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To travel to Jakarta, someone may visit various interesting tourism attractions. One of the most popular and up-to-date ones is Pos Bloc. Pos Bloc Jakarta is a public creative space that provides several micro, small, and medium enterprises, such as culinary and creative products. The location is the ex-post office building of the Dutch East Indies era, precisely located on Jalan Pos No. 2, Pasar Baru in Central Jakarta. Initially, the place was a Dutch colonial Philatelic building that was founded in the 1860s and was used as a post office. Now, the Pos Bloc has become a cultural heritage. This new hangout is strategically located. For users of public transportation, the Pos Bloc can be reached by getting on TransJakarta buses and getting off at the Juanda shelter.

There is no entrance ticket that must be paid for, but to enter the Pos Bloc, you must scan the QR Code via the PeduliLindung application. You are also required to wear a mask and keep your distance. From the front entrance, you can see various stalls selling local products, such as batik, local bags, and shoes.The price of the product is also very affordable, starting from Rp 10,000 to Rp 70,000. There is also a post office kiosk in the corner of the room. In the central area of the building (Great Hall), there is a grandstand which is a place to sit and chat. At the bottom of the stands, there is a Photobox. There are many spots in the living room that can be used as a background for selfies, highlighting the beauty of this old building.


Biak Numfor is one of regencies in Papua province, Indonesia. The regency consists of 2 small islands namely Biak and Numfor Island, including more than 42 tiny islands, such as Padaido Island which has become the main development activities of many people.

Padaido comes from the local language which means the beauty that is unrevealed. According to research conducted by the Biodiversity Conservation Network, Padaido Island is one of places whose biodiversity of coral ecosystem is the largest in the world. Over there, there is a coral reef rehabilitation center so that the existence of marine tourism potential on the island is well-ordered.

The island has 95 species of rock and 155 species of fish such as various kinds of sharks and octopus as well as various maritime wealth. Padaido Island is a cluster of rocky islands consisting of 30 islands in the Pacific Ocean on the Eastern part of Biak Island.

Padaido Island has around 9252 hectares of coral reef. If you are in Biak and want to visit Padaido Island, you can go to Tiptop port in Biak and rent a speedboat to Padaido Island.

Trip to cross the sea takes around 3 hours. Along the trip, you can see some dolphins which appear on the surface of the Blue Ocean. It looks beautiful.

If you go to Padaido Island, you have to be careful when low tide. The low tide can endanger ships or boats because there are many kinds of rock surrounding the sea.

On Padaido Island, you can see beautiful undersea scenery such as a cave. To see the cave, you have to dive until 12 meters deep.

In addition, you can also see shipwreck, carcasses of aircraft and some ex-war equipment. We suggest you dive in the sea during hot weather so that reflection of sunlight can illuminate to a depth of 15 meters. So, you do not need to carry a searchlight.

If you want to stay at night, you can stay near Padaido Island. The lodging is not luxurious, but it can be a comfortable place to stay there.


Likupang in North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi, was chosen as the location for the W20 side event on February 14 to 16, 2022.  W20 or Women20 is part of the G20 event which focuses on gender equality. Indonesia becomes the G20 Presidency, or host of the G20 Summit, from December 1, 2021 to November 30, 2022. Chairperson of W20 Indonesia 2022, Hardiani Uli Silalahi explained that the W20 will hold a number of side events in some tourism destinations. Based on the government's recommendation, it needs to create tourism attractions other than Bali. Therefore, two priority destinations have been chosen, the first is Likupang and later it will be closed with a priority destination, namely Lake Toba. Likupang offers marine tourism due to its underwater panorama and beaches. This place is one of the Special Economic Zones (SEZ) which has been designated as a super priority destination (DSP). Some of the tourism attractions that can be visited in Likupang are Sampirang Beach, Pulisan Beach, and Bahoi Ecotourism.

For today’s edition of Indonesian Wonder, we invite you to know more about one of the leading tourism destinations in Likupang, namely Pulisan Beach. This beach has clear water with white sand. Its location in Pulisan Village is in the hub of the North Minahasa Tourism Special Economic Zone. It is about 48 kilometres from Manado's Samratulangi Airport.  From Manado City, it takes about 2 hours by motor vehicles to Pulisan Beach. When you enter the beach area, you will feel amazed, looking at the clear sea water. Pulisan Beach has a beautiful coastline filled with soft and smooth white sand. You are able to enjoy walking on this stretch of white sand. This beach also has other nearby tourism spots, namely caves and hills. The natural scenery around the cave is so beautiful. There are also stunning brown cliffs, blending with the beautiful clear sea water. Besides having a beautiful panorama, this cave also has a hill which is famous for its beautiful savanna. To reach the hill, you have to trek for 30 minutes. Tiredness will subside when your eyes see the scenery. From the top of the hill, you will be presented with the beautiful expanse of the blue sea.

There are many other exciting tourism activities that can be done in Pulisan, such as snorkelling and diving. In addition to enjoying its beautiful and colourful coral rocks, the Pulisan marine park also keeps a variety of magnificent marine animals, such as jellyfish, starfish, and also clown fish, aka nemo. You can also visit a floating house in the middle of the sea. Please don't forget to hunt for the beauty of the sunrise and sunset. The location of Pulisan Beach is quite strategic, because it is located in the north of Sulawesi Island; it makes this beach as a beach which has a very clear position to witness the sunrise and sunset.



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Solo City has been the center of power in Central Java since the Mataram court was moved from Kotagede in 1745. The historical traces of Solo City are manifested through the cultural diversity that can be seen from dances, Solo batik, and the handicrafts that always look elegant and very artistic. With a population of around 550,000 people, Solo is one of the most densely populated cities in Central Java. However, the atmosphere of the city still feels comfortable and familiar, without any towering buildings in the middle of densely populated settlements. Becak is one of the easiest and most efficient modes of transportation when you want to enjoy your time in Solo. You don't have to worry if you finally want to choose to walk around Solo. In addition to the city being not too wide, the streets in Solo City are well laid out with smooth asphalt and some roads already have sidewalks.

Renting a bicycle at the City Tourism Office can also be an alternative to get around Solo City. However, you have to be more careful when riding a bicycle along the highway, because the traffic in Solo is quite busy with vehicles. There are several ways to get to Solo City besides using a plane. From Jakarta, you can also travel by night bus or train with a travel time of about 11-12 hours. Solo City has various attractions that you can explore, especially if you want to know more about Javanese culture. Of course, strict health protocols are also enforced in this area, so that your vacation with your family is safer, healthier and more comfortable.


Of course, many of you are familiar with the Dead Sea. The lake, which is located in an area between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan, is indeed very famous for its uniqueness. With a high salt content, anyone who enters the Dead Sea will float. In fact, not only the Dead Sea has this uniqueness. Indonesia also has a beach similar to the Dead Sea. The beach is called Tureleto Beach which is located in Nias, North Sumatra. Anyone who is swimming in Tureleto Beach will float. With this uniqueness, this beach deserves to be nicknamed the Dead Sea of Indonesia.

Tureleto Beach is not like the general beaches which are adorned with white sand. On this beach, there are rocks along the shoreline. According to local people, these coral reefs have emerged since the devastating 2005 earthquake that hit Nias and caused the sea water to recede. The existence of these corals is the main attraction for tourists, who visit Tureleto Beach. Moreover, tourists are often seen capturing the shapes of these corals into interesting photo objects.

The existence of these coral reefs also makes Tureleto beach less prone to waves, so the sea is very calm. With the calm water, you can swim as much as you want and you don't have to be afraid of drowning, because the sea water can make you float. There is life in the waters of Tureloto, although the water contains a fairly high salt content. You can also enjoy the view of fish and beautiful coral clusters under the water. You can also enjoy the uniqueness of the marine life on this beach from the shoreline or with snorkeling activities. The clear water makes a variety of marine life clearly visible from the shoreline. Traveling by using a motorized canoe can also be an option for interesting tourism activities on this beach. For those of you who like fishing, Tureleto is heaven. Tureleto beach corner is the best location for fishing.

This beach is included in North Nias Regency, Lahewa District, precisely in Balõfadoro Tuho Village. The distance from the city of Gunung Sitoli, the capital of Nias district is about 80 kilometers. To go to Tureloto Beach is not difficult, even very easy to access. You can use a vehicle, either car or motorbike. From the city of Gunung Sitoli, this beach can be reached for about 2 hours. Gunung Sitoli itself can be accessed from Kuala Namu airport, in Medan, North Sumatra. On Tureleto beach, parking facilities, public bathrooms, huts for shelter and food stalls are available.


The people in East Java, especially the Using community in the village of Macan Putih, Banyuwangi Regency, in fact, have a unique way to find a mate. Single man, who is attracted to a certain woman, must come directly to the woman's house to perform the act of flirting. This tradition is called Gredoan which locally means "to tease". The Gredoan tradition is held once a year. As a matchmaking event, Gredoan is also held to celebrate the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

This tradition begins in the morning when the community first holds a celebration at the mosque. Then in the evening, the girls usually help their parents cook in the kitchen. At that time, the Gredoan tradition takes place. Man, who is attracted to a certain girl, will come to the girl's house. He will insert a stick through the gap in the wall of the house made from bamboo. The girl will then break the stick if she is willing to get acquainted with the man. Then, the man begins to get acquainted while seducing the girl. But their conversation is limited by a bamboo wall where the girl is inside the house and the boy is outside. Now, the rules of the Gredoan tradition are quite different. When the sticks have been broken, they are no longer acquainted and chat against a bamboo wall. Now, the man will be invited to come in and chat in the living room, of course accompanied by the girl's parents. But especially on this traditional night, they are given the freedom to chat until late at night. Frequently, couples who follow this tradition eventually get married.

The Gredoan tradition is very lively. Other residents, ranging from children to adults, parade around the village presenting various kinds of attractions to commemorate this tradition. Some perform fire stick attractions, play Hadrah folk music and carnivals of giant dolls. Among the various attractions, the fire stick attraction is the most eagerly awaited. The fire stick attraction uses bamboo and ropes that are burned at the ends. In this attraction, the local village youths demonstrate their skills in playing fire sticks, starting from showing off the ability to forming formations, Majoret attractions of martial arts.


If you travel to East Kalimantan, please visit Keraton Trayan Palace which has been designated as a cultural heritage and even it is used as a cultural tourism attraction. The palace is located in Pedalaman Village, Tayan Hilir Subdistrict, Sanggau Regency, West Kalimantan. It is about 94 kilometers from Pontianak City or it can be reached  for approximately 1.5 hours by motor vehicles. This building is a remnant of the Trayan Kingdom. The Tayan Kingdom itself had been known actively from 1683 to 1967, before West Kalimantan was inaugurated as a part of the Republic of Indonesia. In 1967, the Tayan Kingdom was inactive,  and it was left abandoned without a ruling king. Now, it has already been under the control of the Republic of Indonesia.

The Tayan Palace has a two-story stilt building made of ironwood. It is divided into five parts or rooms: the foyer, hall, court room, throne room, and kitchen. Like most palaces in Kalimantan, the Tayan Palace faces the southern part of the Kapuas River. The physical building of the palace is 110 meters long, and 70 meters wide, and it is built on 110 wooden poles which are two meters high. The front porch has 10 glass windows and the entrance on the south side which is in the middle is two glass doors. Meanwhile, the hall itself is an outbuilding which was built in 1931. Previously, the hall was used as a place for the Sultan to receive important guests and royal officials. Another part of this area is the room which is currently used to store royal heirlooms, gamelan, and cannon weaponry.

There is a siding room and it functions as a family meeting room, marriage ceremony room, and a meeting room for royal staff in the middle of the palace building. Moreover, there is also a throne room at the  back of the building that used to serve as the seat of the sultan and the empress. Initially, the floor of this room was higher than the courtroom, but now the floor height is equivalent to the courtroom. The last, the kitchen, which was originally only a connecting alley between the main building and the kitchen, but now it has been used as a place for cooking. Recently, the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing carried out the arrangement of the Tayan Palace area. Besides being a cultural tourism destination, this area can also become a new public open space. The arrangements that have been done are improving the roads in the Tayan Palace area, regional drainage, ramps and Kansteen, regional gates, football fields, recreational parks, the Palace yard and Great Mosque, beautification, and lighting.


The province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, which is located at the northern tip of the island of Sumatra, has rich tourism potential, ranging from natural, educational, cultural tourism  and ancestral wealth to culinary tourism that can be found all in Aceh. Anoi Itam Beach is one of the mainstay natural tourism destinations in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. Precisely, it is located in Gampong Anoi Itam, Sukajaya District, Sabang City, Weh Island, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province  Anoi Itam Beach, which is 13 km from Sabang City, is the only black sand beach on the island.Anoi Itam itself means 'black sand'. Based on the assessment of Garuda Indonesia magazine, the exotic beauty of this beach has led it to achieve the title as one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia. Anoi Itam beach sand is said to have a different density from the black sand compared with other beaches.It weighs approximately three times the weight of black sand in general. This is due to the high nickel content in its constituent mineral composition. The color combination of black sand and white limestone around it looks contrast and gives a sensation of its own beauty.

The blue sea and the sea breeze that blows bring peace that frees someone from fatigue. Please try to walk along the Anoi Itam coastline on barefoot in the afternoon.The warm sand plays on the soles of the feet as it is washed away by the waves, creating a sensation that makes one relax. Witnessing landscapes, green trees, blue skies and views of the towering Mount Seulawah in mainland Aceh is an unforgettable experience.

To go to Anoi Itam Beach in Sabang, first we have to go to Banda Aceh, to be precise to Ulee Lhue Harbor to take a ferry or speed boat to Balohan Harbor on Weh Island. After arriving at Balohan Harbor or Sabang City, the journey can be continued by renting a car or motorbike to go to Anoi Itam Beach.To enjoy the beauty of this beach, you should explore by motorbike from Sabang City, along the eastern route, across Sumur Tiga beach with a travel time of about 30 minutes. Along the way uphill and downhill, our eyes are spoiled with beautiful beach scenery while taking photos.


When traveling to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, there are many tourism attractions that you can visit. One of them is Kerandangan Nature Tourism Park. The park is surrounded by hills with a variety of plants and birds. Some of the attractions found in Kerandangan Nature Tourism Park are Putri Kembar Waterfall, Walet Cave, and Eat Ber'aik spring. This tourism park is located in Senggigi Persiapan village, Batu Layar district, West Lombok regency. From Mataram, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara, this tourism attraction can be accessed by using land transportation for 25 minutes.

When entering the Kerandangan Nature Tourism Park, you will immediately feel the cool air and see the beautiful scenery. Here, you can do jungle tracking, explore rivers, go camping, apply environmental education, and observe plants and animals, especially birds. In Kerandangan, there are 59 bird species that have been identified by a joint team from the University of Mataram and the Center for Conservation and Natural Resources. These birds include rare and endemic species that are only found in a few locations in the world. One of them is the Celepuk Rinjani bird. This bird is rare because it is endemic to the island of Lombok. Path access that has been arranged neatly and beautifully make it easier for you to get around enjoying the fresh air in this Nature Tourism Park as well as observing plants and birds. In addition, at some points there are also park benches for you to rest and take photos.

In addition to natural tourism and educational tours, you can also enjoy the beauty of waterfalls and natural caves that are very beautiful in this tourism park. To get to the Putri Kembar waterfall and Walet cave, you need to take about 60 to 90 minutes or about 2 kilometers from the main door of the Kerandangan Nature Tourism Park. At this location, there is also an area of 20 hectares for a camping ground. Up to 30 tents can be set up for camping. Camping locations have also been equipped with toilet facilities and other supporting facilities.


Gresik City located in East Java Province is well-known not only for its industrial city, but also its attractive tourism destination as many other regions have across Indonesia. Moreover, in Gresik, there is also a natural tourism spot. Visitors can enjoy the coolness of the day. The tourism spot is called Sendang Banyu Biru or in English it means a lake which has bluish water.

Sendang Banyu Biru is one of the tourism attractions in Lowayu Village, Dukun District, Gresik. This place is very beautiful and someone can spoil themselves from daily activities. Sendang Banyu Biru Lowayu Gresik is charming and interesting to visit. If you do not visit Gresik City, please pay a visit to this extremely tourism spot.

According to its name, Sendang Banyu Biru has clear bluish water, which is the main attraction. The water of this lake is blue because of the sulfur content. The local people believe that the existence of Sendang Banyu Biru has been known for a long time, even before the Dutch colonial period. In addition, the lake water is also believed to cure various skin diseases.

The facilities at Sendang Banyu Biru that are currently available include a vehicle parking area, prayer room, and bathroom. If you don't bring food and drink supplies, you don't need to worry because not far from the location, there is a simple food stall owned by the local residents. If in the future, you will visit East Java Province, don't forget to stop by Gresik to visit Sendang Banyu Biru. To go to this tourism spot by any motor vehicles, you may head to Lowayu Village, Dukun District, Gresik, East Java.

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