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Welcome back to Music Corner, a musical segment which introduces you to Indonesian music, either traditional or modern one. In today’s edition, we present some religious nostalgic songs from the Indonesian music group, Bimbo. Trio Los Bimbos was the forerunner of Bimbo group formed in 1967. Its personnel consists of 3 brothers Sam, Acil, and Jaka. In the mid-1970s, Trio Los Bimbos was later changed into Bimbo by adding a personnel, Iin Parlina, their younger sister. Along with Iin Parlina, the group began to compose the songs which describe about daily life themes, such as "Abang Becak". Entering the era of the 1980s, Bimbo began to make songs of social criticism and religious songs. Their first religious song entitled "Tuhan". 

The lyrics of this song were made by a famous Indonesian poet, Taufiq Ismail. The lyrics are simple but have a deep meaning wrapped with a touch of music from Sam and the characteristics vocal of Bimbo, make it becomes a legendary song and very famous among people especially the music lovers. Until now, the song is still often played, especially during the holy month of Ramadhan. This song tells about the greatness of God as a substance of the Almighty. If we come closer to GOD, then GOD certainly will be close to us. 



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Welcome to My Indonesia! Today, we’ll bring you the topic, Social Forestry and Timber Legality Verification System –SVLK Support the Achieving the Goals of the International Forestry Strategic Plan

Escalation of access and ownership of local communities through the 12.7 million hectares of Social Forestry program, and 4.1 million hectares of Land Reform Object (TORA), is one of Indonesia's efforts to support the United Nations Strategic Plan for Forest (UNSPF) 2017-2030, including the Voluntary National Contribution (VNC).

This was conveyed by Dr Agus Justianto, Head of Research and Development and Innovasion, Environment and Forestry Ministry at the 13th United Nations Forum on Forests –UNFF 13 in New York on May 7 to 11. In addition, Indonesia also held the Timber Legality Verification System to promote the sustainable forest management. Agus Justianto also said in the meeting Indonesia expressed its commitment on the six Global Forest Goals in Voluntary National Contribution –VNC that has been ratified through multi-stakeholders mechanism.

The UNFF 13 finally produced two important documents namely document Forest-Based Solutions for Accelerating the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals –SDG and Transformation towards Sustainable and Tough Community. The second document is UNFF13 Omnibus Resolution covering various steps to the implementation of the UN Strategic Plan to UNSPF Forest. As the following step from the result of UNFF 13, Agus Justianto viewed that Indonesia needs to complete Voluntary National Contribution VNC, to encourage the development of sustainable national forestry.

Meanwhile in the near future Indonesia will also increase cooperation with the Nationbal Focal Points (NFP) of other international agreements such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the UN Convention on Biodiversity (UNCBD), the United Nations to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and international agreement for conservation and the sustainable use of wetlands.

In the five-day session, the Indonesian delegation, besides from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, were also representatives from the National Forestry Council, the Indonesian Association of Forest Concessionaires (APHI), Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia PTRI New York and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



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Here are the Headlines of several national newspapers published today, May 17.

We begin with Kompas entitled, "Government Reviews Joint Operation."

The government was considering to reactivate the Indonesian National Army's Joint Special Operations Command to overcome the recent terrorist acts. At the same time, the solidity and spirit of political elite are also needed in responding current condition. Solidity which among others can be shown by not giving accusing or condescending comment is not only important to maintain the spirit to eradicate terrorism, but also will maintain the unity of the people and the country. This is urgently needed to face the terror act. To overcome the terrorism, Presidential Staff Head Moeldoko said, President Joko Widodo approved the involvement of Joint Special Operations Command (Koopsusgab) which is a joint operation between counterterrorism special force from three branches of the military namely army, air force, and navy. The joint elite was formed on June 9 2015 by Moeldoko who at that time was National Army Commander to eradicate terrorism.

Moving on to Republika entitled, "Fasting for Taqwa".

Indonesian Muslims began their fasting month or Ramadhan 1439 H which fell on Thursday (17/5). This year's Ramadhan is different, due to series of terror act occurred in several regions of the country since last week until yesterday. President Joko Widodo welcomed the so-called holy month. President also instructed the National Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian, National Army Commander Hadi Tjahjanto, and State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Gen. Budi Gunawan to keep the security, to control the situation, and to encourage social unity. People's Consultative Assembly MPR Spokesman Zulkifli Hasan conveyed a message for all fasting Muslims. The message was said by Zulkifli during umrah in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Zulkifli Hasan invited the people to clean heart and body by forgiving and supporting each other, especially because Indonesia is facing many trials such as terrorism in several places.

We end the Headlines with Media Indonesia entitled, "The Death of Riau Regional Police's Muezzin".

Sorrow came to the family of Extraordinary First Inspector Anumerta Haji Auzar when they were bringing his body to the Mayang Sari BRG graveyard, Pekanbaru Riau, yesterday. Auzar fell on duty because of being hit by a car that was used by terrorist suspect to attack Riau Police Office. Auzar was known as pious man. He often became muezzin and preacher at Riau Police's Al-Adil Mosque. Riau Police's Traffic Director Comm. Rudi Syarifuddin said, Auzar was active in various religious activity and social. He often gave preach and became a respected ustaz in the police and among the people. Auzar, born in Tanjung Alam, November 9 1962, was buried in military ceremony at Mayang Sari Simpang BRG graveyard. The Police awarded him extraordinary promotion into First Inspector. 


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Today, We will discuss a movie entitled "Arini" directed by Ismael Basbeth. Indonesian film industry is apparently making a new trend, which is recycling old films that increased people's love to Indonesian film. Among many was an adaptation of a novel written by Mira W. entitled "Arini, Masih Ada Kereta Yang Lewat" released in 1982 and was made into movie in 1988. Widyawati and Rano Karno, two Indonesian top stars at that time, played the main characters. Thirty years later, in 2018, Ismael Basbeth remade the movie with some touch of today. The ARINI film is about a woman in the peak of her career. Like all film drama, there will be some romance, betrayal, and cries in the film. But, the packaging and the actors will make it far different.

"It's a collaboration. I was interested with "Arini" written by Titin Watimena and I want to collaborate with her. I read the novel and I believed that I must make the film" Ismael said.

The conflict in this film is actually quite simple. But, it was expanded by Mira into a little bit more complex than in its novel, and that was depicted by Ismael according to the current situation. Arini was depicted as a strong woman facing bad love life. Separated from her cheating husband will hurt any women. In this era, Arini met with a man, 15 years younger, but kept trying to get her heart.

"Women getting second chances has limited position in Indonesian film. I want to make that. Then, a widow with a far younger lover is still a taboo for some people since then until now. But, the interesting thing is how I play these characters according to the novel, but in more modern situation" Ismael also said.

The story began when Nick (Morgan Oey) met with Arini (Aura Kasih) in a trip by train in Germany. Nick who was 23 years old, suddenly fell in love with Arini who was 38 yeras old. Arini lived as a cold woman with great defense wall against men due to her past wounds. Many years ago, Arini was disappointed by her husband and best friend. The coldness of Arini apparently encouraged Nick to get the love of the 15 years older woman. But, age is not a problem for Nick. All things done by Nick to make Arini fall into his hands. Nick's passionate efforts make the audience can feel the happy love. The romantic Nuremberg city, Germany as the setting grew Nick's love greater. Morgan Oey successfully played as a young man drunk in love. Not only Morgan, Aura Kasih was also successful in portraying how dark the past of Arini. Remaking a previously famous film is not easy. Many factors must be overseen by Ismael. Casting was one of the key. Therefore, Ismael joined directly in the casting.

"I tried to find fresh actors to make the story more alive without the previous' characters burden. Then, we look for up and coming actors. Thus we find Aura Kasih, who has been famous but yet to be the main character. So, people don't know how was the characters previously played by Aura Kasih. Then, I look for Indonesian up and coming crews and actors" Ismael added.

The challenge to make this film popular was the main focus of Ismael. Besides character, the plot and setting must be focused. Ismael has her own way.

"It's made in different era, so we intentionally make it different. Still, it came from "Arini, Masih Ada Kereta Yang Lewat" novel by Mira W. So I hope by being open and honest in interpreting works from the same source, my Arini film will be different" He stated.

The whole film has similar plot, although with several different scenes. However, it did not erase the main essence of the story. Ismael even made some romantic scenes more artistic and touched the audience.Alright listener, that was our brief review of Indonesian film "Arini, Masih Ada Kereta yang Lewat" by Ismael Basbeth.