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Ciwidey is famous for its white crater tours and Rancabali tea plantations. But recently, there has been a new favorite tourism spot, namely Curug Tilu Rancabali Ecopark. This place is fairly complete because it provides spots for tours, and gazebos to stay overnight. You will have no trouble finding the location of this Curug Tilu Ecopark because you can find it right next to the entrance gate of the Rancabali Tea Plantation. With an area of about 3.7 hectares, of course, Curug Tilu Ecopark has lots of interesting spots. Some of the things that are always targeted by tourists are in the glamping gazebo area, on Balinese-style net beds, photo spots with the background of the Rancabali Tea Garden, and many others. In addition, there is also a playground for children.

The Curug Tilu Ecopark opens from 07:00 to 21:00. From Monday to Friday, the ticket price is Rp 15,000. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, the ticket price is Rp 20,000. Do you want to stay? For one night, the glam camp at the Curug Tilu Ecopark sets a price of Rp 400,000 on weekdays and Rp 500,000 on weekends. Access to get there is fairly easy. From the highway towards the Kawah Putih gate to Situ Patenggang, you just have to pass the turn and the location is on the right. To make it easier, you can search for it directly on the online map application by typing Curug Tilu Ecopark. If you want to visit this tourism spot, don't forget to always comply with the health protocols so that your vacation is safer and more comfortable.


Kue Pinyaram

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On a culinary tour to the province of West Sumatra, there are lots of delicious traditional foods. One of them is Pinyaram. The shape is simple, flat round 10 centimeters in diameter, and white or brown. In the middle of the Pinyaram meat is a little thick as if there is a buildup of sugar, with a sweet and sticky taste. If one enjoys sweet-tasting culinary delights, they must try Pinyaram, when one day visiting West Sumatra.

Pinyaram is made from fried rice flour and palm sugar. There are two types of Pinyaram known by the Minangkabau people, namely White and Black. The difference between these two types is only in the raw ingredients. The white Pinyaram uses white rice, while the black one is made from black rice. However, another variant, such as green Pinyaram made from Suji or Pandan leaves can often also be found. Regarding taste, Pinyaram can now be varied with various flavors, such as banana, durian, and so on. Currently, Pinyaram also has various sizes; some are small, medium until plate-sized, depending on individual tastes and preferences.

In Minangkabau, Pinyaram is often a special food at traditional ceremonies, such as weddings, religious events, a celebration of Prophet Muhammad, and Eid Al-fitr. Now, the traditional food is intended for not only traditional ceremonies but also snacks. Generally, this traditional Minangkabau cake can be found not only in traditional markets in West Sumatra but also in all regions in Indonesia. In various regions of Indonesia, Pinyaram cake is also known by various other names or designations, such as Kue Cucur in Jakarta, and some areas on the islands of Java and Sulawesi, Kue Dumpi in West Sulawesi, or Kue Kocor on the island of Madura. Pinyaram cakes are sold from Rp1000 to 2000 per piece.


Cangget Dance is one of traditional dances owned by the indigenous Lampung people of Pepadun. In 1942 before the arrival of the Japanese to Indonesia, Cangget Dance was performed for traditional events, such as on the harvest, in the ceremony to build a house or to accompany people who were going for Hajj. But now Cangget Dance is often used to accompany wedding ceremonies or title bestowing ceremonies. The people of Lampung are familiar with various types of Cangget dances. This time we introduce you to one of them, namely Cangget Pilangan Dance.

Cangget Pilangan, is a dance that is played by young men and women when they release one of their members who will marry and go out of the village, following their wife or husband. Cangget dance is performed with traditional clothes and traditional Lampung musical instruments. Some of the properties used, such as kris, jempana, umbrella, spear, gold tray, and others. The songs that accompany the Cangget dance, are tabuh mapak, tabuh tari, serliah adak, mikhul bekekes, gupek,and hujan turun.

Cangget dance is usually performed by 6 to 14 female dancers and two male dancers. The movement pattern of female dancers is dancing in lines, while male dancers dance in front of female dancers while showing their dance attractions to steal the attention of the woman. Although the cangget dance consists of various types, this dance basically has relatively the same movements, namely: worship movement (as an expression of respect); the floating knui movement (symbol of majesty); igel movement (symbol of might); gesture (symbol of fortitude and purity of heart); the movement of a tree (a symbol of tenderness); jajak/pincak movement (symbol of alertness in the face of danger); and the knui tabang movement (a symbol of confidence).


Apparalang beach is located in Ara Village, Bontobahari District, Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi. To visit this place, tourists are recommended to use private or rented vehicles because public transportation is not yet available to go there. In addition, it is also recommended that tourists hire the services of a tour guide, because the journey, which is taken, is quite confusing if you go alone. Heading to Apparalang Beach, from Makassar City, takes to the south by motor vehicles about 4.5 hours. Then, the journey continues to Tanjung Bira to Ara Village where Apparalang Beach is located.

Unlike other beaches, Apparalang Beach is located on the edge of a steep cliff. Therefore, this place is also often called the Apparalang Cliff. The local people usually perform attractions by jumping from cliffs into the sea. If interested, tourists can test their adrenaline by jumping off the cliff. For tourists who want to go to the sea, but do not dare to jump off the cliff, there are stairs provided to get to the sea. The sea water is so clear that make easy for tourists to see the bottom. In addition to swimming, tourists can also do snorkeling activities to enjoy the atmosphere of this beach.

At Apparalang Beach, you don't have to worry about a shortage of supplies. Because there are food stalls that sell delicious dishes at low prices. The stalls allow you to enjoy the fresh catch of fish from the local fishermen. In addition, this beach is also equipped with supporting facilities for the convenience of tourists, such as small gazebos, bathrooms, and souvenir shops.



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If you have an opportunity to visit Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara one day, you are recommended to taste Lombok's typical culinary namely Ayam Taliwang. This chicken-based menu has become a popular menu among the people and tourists, because of having a delicious and spicy taste. In addition to Taliwang chicken, another typical dish of Lombok that you have to try is Ayam Rarang or Rarang chicken. It is not much different from Taliwang chicken, this dish also offers a spicy taste sensation.

Rarang is the name of a village in East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. From the regency, the Chicken Rarang menu was first introduced by Inaq Delah. From its texture, indeed Rarang chicken looks spicy because it is covered with chili sauce and sprinkled with cayenne pepper. Even the chili sauce seems like piling up that covers the chicken meat. Besides being spicy, the Rarang chicken meat is also tasty and not tough, because it uses young free-range chicken. The Rarang chicken is made from village chicken with spices, such as big red chili, candlenut, coriander, and pepper. Then, all these spices are mashed. Next, the chicken is fried or grilled on a wood-fired stove. After it is well-cooked, it is cut into pieces and covered with spices that have been mashed. Don't forget to add lime juice on the top.

Rarang chicken is usually served with fried soybeans, cucumber, clear vegetables, and chicken gizzard liver skewered like satay. You can also enjoy this unique dish of Lombok at Rarang Chicken food stalls located along the road in Rarang Village, East Lombok. Besides in Rarang village, East Lombok, now Rarang Chicken can be enjoyed in Mataram, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara. Most restaurants sell Rarang chicken from afternoon until evening. The price per portion is from Rp 45,000 to Rp 50,000.


Glagah Beach

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For those of you who love beach tourism, visiting Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta province is the right choice, because in Yogyakarta, precisely in Bantul, Gunung Kidul and Kulonprogo areas, there is a number of beaches as tourism destinations for domestic and foreign tourists. One of them is Glagah Beach, which is located in Temon District, Kulon Progo, approximately 10 km from the city of Wates and approximately 2 km from the Jogja - Jakarta highway.

Glagah Beach is a beautiful beach with a wide expanse of black sand. On this beach, there is a sand dune area with grinting grass and a lagoon. There are many tourist activities that you can enjoy here. You can enjoy the beauty of sunset or playing in the water in the lagoon. You can take a water tour by taking a wooden boat, duck boat or canoe to go around the Glagah Beach Lagoon. For visitors who like fishing, in the lagoon there are also spots for fishing. For those of you who want to pump up your adrenaline, you can ride a motocross or ATV to take the steep terrain at Glagah Beach, which is known for its iron sandy beaches. At the pier, you can also fish, enjoy the sunset or just enjoy the breeze and the waves broken by tetrapods.

In the Glagah Beach area, there is also an agro-tourism fruit plantation called Kusuma Wanadri which has an area of 3.5 hectares. The fruits planted are dragon fruit, watermelon and melon. Here, you can buy, pick, and even taste fruit for free. For those who are interested, you can visit this beach when the situation allows. To visit Glagah Beach, you will be charged an entrance fee of IDR 5,000 per person. This beach is equipped with complete facilities, such as a prayer room, toilets and a food court with seafood as its recommended menu.


To travel to Central Sulawesi, you have to visit Taipa Beach. The location of this beach is quite strategic. Located 65 kilometers from Kendari, the capital of Central Sulawesi, this beach is visited by many tourists. Moreover, this beach has a beautiful view with a stretch of white sand. Visitors can also witness the endemic bird of Sulawesi, Maleo, which flies here and there. To enter this beach, you are only charged an entrance ticket worth Rp 10,000 / person.

In the local language, Taipa means "Manga", and because there are indeed many manga trees around the beach. Here, you can relax while looking at the beautiful view of Mt. Gawalise from a distance. In addition, you can also choose various tourism activities, such as snorkeling or diving. Beautiful coral reefs and various types of fish can be seen only 50 meters from the beach. Taipa beach is also equipped with various facilities, such as a prayer room, bathrooms, and restaurants. There are also several gazebos to relax. If visitors want to spend at night, there are inns with rental rates per night ranging from Rp 100,000 to Rp 200,000

Taipa Beach also offers hills for those of you who are adventurous. From the height of the hill, you can see the beautiful panorama of the sea of Taipa beach. In addition, Taipa beach has also a cave, namely Golo Oti cave which means "dry current". In this cave, there is an ancient tomb of a character, named Lasalama. Supposedly, this cave is considered sacred. Therefore, many local residents enter the cave to ask for blessings.


Waterfalls may become tourism destinations that are widely spread in various parts of Indonesia. With the different contours of each region, each waterfall has its own uniqueness. One of the waterfalls is "Tumpak Sewu" or often called "Cliff of Nirwana" located in Sidomulyo Village, Pronojiwo District, Lumajang Regency, East Java. This waterfall has a uniqueness that makes everyone who sees it amazed. The towering cliffs with lots of water flow make the water spills twist beautifully. The splash of water hitting the cliffs produces a beautiful natural sound. The cliffs, which are semi-circular in shape with shaded trees around it, make this waterfall so green and soothing to the eyes.

Cliff of Nirwana can be reached by motor vehicles about 2 hours from Lumajang. If you want to use public transportation from the Wonorejo terminal in Lumajang, you can choose transportation to the Pronojiwo terminal. Afterwards, you continue the journey heading to the Sidomulyo area. If you want to feel safer and more comfortable, the manager of this tourism destination also provides shuttle facilities from and to the Lumajang terminal. With an entrance ticket price of 5000 rupiah, you can enjoy amazing cliffs of Nirwana all day long.

On the way to this waterfall, you will pass a smooth road to a panoramic point or a place to enjoy beaut
iful waterfall. While heading to the panoramic point, you will be presented with a beautiful atmosphere of Salak gardens on the right and left sides. Sidomulyo village is known for its Salak fruit or snake fruit. After walking for about 10 minutes, you will arrive at the panorama point. The wide expanse of cliffs, with a height that is parallel to the panoramic point, makes the cliffs clearly visible. Even though this waterfall is an outdoor tourism destination, the manager still follows health protocols, so you don't have to worry.


Beras Basah is a small island located in the Makassar Strait. Administratively, this island is included in the area of Bontang City, East Kalimantan. This beautiful island is now a destination for diving and snorkeling lovers. The fastest access to reach this island is via the Badak NGL pier by using a speedboat about 15 minutes. Another access is via Tanjung Limau Pier and Tanjung Laut Bontang City by using a motorized boat approximately one hour.

The name Beras Basah in English means Wet Rice. According to the local folklore, a long time ago, there was a ship belonging to the Kutai Sultanate that was sailing in the Makassar Strait. The ship was carrying food; one of which was rice. Then, the ship sank when hit by a big wave and spilled its baggage. Because the sea where the ship sank was shallow, the ship's cargo, which was mostly rice, did not sink, but some appeared like a mound. Over time, the mound of rice turned into a white sandy island like rice, which is always wet because it is surrounded by the ocean.

Beras Basah Island, which is located in the middle of the sea, used to have an area of approximately 5 hectares. Because it has been eroded by sea water, the island is now only about 2 hectares wide. But its beauty is unquestionable. The beach is clean and it has white sand with sea water, which is clear turquoise, adding coconut trees scattered in several places to provide shade. This area is comfortable for relaxing. In addition, on this island, there are also gazebos, changing rooms, toilets and stalls. On the island of Beras Basah, you can also play with banana boats and other activities. If you like the beauty of the sea, you can try diving and snorkeling. You can also walk along the beach and if you are lucky, you can find marine animals, such as sea urchins, squid and sea cucumbers.   


West Java is very rich for its stunning natural beauty. One of the tourism destinations that you should visit if you are in West Java is Pangalengan Sky Park. The park is a new tourism destination introduced at the end of 2020. This tourism attraction offers natural beauty and a wide expanse of tea gardens. The cool air and green grass are a very appropriate location for refreshing for a moment from the city hustle and bustle. In addition, here, it is also a good place to take selfies with beautiful scenery as a background. One of the spots, such as the viewing post, is a favorite place for visitors to capture their beautiful moments.

If you are a connoisseur of beautiful sunrises or sunsets, Pangalengan Sky Park is also very suitable because you can enjoy both of them here. In the morning, it is foggy and cloudy and it surrounds the plantation, and makes the atmosphere as if you are in the sky. Meanwhile, towards dusk, you will feel a serene nuance here while enjoying a warm drink. If you want to sleep under the starry sky, a camping ground is also provided here. If you don't bring a camping tent, you don't need to worry because the park also provides the camping tent for rental. Public facilities, such as toilets, food stalls and parking spaces are also available here. So, you don't have to worry if you don't bring food or don't bring enough drinking water.

Pangalengan Sky Park is located in Sukaluyu Village, Pangalengan District, Bandung, West Java. The distance from the center of Bandung is about 60 km. This can be reached in 2 hours by motor vehicles. Pangalengan Sky Park is open for 24 hours a day and implements health protocols even though it is an open-air tourism destination. Your safety, comfort and health are the main keys to enjoying your vacation with your family members.

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