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Today’s Mosaic of Archipelago, Sunday, May 20th 2018 presents informations about City Government of Bekasi empowered  Micro Small and Medium Enterprises-MESMEs for the coming Asian Games 2018. Followed by  Karangasem Achieved MURI Award for Population Services. Mosaic of Archipelago will end  with Palembang relies on 14 tourism destinations to welcome Asian Games.

City Government of Bekasi, West Java, will empower Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the local area to make the  Asian Games 2018 a success. Mayor of Bekasi, Ruddy Gandakusumah in Bekasi Friday said  City Government of Bekasi would involve MSMEs , but  the concept, is still being discussed.  Ruddy said that when  opening Ramadhan Bazaar 1439 Hijriyah/2018 in North Bekasi Sub-District Office.

According to him, one of the schemes of empowering SMEs in the Asian Games is by synergizing MSMEs products with the hospitality business that deals  with  the accommodation  for athletes and supporters. Ruddy added there are nine clusters of MSMEs in Bekasi City, namely, foods and beverages, handicrafts, fashions, dolls, furniture, decorative plants, ornamental fish, embroidery, and accessories.

The next information is about  Karangasem set up a MURI (Indonesia World Record  Museum) record  for population services.

Government of Karangasem Regency  set up a record as the first village that applied population services with online network applications without internet. It is called Smart Village, located in East Duda Village, Selat Sub-District, Karangasem, Bali. The MURI Record was  given directly by MURI Senior Manager, Jusuf Ngadri to Regent of Karangasem Bali I Gusti Ayu Mas Sumatri.

Regent of Karangasem, Bali IGA Mas Sumatri on Friday (18/5) said, currently,  the era of digital transformation provides opportunities in information transactions which can be done briefly from one region to another in the world. For that, Smart Village program is a solution for all rural areas in Indonesia. Population service program with online application without internet or Smart Village is a solution of the Government of Karangasem Regency in advancing the villages in Karangasem.


Mosaic of Archipelago will end with information about Palembang relies on 14 tourism destinations to welcome Asian Games.

Palembang City relies on  14 tourism destinations to welcome the 18th Asian Games from  August 18 – September 2 2018 in order to reach the target of 2.5 million tourists.

Head of Palembang Tourism Agency Isnaini Madani in Palembang, Friday said this target is quite relevant because in 2017 tourist arrivals reached 2 million 567 domestic tourists and 9.850 foreign tourists. Isnaini hoped foreign tourist arrivals this year also increased because there will be many officials, athletes, and others who will come to Indonesia. Moreover, there are additional new destinations., like Alquran Akbar, Siguntang Hill, Kuto Besak Fortress, Kapitan Village, Al Munawar Village, Purbakala Sriwijaya Kingdom Park and Kemaro Island.

To promote the tourism destinations, the city government involves The Association of Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies (ASITA), social media, The Association of Indonesian Tourism (HPI), and many more. The coming Asian Games will become an opportunity to improve the tourism sector.






presenting  information about Indonesian diplomatic activities, both at home and abroad.

The first information is from Frankfurt, Germany.International Meeting Exhibition (IMEX) 2018 was held at the Messe, Frankfurt on May 15-17 2018. It  was one of the biggest MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) in  the  world. Indonesia’s participation, under the coordination of the Ministry of Tourism presented 12 partner companies booths at the Indonesian Pavilion which are engaged in hotel sector, accommodation, resort, convention center / venue, and destination management cooperation. Consul General of Indonesia in Frankfurt Franciscus De Salles Toferry Primanda Soetikno saidIndonesia's participation in IMEX is  also contributing  to realize the target of 20 million foreign tourists visit in 2019. According to him, Germany is an important market for the promotion of Indonesian tourism.

The next information is from Paris, France. International Film Festival was held again in Cannes, France. In the   71st Festival International Du Film De Cannes, an Australian actress, Cate Blanchett was chosen as the main judge of this festival. The festival, held from May 8-19 2018, opened with a  psychological thriller movie made by Asghar Farhadi entitled Everybody Knows. The movie became the second Spanish-language movie to open the Cannes Film Festival, after the Bad Education made by Pedro Almodóvar opened the festival in 2004 ago.

Although this year there were no Indonesian films screened,there were several Indonesian film producers came tobuild relationships and seek cooperation opportunities.Indonesian Consulate General in  Marseille Asianto Sinambelaspecifically welcomed and met Indonesian film producers who came to the festivalto discuss how important the participation of Indonesian films in the event.Consulate General Asianto also invited Indonesian film producers to cooperate with film producers in France, especially Southern France.With the cooperation,the film producers can offer the beauty of Indonesian panorama as a setting for making film and marketing films made by Indonesians  to be aired in France.

The last information is from Stockholm, Sweden. In order to promote Indonesian coffee and batik in Sweden,the Indonesian Embassy in Stockholm held an event themed "The Colors of Indonesia" at the Sheraton Hotel, Stockholm (14/5). This coffee and batik promotion event featured three activities, namely specialty coffee presentation, batik workshop, and batik fashion show.

Batik Workshop presented cultural heritage of Indonesia whichhas been recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.According to Indonesian Ambassador to Sweden Bagas Hapsoro, the coffee and batik promotion themed “The Colors of Indonesia”is the first initiative held in Sweden. He hoped Indonesia's export of coffee and textile products to Sweden increased and Indonesian tourism promoted .

Besides Stockholm, the promotion was  held in Riga City, Latvia on May 17 2018.


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Welcome to “Indonesian Wonder”, a daily segment featuring tourism, culinary arts, fine arts and culture from various regions across Indonesia. In today’s edition, we will introduce you to "Waruga Site in North Sulawesi".

Entering one of the historic sites in North Minahasa, it takes a bit of a struggle. Its location which is behind the housing and land residents makes one of the historic sites in North Sulawesi hidden. This is the Site of Waruga Sawangan which is an ancient tomb of megalithic relic of Minahasa people. Waruga in Minahasa is estimated to have developed at about the beginning of the 13th century BC. Waruga's first appearance was in Bukit Kelewer, Treman, and Tumaluntung areas, North Minahasa District. Waruga's appearance then continued to expand in various regions in North Sulawesi until an early 20th century AD.In pre-historic times, the Minahasa community still believed that the ancestral spirits has magical powers. Therefore, the grave is made in a special and beautiful ways. Waruga consists of two parts, body part and the cap. The body resembles a cube and the cap is like the roof.

Uniquely, Waruga is made by a person before he passed away. When the person would die, he entered the Waruga after being given full grave supplies. One day when it was done fully, it brought good things to his family.   Actually in North Sulawesi, there are many Waruga sites; one of them is in the Sawangan Village, Airmadidi Sub-district, North Minahasa regency. There are 143 Waruga sites in the village, divided into several sizes of groups such as 3 groups.

The first group is the small Waruga with 0-100 cm high for 10 pieces. The second group is medium-sized Waruga with 101-150 cm high for 52 pieces. Third gruop is the large size of Waruga with 151-250 cm high for 81 pieces. Waruga comes from the Tombulu language, which is from the syllable Wale Maruga which means the home of the processing dried-body. Waruga also has another meaning such as Wale Waru or grave from Domato or a kind of waxy soil. That was Indonesian Wonder for today with the topic “Waruga Site, in North Minahasa”.





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Welcome back to Music Corner, a musical segment which introduces you to Indonesian music, either traditional or modern one. In today’s edition, we will present the songs from North Sulawesi.

Although the rhythm of the song sounded cheerfully, the pop song from North Sulawesi region is about a broken heart. Listener, this song is accompanied by modern music and nuances of traditional music of North Sulawesi.

Like the previous song, the song di Pantai Ene Mawita also combines with pop music and traditional music of North Sulawesi. The beach becomes a place that is often visited by people when unwind or just enjoy the beauty. This song tells the story of someone sitting on a beach in North Sulawesi, ENE MAWIRA beach, just to reflect and remove the sadness. The beach is usually more suitable for people who are reflecting, the only sound of the waves breaking on the beach.