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Joe Biden officially assumes the duties of President after his inauguration today, January 20 in Washington. The beginning of his duties was marked by a process of transferring power that was unlike the previous tradition. The replaced president, Donald Trump, did not attend Joe Bidden's inauguration, and did not welcome the 46th President of the United States at the White House. Over the centuries, the process of transition has been marked by the tea banquet at the White House that the old President held for the New President. The 46th inauguration of the President and Vice President of the United States at the Capitol Hill building was also marked by a very tight security  by United States National Guard troops. They were deployed to anticipate the possibility of violence following the riots on Capitol Hill by Trump supporters. Joe Bidden's departure to Washington for the Inauguration ceremony also did not use military aircraft provided by the Government. Joe Bidden and his wife took a private plane from Delaware to Washington and landed at Andrew Military Airfield.

Starting his adminitration, Joe Bidden did face a tough task. He must fulfill his commitment and promise to reunite the people who were divided by the election. In addition, Bidden must also move quickly to overcome the Covid 19 pandemic which is increasingly widespread and has caused more than 400 thousand deaths of Americans. Economic recovery is also waiting to be realized in the first 100 days of his reign with Kamala Harris. Concentration in the country, of course, must be balanced with attention to foreign problems. Foreign policy carried out during the Trump Donad era requires a change. The deterioration of relations with Iran and China will certainly be Joe Bidden's policy priority. In a statement, Bidden acknowledged that both US  multilateral and bilateral relations went awry during the Trump administration. On the occasion of his campaign Joe Bidden had promised to fix it as soon as possible. Regarding relations with Iran, Joe Bidden said that he  would re-join the nuclear agreement initiated by President Barack Obama. The deal, called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA),  fell apart because in 2018 Donald Trump declared leaving it. Since then, relations between Iran and the United States have continued to deteriorate. Tensions escalated.

Therefore, Iran and the international community are certainly waiting for Joe Bidden's breakthrough in foreign policy to start. Apart from Iran, there are still problems and territorial disputes in the South China Sea involving several ASEAN countries as well as China.




Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ma'ruf Amin inaugurated the National Movement for the Convalescent Plasma Donor in Jakarta on Monday (18/1). Convalescent plasma transfusion is one way of treating patients with Covid-19 with severe and critical symptoms. On the occasion, Vice President Ma'ruf expressed his hope that this joint movement is intended to inspire empathy and motivate Covid-19 survivors to be able to voluntarily donate their convalescent plasma to help Covid-19 patients who are currently being treated in some hospitals.

Convalescent plasma is blood plasma taken from a former Covid-19 sufferer, because it contains SARS-Cov-2 antibodies. Then, the plasma is processed so that it can be donated. It is hoped that the antibodies in the blood plasma of recovered patients will help fight the Corona virus in the body of Covid-19 patients.

In fact, the donor movement of the convalescent blood plasma is not new to being implemented in Indonesia. Since April last year, partially, several regions in Indonesia have implemented it. Those who were exposed and recovered have also donated their blood. It's just that, the amount is not enough. From the testimonies of those who have been running, this area plasma transfusion accelerates the recovery process.

Indeed, not all Covid-19 survivors can become convalescent blood donors. Requirements to be able to donate their blood are people who are at the age 18 until 60 years, and they have been infected with Covid-19 (positive PCR)with moderate-severe symptoms; have been declared recovered; have no symptoms at least 14 days after recovering, male or femalewho are preferably never pregnant.

Based on data on, until January 18, 2021, the number of patients who have recovered is 745,935 people. If five percent of that number meets the requirements, of course it can help the recovery process of those with severe and critical symptoms. As a result, this will reduce the number of deaths. In addition, it is likely that the recovery period will be shorter. This will certainly help save a lot not only the lives of Covid-19 patients, medical personnel, and health workers but also the Indonesian government. If the patient recovers faster, this will reduce the cost of treatment.

Hopefully, there will be many survivors who are willing to donate their blood plasma. The socialization of the National Movement for Convalescent Plasma Donor must also be intensified. The real action of public figures who are Covid-19 survivors of donating blood plasma also needs to be published. Thus, it can encourage other survivors to donate their blood plasma. Because 400 milliliters of their blood plasma means a lot to the Covid-19 patients. It is hoped that the survivors of Covid-19 in Indonesia will also donate their blood plasma. Of course, the point that needs to be considered and implemented is that all Indonesians must obey the set health protocols and make the vaccination program successful so that the Indonesian nation wins against Covid-19.


After the tragedy of the Sriwijaya Air plane crash in the waters of Kepulauan Seribu  on Saturday (9/1), other disasters came one after another in various regions in Indonesia. A magnitude 6.2 earthquake occurred in West Sulawesi, precisely in Mamuju on January 15, destroying various buildings, including the West Sulawesi governor's office and causing dozens of deaths. This was followed by floods that hit almost the entire province of South Kalimantan, resulting in hundreds of thousands of residents forced to flee to safer areas. A day later, on January 16, there was an eruption of Mount Semeru in East Java. Of course, the lava that comes out of the mountains needs to be watched out so as not to cause casualties. To be sure, this eruption adds to the length of disaster conditions that must be watched out for and anticipated in various regions in Indonesia.

In addition, what is still of concern is the Covid-19 pandemic. In Indonesia, the number of those infected with the Covid-19 virus continues to increase. The vaccination process has indeed started. This was starting from the health workers who get the first turn to be vaccinated, followed by other Indonesian people in order of priority. Although it will take time, given the large population of Indonesia and its vast geographic conditions with so many islands, it is hoped that the vaccination process that has been planned by the government can run smoothly. Thus, the Covid-19 pandemic can be gradually overcome.

Disaster conditions are nothing new in Indonesia. Indonesia's position, which is said to be in the Ring of Fire area, because it is surrounded by active volcanoes, has indeed made the land very fertile. But at the same time, this holds the potential for seismicity and volcanic eruptions which are sometimes quite violent. Likewise with floods, it   happens quite often in Indonesia.

Indonesia's readiness to face disasters is determined by a series of anticipatory steps both by the government and people. Standard evacuation procedures and education from the start will determine the number of people who  are successfully mitigated in a disaster condition. Disaster infrastructures and facilities have also been prepared in disaster-prone areas, such as sirens marking the arrival of an earthquake with a certain magnitude or the readiness of the evacuation site and so on. Each region in Indonesia has already a Disaster Management Agency which is expected to be able to move synergistically with the community and various aid agencies that come from within and outside the country when dealing with disasters.

Both the earthquake in Mamuju, and the floods in South Kalimantan, still caused casualties. It seems that even though the country is ready in infrastructure, the Indonesian people are still not fully aware and trained to face disasters that have never been known when they will occur. It is everyone's responsibility to build that awareness. Hopefully, what happened in early 2021 will be a reminder for all Indonesian citizens to be more vigilant and ready to face disasters, whatever they may be.


Trump’s impeachment

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The transition process of the United States leadership will officially take place on January 20 with the inauguration of Joe Biden, the elected president of the United States. Various preparations for the ceremony which is considered sacred are now being carried out. But apparently not only that, the US House of Representatives has convened and voted to impeach the previous president, Donald Trump. After being successful in the House, this process will be forwarded to the Senate. The Senate hearing will be held after Trump leaves office on Wednesday (20/01) next week.

If it goes without a hitch in the Senate, then Trump will likely be impeached. This means Trump will not have a chance to run again in future Presidential elections. In addition, various facilities as a retired president as received by his predecessors are likely to be revoked. This is the second impeachment attempt for Trump during his tenure as President of the United States. 

All of this is in the aftermath of the Trump supporters' attack on the Capitol Hill Building, during the House session on the result of Electoral College votes, declaring Joe Biden as the US President-elect. Trump is held responsible for the action that resulted in 5 deaths.

Support for impeachment is strong in the House. Although insignificant, 10 politicians who support Trump, namely the Republican Party, even expressed support for Trump's impeachment process. However, everything is not certain, because it is still waiting for the process in the Senate. As is known, currently the US House of Representatives is controlled by the Democratic Party while the Senate is controlled by the Republican Party.

Whatever the final outcome of the political process that is currently taking place in that country is a lesson for all parties. The hard work of the party is ensured not only when selecting the proposed presidential candidates and passing them on to become president, but also how the party's president ended his term of office.


The inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States next January 20, will receive tight guard and security. This is different from the same events in the past. The recent riots at the House of Representatives' building, Capitol Hill, Washington, are expected to have an impact on the inauguration of the President of the United States. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) received information that there might be a protest at the inauguration ceremony, which is actually an important and sacred event. The FBI has warned of possible bigger protests from Donald Trump's supporters. As reported, some of them had rioted when the Congress convened to determine the results of the United States election.

The incident, which is a disgrace for a country that is considered the main upholder of democracy, has given a very bad image for Donald Trump who lost the election. Apart from being widely criticized, Donald Trump is also threatened with being dismissed before his term of office expires through impeachment, initiated by legislators from the Democratic Party. If the proposal continues, then Donald Trump will be the only President of the United States to experience impeachment twice.

Efforts to dismiss Donald Trump as President, just a few days before the inauguration of the new President, were deemed necessary, both by internal government circles, members of the Senate and Congress, especially from the Democratic Party. It is feared that Donald Trump will use his powers to destabilize the presidential inauguration. In a statement via his personal Twitter, Donald Trump confirmed that he would not be present at the inauguration ceremony for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Although it is not regulated in the law that the former President must attend, Donald Trump's absence will become a historical record. Previously, the former President and Vice President of the United States were always present at the inauguration of their successors, which is a sacred event for the American nation.

Donald Trump finally did have a very bad reputation as President of the United States, at the end of his reign. The absence of a speech acknowledging Joe Biden's victory, the controversy he generated over the election results and the public calls that prompted supporters to come to Capitol Hill, did not only have an impact on him. The bad image of the US as the largest democracy, and the unfavorable atmosphere ahead of the transfer of power to the elected President, will be an additional burden for the new President and Vice President. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris must be able to reunite the people of the United States that are still divided. Meanwhile, this new government still has to concentrate on fighting the Covid 19 pandemic which is getting worse. It must also restore foreign trust, both those who have been partners and opponents.


National Movement to be Proud of Indonesian Products 2021 -  Kemenkomarves


Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan officially launched the National Movement to be Proud of Indonesian Products 2021-Gernas BBI 2021, Monday (11/1). The launch of Gernas BBI 2021 was carried out in three locations: I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Yogyakarta International Airport, and Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. This year, Gernas BBI has the theme 'Indonesian MSME Products Become Host in Their Own Country'. Through Gernas BBI, the Government of Indonesia is targeting to add 6.1 million Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises-MSMEs connected to the digital ecosystem (onboarding) every year.

In his remarks, Minister Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan said, feeling proud and wanting to use local products are a form of national struggle that can be carried out today. He also appealed to the government officials to become ambassadors for the local products to support the MSMEs.

There is great hope from the National Movement which was launched by President Joko Widodo for the first time in May 2020, especially a lot of support provided by various parties. Take for example; Bank Indonesiais committed to continuing to take the role of a Movement Leader through various creative programs that prioritize the digitization of the MSMEs. Through 46 Regional Representative Offices, they will continue to cooperate to support the achievement of 30 million MSMEs connected to the digital ecosystem by 2023.

The commitment to support the MSMEs is also provided by the private sector by facilitating credit programs that will help provide adequate capital and complete payment infrastructure to make it easier for MSMEs to do entrepreneurship.

Supports by many parties to make the UMKM products become host in their own country is, of course, not optimal without the support of the Indonesian people. Indeed, they are the main key to the success of this program. Being proud alone is not enough to succeed the National Movement in Indonesia. The most important point is the act of consuming and using the local products. Never be proud of using local products that have been labeled with international brands whose prices are higher than using local products with local brands made by the Indonesian people.

In terms of quality, there is no doubt that many Indonesian products are able to compete globally. However, what must also be considered altogether is how the local products can compete in prices with similar products from abroad. At present, getting a cheaper price, of course, is a reality that cannot be denied. The policy to limit the purchase of goods from abroad through the marketplace might increase sales of MSME products in the country.

The real actions of all Indonesian people taking part in the National Movement to be Proud of Indonesian Products 2021 must be proven. Quoting President Joko Widodo's message at the event of Award to be Proud of Indonesian Products 2020 in December last year, if 270 million Indonesians feel proud, love, buy, and use Indonesian-made products, this will help reduce the current account deficit, and will make the national creative industry growing faster. We wish the National Movement to be Proud of Indonesian Products 2021 to succeed in the country, and also to go global.


The beginning of 2021 is shrouded in heartbreaking events from the world of Indonesian aviation. A Boeing 737-500 Sriwijaya Air flight number SJ 182 with Jakarta-Pontianak route, crashed in the waters of Pulau Seribu after four minutes of taking off from Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Cengkareng, on Saturday (9/1) at 2 pm local time. The fateful plane was carrying 50 passengers; 40 adults, 7 children and 3 babies and a crew of 12 including the pilot and co-pilot.

According to the Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi, the incident began when the plane took off from Soekarno-Hatta airport at 02:36. One minute later it was permitted to ascend to an altitude of 29,000 feet, following instrument standards. At around 2:40, the plane appeared to be heading not in its proper direction but towards the Southwest. Then the air traffic control (ATC) asked the pilot to report the direction of the aircraft, but the Sriwijaya SJ 182 plane disappeared from radar and was subsequently declared down.

President Joko Widodo expressed his deep condolences for the downing of the Sriwijaya Air SJ 182 plane. On behalf of the government and all Indonesian people, the President expressed his deep condolences for this tragedy. According to him, since Saturday afternoon the Minister of Transportation and the National SAR Agency, assisted by the Military as well as the Police, have been ordered to immediately carry out a search for victims. The President emphasized that he would do his best to find and rescue victims and asked people  to pray together so that the victims could be found.

Search and rescue efforts continued. SAR Mission Coordinator as well as National SAR Agency Operations Director Marshal Rasman emphasized that the search operation for Sriwijaya Air SJ 182 aircraft was carried out by operating dozens of ships, including those with underwater equipment, 12 helicopters and 32 ground equipment.

Until 5.00 p.m on Sunday (10/1), the Sriwijaya Air SJ-182 SAR operation Command Post has received a number of objects suspected of being plane debris and parts of passenger bodies. Marine Coordinator Marshal M Fadilla submitted the findings to the Integrated Command Post. The handover was the fifth during the second day of the SAR operation.

Hopefully, all victims can be found and identified so that they can return to their families and then be buried properly.



Several countries have started vaccinating their citizens in order to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic which is still sweeping the world.

Israel is one of the first countries to administer the Covid-19 vaccination. Until now, approximately 1 million people have been vaccinated there. This has been followed by Bahrain and Britain, although the numbers are not significant. Meanwhile, several other countries are still preparing or just starting the vaccination process. The Netherlands, for example, just started vaccination on January 6, 2021. Indonesia is planning to take it in the middle of January 2021.

What various countries are pursuing is that vaccination reaches a minimum of 70 percent of the population or  until Herd Immunity is achieved.

Israel hopes to achieve herd immunity in February 2021. In contrast to Britain, which was forced to carry out a lockdown again because the number of people exposed to the virus in  this country continues to increase. As of January 4, there were nearly 22,000 patients hospitalized for Covid-19 cases in the UK. This is a 30-percent increase in the week, thought to be due to a surge in infections from the new variant that is spreading faster. Concerns about the spread of the Covid19 virus and its new variants have even spread to other countries.

Many have questioned, will herd immunity be achieved immediately after vaccination?

Epidemiologist from Griffith University's Global Health Security, Dicky Budiman said that although currently there is a vaccine, it is necessary to know that the effect of the vaccine is not yet fully known. Thus, the vaccine cannot be the answer to the completion of the Covid-19 case. A New Normal lifestyle that follows the Health protocol is still needed.

Synergistic efforts are necessary for the vaccine to be effective. The number of Covid-19 transmissionsW must at least be controlled first. The public's perception of Covid-19 as a dangerous virus must also be integrated first.

Thereby, countries should focus on not only the distribution of vaccines to various places, but also other efforts in line with the vaccination program, including good public communication. So, the people must strictly apply the set health protocols, even though vaccinations have been carried out.


Vaccination to Commence Soon - Editorial


The new hope toget rid of the Covid-19 pandemic is open wide, following the vaccine readiness. Since the end of December 2020, some countries have begun the vaccination. In December 2020, Indonesia had three million doses from China. Indonesia also had ordered vaccines from other producers. In the first stage or mid-January, Indonesia will start the vaccination for medical workers, doctors, and security personnel as the front-liners. Then, the younger and elderly citizens will be given at the end of January.

About the vaccine, President Joko Widodo in a closed meeting on Wednesday (6/1) said that the government has prepared more than 329.5 million vaccine doses from various producers. The first vaccine from Sinovac will be injected to President Joko Widodo on January 13 2021. Being the first to be vaccinated, President Joko WIdodo hoped to give spirit to the people across the country.

Meanwhile, Head of Foods and Drugs Monitoring Agency (BPOM), Penny K Lukito ensured the Sinovac's vaccine is safe. BPOM also guaranteed the quality of the vaccine. Because the raw materials, the manufacturing process to the finished product have been evaluated according to international standards in China.

Although the third phase of the clinical test is not completed, vaccines have given a sense of security and comfort for Indonesians. Moreover in some countries, vaccination has begun.

The plan to provide vaccination for both the young and elderly is appreciated. It is because other countries prioritize the vaccine for the elderly only. According to health experts of Australia and Singapore, Indonesia's plan must be a good reference in the future.

Thruly, the government of Indonesia will not be reckless in implementing the vaccination scenario without careful thought.It also points to the results of the third phase clinical trial to be issued this week.In addition, the first vaccination to be injected to President Joko Widodo is a positive response to give confidence in the safety of the vaccines.However, according to WHO guidelines, there must be a pause between 21-28 days to have used the vaccine, especially for Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine products.This is carried out after many countries had found difficulty of vaccinationagainst the Covid-19 virus, following the discovery of a new variant of the virus that is more easily spread.


Entering the days at the beginning of 2021, the Corona Covid-19 virus continues to spread. Governments whose countries have been hit by the pandemic are busy working hard to overcome it. Data from Worldometers shows that throughout the world there is still an increase in the spread of Corona Covid19 virus and the number of infected humans. The latest data from Wikipedia records that the number of infected victims has reached 86.2 million, 1.87 million died and 48.4 million people were declared cured.

Other data shows that the spread of Corona Covid-19 virus on the African continent is recorded very little compared to western European countries, Russia, the United States, Latin America and Asia. Globally, the United States is the country with the highest positive confirmation of Corona Covid19, which has reached over 20.5 million people. In second place, India, with the infection rate reaching more than 10 million people. The third country that recorded the most cases of both infections and the increase per day is Brazil, followed by Russia and France. Compared to the population in the United States, India, Brazil and Russia, France is actually a country in the Western European region which is badly hit. The continuing increase in the number of infected has prompted the concerned government to continue to work hard to overcome this global pandemic. Meanwhile, Britain, which is close to France, has returned to lockdown due to the discovery of a new virus variant which is said to be spreading much faster than Covid-19.

It cannot be denied, the Corona Covid-19 virus pandemic has had a very massive impact, especially economically. A large number of infected countries are now mobilizing their financial resources to tackle it. The amount spent on prevention, treatment and the purchase of vaccines to prevent Covid 19 in 2021 is not small.

Countries that can handle Covid-19 well can be said to be lucky. China, for example, was the first country hit by Covid 19. Now, despite still keeping its vigilance, the country is no longer as busy as other large countries that are ranked high in Covid 19 infection. China has even been able to not only produce vaccines, but also export them to various countries including Indonesia.

China's success is actually interesting to be used as a lesson in making policies in overcoming Covid-19. One of the most populous countries in the world, China has been able to successfully overcome Corona Covid-19, even rise economically and produce vaccines that are used by other countries.