to Strengthen National Awakening Foundation in the Digital Age, such as Fun Walk, Mass aerobics and others.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology Rudiantara invites the community to interpret the National Awakening Day this time with the movement against hoaks and negative content, as well as using domestically-made applications. Menkominfo said in a series of Car Free Day activities for the commemoration of the 110th National Awakening Day at Sarinah Parking Square, Jakarta, Sunday, May 13, 2018. The Minister also invites the community to reduce negative content in social media. also advised not to load pictures and photos that are not feasible social media, especially children. According to Rudiantara, if necessary, the public can file a direct complaint to the social media providers that disseminate such inappropriate content. It is done for a better Indonesia. Menkominfo appealed to people to use the application made by the nation. The use of national application made by the nation will make the application develop.

The peak of 110th anniversary of National Awakening Day 2018 will be held on May 21, 2018. In addition to flag ceremonies, there are also a number of activities, including Seminar and Interactive Dialogue, a visit to Heroes Cemetery, Speech Contest and many others The 2018 Harkitnas warning series is held simultaneously in three cities, namely Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Surabaya.