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As dry area, actually Belu regency has amazing natural destination. It is Siata Mauhalek waterfall which is located at Fatumuti hamlet, in Raiulun village, Lasiolat district, Belu regency, East Nusa Tenggara. To go there, you must spend time for one hour because the road is winding and uphill, but along the trip, you will be presented with clusters of green hills. 

Arriving at Siata Muahalek Waterfall, you will be welcomed by gateway which is made from bamboo and 50 stairs which must be through by you. But your struggle is not useless, because rice fields and corn plantation are ready to spoil your eyes. Towering palm and coconut trees at the left and right sides of the road become unique scenery. In addition, you will hear melodious sound of water which goes down among the stones.

If you are tired before arriving at Siata Muahalek Waterfall, there are some huts to take a rest for a while. Green moss which sticks on the stone’s wall and transparent water which is illuminated by sunlight will make you forget your fatigue and directly you will enjoy the freshness of its water.  At the waterfall’s complex, there is room to change your wet clothes, so you do not have to worry, you can play water satisfyingly. 

If you want to enjoy the sensation of Siata Muahalek Waterfall, you can directly go to the rock bottom to feel the freshness of its water. If you touch the water, we are guaranteed you want to stay longer here. Thus, we suggest you to bring your own foods and beverages or you can buy young coconut, roasted banana or corns which are sold by the local people. So what are waiting for, set your time to go to Siata Mauhalek waterfall in Rai Belu, East Nusa Tenggara.


The natural charm, which is offered by beaches in Ambon is as beautiful as other beaches which have been well known in Indonesia, such as Kuta Beach in Bali. One of the amazing beaches in Ambon is Lawena Beach which has been popular since in the past.  

Lawena Beach is surrounded by beautiful white sand with green trees as its background. Meanwhile, the beach’s water is so transparent and has wealth of sea marine. Thus, it is appropriate for visitors who have hobby diving to make a visit to the beach.

Various kinds of fish and coral reefs will greet divers when they are diving at the sea. At the beach, the visitors can also enjoy coconut which grows around the beach.  

Lawena Beach is located at Hutumuri village in South Leitimur district.  Actually, distance from Ambon City to the beach is not too far. It may take one hour by motor-vehicles, because route which is accessed is mountainous and the road is neither flat nor straight. As a result, fewer tourists make a visit to this tourism object.


Holiday comes closer, do you already know interesting tourism destination where you can spend your time with your family? In Yogyakarta, there is an interesting tourism destination, called 'Pentingsari village'.

Yogyakarta is a city whose many tourism objects are beautiful and amazing. There are historical, natural, and cultural until culinary tourism destinations. In addition, Yogyakarta is developing tourism village. In today’s edition, we will take you to have a closer look at Pentingsari village which is located in Sleman regency. Pentingsari tourism village can be accessed in one hour from Yogyakarta.

Pentingsari tourism village offers the original culture, nature and social as its attraction. If we see the village on map, geographically the village has a unique shape like peninsula. At the south of the village, there are Ponteng valley and Gondoran in the West; there is steep valley, Kuning River at the East; there is Valley of Pawon River and in the North, there are residential areas and Mt. Merapi view. The village has 3 main aspects: natural scenery with beautiful field, work system and empowerment of surrounding residents, and its culture.

Pentingsari tourism village is appropriate for tourists who wants to take a rest for a while from daily activities. Here, you can do many activities which make your brain relaxed. With village atmosphere which is still fresh and thick of local wisdom, this will make your body relaxed. In addition, you can also do various activities with local residents such as  plowing field, harvest, catching fish, even taking short course of Javanese dance, Karawitan, and plaiting coconut leaves. At certain time, tourists also will be invited to attend village celebration. If you come with entourage, there is also out-bound and playing ball in mud facility.

 Pentingsari tourism village has also Joglo Herbal; it is Joglo special for consultation herbal treatment where tourists can consult about herbal plants which have special efficacy. In addition, here, you can get seeds of herbal plants and also organic vegetable. So, what are you waiting for? Set your time to come to this village on your holidays along with your family or relatives.


On October 11, former Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, inaugurated Puri Digital Destination in Bojongkoneng, Cimenyan, Bandung regency, West Java. According to Arief Yahya, by the existence of this tourism destination, millennials have more choices of tourism objects they like. The digital site presents rarely available contents. Its spot is also instagramable, and there are 3 beautiful views, such as bamboo forest, sunrise spot, and city light. Meanwhile, Head of Tourism Office of Bandung, Agus Firman Zaelani said that there are many fun objects which can be found by tourists at Puri Bambu, beginning from cultural performance, live music, workshop, until typical culinaries of Cimenyan.

If you are interested to come to Puri Bambu Digital Destination, do not have to worry because access road to Cimenyan is not difficult. Puri Bambu is completed with lodging and hotel. The tourism object is located on the hill so it has fresh air and beautiful scenery. From the East, you will see the beauty of mountain scenery, while from the South, you will be presented the city’s views. Sparkling light of the city at night adds more beauty of the view.

It is called the digital destination object, because all promotional events use social media platform including for transactions also uses digital money. Called Puri Bambu, in order that people keep familiar with bamboo   as one of materials produce in Indonesia. No wonder, all of the buildings in this site are dominated by bamboo. To protect and to make the bamboo buildings more interesting, those bamboos are painted. The performance of arts in this object also completed with bamboo instruments besides other musical instruments. Usually Puri Bambo presents Tarawangsa and Merak dances, Angklung Saung Mang Udjo performance to entertain the visitors. Talking about culinary, there are various typical foods provided at this tourism detination. Cimenyan itself is also known with peuyeum or fermented cassava and honey. There are also some other typical foods made from cassava, corn, rice flour and vegetable and tubers which can be brought as souvenirs. You can also find traditional beverages such as bandrek, bajigur and typical coffee of West Java in Puri Bambu digital tourism object.


Lombok has been popular with its enchanting destinations such as Gili Trawangan and Gili Nanggu. However, today, I would like to introduce you one of the tourism destinations in Lombok, that has been more popular namely Gili Kedis. Gili Kedis is located in Central Sekotong, West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

Gili Kedis has pristine nature which has not been discovered by many people. Its clear waters captivate visitors to stay longer there. There are plenty of healthy and gorgeous coral reefs inhabited by fish. In addition to its tourism potential, the access to Gili Kedis is also relatively easy.

There are two routes that you can choose to get to Gili Kedis namely through Tawun Seaport in Sekotong or through Lembar Seaport in West Lombok. The Tawun Seaport is not like any other seaports. It is only a beach. At the seaport, visitors can rent small boat with a capacity of 6 people. By paying only Rp 300,000 to Rp 500,000, visitors can also explore Gili Sudak, Gili Tangkong, and Gili Nanggu which are located surrounding Gili Kedis.

Gili Kedis is a small yet beautiful island. To visit the desert island, the trip takes approximately 10 minutes. The white sand spanning across the coastline looks incredibly amazing. Since it is an uninhabited island, there is not a single facility except two gazebos that visitors can use to relax. If you want to stay over at Gili Kedis, you can camp there. The peacefulness at Gili Kedis makes you feel like at a private island. It is recommended that you visit the island in the morning. In addition, don’t forget to bring your power bank if you want to charge your phone because there is no electricity at the island. We also recommend you to bring enough foods and drinks if you want to camp there. You can buy water surrounding the Tawun Seaport.


Roti Gambang

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October 16th, 2019, coincides with  World Bread Day, released the list of the 50 best breads in the world.  The best breads are curated by pastry chef who is also a travel and culinary writer, Jen Rose Smith. These 50 best breads were chosen because of their unique ingredients, iconic status, and simplicity in eating bread. One of chosen breads included in the list is Roti Gambang or Gambang bread. Roti Gambang is a typical snack of Betawi which is also known in Semarang, Central Java. People of Semarang  know it  as roti ganjel rel (rail block bread), because of its hard texture.  Roti Gambang has existed from the Dutch colonial era and was popular until the 1990s. At that time, Roti Gambang was liked by all people, children and the elderly.

Roti Gambang has hard and compact texture mixed with chocolate aroma and cinnamon. The color is brownish with a sprinkling of sesame on it. The bread is made of spices from Indonesia, such as cardamom, cinnamon, mixed with flour, palm sugar, and eggs. Due to its hard texture, just eating 2 pieces of bread, it can make us full. At the tradition before Ramadhan or Dugderan celebration, this bread also being scramble for people in Semarang. The local people believe that by eating Roti Gambang can give more energy to do fasting.

Besides for daily consumption, Betawinese people in Jakarta usually bring Roti Gambang when visiting sick people. It is usually sold in the morning and evening, because it is an appropriate  time to eat Roti Gambang. The bread is usually enjoyed  with a cup of coffee or warm tea. Now, it's quite difficult to find the legendary bread, because some of factories that produced Roti Gambang have gone out of business. But there are still a few vendors who sell Roti Gambang. The price of Roti Gambang is relatively cheap about Rp. 4,000 to Rp. 5000 per piece.


Porridge is one of Indonesian foods which has been known since long time ago. It is made from rice and various kinds of flour. There are various kinds of porridge with typical taste of sweet or salty flavor in each region. The culinary are many found in various cities in Indonesia. If you visit Surabaya, East Java, you have to tr Madura porridge.


Madura porridge consists of some kinds of porridge which combine in one portion such as sumsum, black glutinous rice, candil and mutiara porridge. Sumsum porridge is made of rice flour. While,  candil is made of a mixture of rice flour and boiled sweet potato. The dough of candil is formed circle with various sizes according to the taste. Then, main ingredient of black glutinous rice and mutiara flour are mixed become black glutinous rice and  mutiara porridge. When being served, those porridge are smeared with thick coconut milk which is savory and liquid palm sugar. When being eaten, the mixture between savory taste of sumsum porridge and coconut milk directly blend with the sweetness of palm sugar sauce. The sweetness and savory taste will make everybody addicted to the Bubur Madura.


The famous center of Madura porridge in Surabaya located in Pasar Atom, precisely on the ground floor of the Pasar Atom building. At this market you can find some vendors of Madura Porridge, who have been there for more than decades. Usually, the porridge is sold in the morning as breakfast menu. Besides selling Madura porridge, the vendors also sell various kinds of traditional snacks such as klanting, cenil, lupis, ketan, jongkong, talam, tiwul, and biji salak with affordable price, only Rp. 7,000 - Rp. 10,000 per portion.


The breeze and the rustling sound of bamboo leaves clashing will welcome you at this tourism destination. The lush of bamboo’s trees will protect you from sunlight. Polewali Mandar in West Sulawesi is rich of its natural tourism object. One of them is at Bamboo forest at hinterland of Alu village, Alu district, Polewali Mandar regency.  The 20-hectare wide  bamboo forest area has a distance 60 kilometers from Polewali district, the capital city of Polewali Mandar regency and can be accessed by car or motorcycle by taking around one and a half hours. Special atmosphere of the village in the past is still seen at the bamboo forest, because there are still some gazebos, small huts, meeting room and a mosque which are made from bamboo. The use of bamboo forest as new tourism destination has begun since several years ago. Beginning from art and cultural festival, it is conducted at the forest and it makes it known widely by the public. Since that time, the forest has been visited by a lot of residents for touring, camping, meeting of government’s activities and also reception of wedding party. The bamboo forest is different from people’s imagine if hearing the word of bamboo forest. The local people realize that big potential can improve their economy to keep taking care of the bamboo forest and to give various options for tourists who come. In the memory of the tourists who come to visit the bamboo forest, they feel in complete with some interesting spots for selfie. At some points, tourists can see water streaming which is through rocky river, combined with the sounds of bamboo leaves rubbing against one another due to the gentle breeze. Are you interested in this destination? Please come to the bamboo forest at Alu village in Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi province.


Beautiful beaches located not far from Padang city often become tourism destinations by tourists when visiting West Sumatera. One of them is Pasir Jambak beach which is located 17 kilometers from Padang, the capital city of West Sumatera. It takes around one and a half hours from Padang. 

All beaches which are located in Padang and surrounding areas face to sunset. No wonder, if towards evening, those beaches are visited by a lot of tourists to enjoy beautiful sunset.  

You can also ride a bicycle at the beach. The beach’s contour, which is wide and flat, makes this tourism destination to be comfortable place to ride a bicycle. In addition, there are many activities which can be conducted when you are at Pasir Jambak beach; you can swim, sun bath, play football and rent a boat to sail at the sea. 

To enter Pasir Jambak beach, you only pay around Rp 5,000, including parking fee. Facilities at the beach are quite complete such as toilet, restaurant, parking lot and gazebo for relaxation. If you want to stay at night, at surrounding of the beach, there are many hotels and lodgings.


Es Dawet is a typical beverage of East Java which is sweet and tasty. The traditional beverage then sold across cities in Java island. Es Dawet  consists of  dawet (cendol), liquid brown sugar, coconut milk and ice. In general, Dawet has the same shape, eventhough it appears in various colors. The shape is a little bit long like worm. Unlike other dawet, dawet Ponorogo has different shape. It is round shape and usually called Dawet Gempol because in Javanese language the word gempol means round.

In a bowl of dawet gempol, consists of dawet, liquid brown sugar, sliced jackfruit, coconut milk, and ice sometimes added with dawet made of black sticky rice and palm flour. Because of various flavors in one portion, making dawet gempol is very different from dawet in general.

The combination of sweet taste, savory taste of coconut milk and brown sugar, combined with cold taste of ice and savory dawet, coupled with the sweet taste of black sticky rice, adding to the delicious taste of this drink. The dawet Gempol in Ponorogo is served uniquely, a bowl as dawet container is covered with a small plate. In Ponorogo, you can easily find Es Dawet Gempol, especially if you visit the region during Ramadan, because this drink is used as a breaking fast menu. The price of Es Dawet Gempol is relatively cheap which is around Rp. 2,500 to Rp. 5,000 per portion.